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  1. Oh and don't forget the other tradition @zeristo: UberEats / PickMe Food deliveries to all the members who provided feedback or helped inspect the car etc...
  2. Nicely done! Right now the C200 is a really good choice based on the way things are priced. Congrats: Enjoy the ride!
  3. Kavvz

    Quick Trivia 3

    Wow? Really? Was there a build thread on it?
  4. Kavvz

    Quick Trivia 3

    Please let it be a datsun 280z !
  5. Not a fan of the styling and I think it might actually not be that great from a reliability point of view (hearsay info, as I've never had one).
  6. Well from a CVT reliability point of view: The 2014 is the better bet, and that's what I would buy. (Reasoning- The newer CVT introduced in 2012 that was to be the fix for the CVT's introduced in 2009 failed and needed a bit of sorting out; but by 2013 they had pretty much gotten it fixed and were even getting cocky enough to start putting it into larger CUV's. Generally since then (2013 an onwards) Nissan's CVT's have been more reliable. So the CVT transmission in the 2014 Teana should be a lot more robust and will probably not let you down.) Also the interior in the 2013-2014 Teana is really nice. Quite an upgrade form the previous gen. I actually think its much better than the interior in the 2014 Honda Accord (my own personal benchmark for a well-built commuter car) of that year. The rear leg room is still class leading and the rear seat comfort is also better than the Accord (IMO). (The only drawback with the 2014 Teana: The high-beam headlights are crap. But that's easily solved as the high-beam headlight bulbs are independant of the low beams and come with projectors so slipping out the existing H9's and exchanging them for HID's & ballasts is a simple task.)
  7. Wow! Great post with lots of information that helped clear up alot of things that I just assumed would be enforced, based on warranty coverage and recall repairs in the country the car was initially sold vs the country of final use. Pretty important for a market like Sri Lanka where there are lots of privately imported vehicles which are often sold at the same price or sometimes even at a premium to similar vehicles available at the agents (due to specs and features that are sometimes not available among the inventory offered at the agents) !
  8. How much are they going for these days (post corona) ? Also what model year is it? (There were issues with the CVT's on some of those cars as Nissan had a new, allegedly improved, CVT transmission 2012 which didn't do so great in terms of longevity. I think the model years after 2013 are okay as they sorted out the issue after the first year or so of production...)
  9. Not sure about this particular unit, but @Davy has posted a pretty good response with very specific suggestions. I would look at that and follow-up. Otherwise go with what @kmeeg posted. That's what I have and I have found it adequate as mentioned.
  10. Oh my bad: I thought it was $85 or something... Sorry for the confusion then!
  11. I doubt you'll find it unsatisfactory: I sold mine and replaced it with a different (cheaper) commuter car only to hate it after being used to the Teana. I ended up finding another slightly newer Teana listed at a good price and bought that one. No harm done: I made a small profit by flipping the cars and ended up with a newer Teana... so all was well
  12. I used a Teana of this gen for many years with little problems. The only issue I had was with hard shifts on the CVT: It was caused by a loose power connection to the solenoid switch inside the transmission which is a common (known) issue and was an easy fix: It just required the transmission pan to be dropped, and as far as I know (wasn't there to watch) it was soldered in place while the car was on the lift. Pan was cleaned, fluid replaced, and that was that. No other issues other than worn out lower suspension arms which were easy to replace (but that's common with all cars and I just see that as normal wear and tear). Its, a great commuter car with lots of room. Worked out well for me and I enjoyed owning it. The family liked it too, as the rear seats are exceptionally comfortable with lots of rear leg room (It has more rear leg room than most cars in its class). It was decent on fuel for a car of that size, and it was exceptional in traffic and was decent enough the rest of the time: A great all round car I feel. Its not under powered by any means: But it is however, a commuter car and not a driver's car. The Optima however is very visually striking though. Its a very clean sleek looking car. And most of the reviews on it are complimentary. You should definately test drive that along with the Teana before making your final decision. As far as reliablity and comfort is concered though: I would say the Teana might win out on that front.
  13. I mean to use type of stuff to stabilize the rust, (not the same brand, but a similar product) and then spray it over with undercoating. (I used it on some outdoor benches last year - used rust convertor and then painted it with outdoor paint- and it seems to be holding up , but then again, the underbody of a car is very different from a couple of chairs etc.) So I take it its a no on the short-cut method of undercoating then: Okay. Thanks Gents, I appreciate it as always...
  14. But Nissan should still honour the (global) warranty on its new cars as long as the maintenance was carried out as per the company standards and as directed from the time of purchase in Japan and throughout its use in SL. I'm not absolutely sure, about this above, but its certainly something that needs to be clarified with the agents. (It would be a shame if the warranty does apply and the owner does something that causes it to fall out of warranty due to some technicality...)
  15. Beautiful build @Hoonigan. Am curious to hear what you would change on it, as based on that video it seems like the perfect weekend car? (Weekcars need a bit of character I feel- The crazier the better, really!)
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