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  1. WOW. That is definately one of the most beautiful sedans I've seen so far. Incrediable- I hope it makes it into production.
  2. Gotta love that exhuast note and the way it just EXPLODES outta that turn!!
  3. Includes footage of the battle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_foHTQKq3uI
  4. Cool write up 'madmax'. What's the stroy behind the road test? Was it for Autolanka ( or some other automagazine) or where you looking to get one for yourself or a friend?
  5. You're going from a Defender/Intercooler to a bata van? Big step down there buddy. Why not hit it somewhere in the middle and get yourself a smaller more fuel efficient suv or crossover like a Vitara, Jimmy, Outlander, Xtrail Pajero io etc.?
  6. Obviously because he's got something better in the pipeline. Big picture: I sell this now, and then I buy that (350z, Cayenne, Cayman , Range Rover, EvoX etc) later.
  7. Ah! The ticket counter from the Autoshow Organised by Maristella College.
  8. Slightly OT but: Anyone know what the "safari cables" on the J44 advertised in the classifieds do? (They run from the two top corners of the A pillar to the edge of the fenders). Link to the advertisement
  9. http://www.walz-hardcore-cycles.com/
  10. tuk tuk


    Yeap awesome car, and an absolute beast on the highway with insane road presence. Too bad it took so long to get a limited slip differential put on, but better late than never....
  11. tuk tuk


    WOW ! Nice looking kit car there. Find a link to an overveiw that includes a link to the company website here Just out of curiosity, what kind of tax rate would apply to a kit car if its shipped in pre-assembly form? Will it just be taxed as spare parts?
  12. This link describes the armoured Mercs to be launched in 2008. A nice read, plus at the bottom it lists a potential list price of $500,000+ (Was thinking this could perhaps explain the huge sum of money spent on the amoured Mercs the goverment bought recently)
  13. tuk tuk

    My Ride Mazda 3 (zeem)

    Canadian plates. Zeem, spoiler's good but is the spoiler what you really wanted?
  14. tuk tuk

    Scientific Body Styling

    Yeah man, most people never hit speeds at which their spoliers and / or body kits add down force. At lower speeds its just extra weight and drag.
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