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  1. In conversation earlier this week a colleague in India mentioned he's selling his car. Ever the car dude, and finally sensing an opportunity to participate in the conference call I asked him what it was etc. To my surprise, I find out that he's selling a 2014 'luxury model' Honda City for INR 6,45,000/- (which is roughly 1.6 mil SLR). Luckily for me, the conversation swung another way and I didn't have to go into how 1.6 mil in SL doesn't even buy a shit-box let along a 'luxury' Honda City...What crazy times we live in when even our INDIAN neighbors have better automobiles available to them at cheaper costs! 😢
  2. Oh gosh! I didn't know: I stand corrected then! (I thought the 4Runner just had the A-trac / traction control options available like on the LC/LX/GX470 etc...)
  3. Hey @kmeeg maybe KIA will have answer to your off-roading needs! (Although I doubt a 4Runner with an after market locking diff can be beat....) Its an interesting development: Apparently KIA is looking to develop a ladder frame chassis off-roader? And it looks like they are pretty serious about it too? It will at least provide a bit of competition to the Nissan Patrol in the cheaper/cheapish alternative to a LC200 /LC300 in the Australian market I think.
  4. Whoa! Hold the phone!! Did SSC Tuatara fake the whole thing then?
  5. Not a Lancer owner but I use a Castrol Synthetic (or Mobil Synthetic -when I feel fancy) and have been doing 10,000km oil changes for years with zero issues (other than normal consumables like brakes & suspension components etc) everything has been smooth sailing for me.
  6. Kavvz

    Quick Trivia 3

    Nice looking car. And fast too from the above...Didn't know we had some in SL! Very cool.
  7. Kavvz

    Quick Trivia 3

    I'm going to go with Nissan Sunny B13
  8. Kavvz

    Replace Car Battery

    Ah! Too bad. Next time maybe! (The old pick-up battery I'm using for the Honda right now is a pulse reconditioned battery as described above. Usually they are only good for another year or so afterwards anyway, so you're not really missing out either way...)
  9. No relationship there I think (Thurst SSC - Thurst Super Sonic Car - was a British outfit, this guy is American and in this case the SSC stands for Shelby Super Cars after the owner Jerod Shelby, who is apparently no relation of Carol Shelby and the family behind Shelby Fords and the famous Shelby Cobra etc...Weird that: Having two bonkers car makers with the same last name who are completely unrelated.) Interesting engine setup through. I can't say I understand it fully, but it looks like its based on GM's LS motor? I don't get it, but its kinda cool how they can get all that power out of it without it blowing up or overheating...? (Also uses regular pump fuel according to the article.) It all sounds so surreal...Maybe the Americans know what they are doing after all? Also for the mini-version of the Tautara, which is coming later next year, they claim to be getting 800hp out of a non aspirated 6 litre V8? How? Mad-mad engine compression? 🤔 If anyone can understand the voodoo magic going on under that hood please enlighten me...
  10. 340 hp in that thing? Wow! Must be dead cool: Talk about a 'hot hatchback'! But do they have some kind of torque vectoring system to keep all that FF torque steer in check? *also damn it ! This is why Nissan is getting left in the dust: They have virtually nothing even close to this do they?
  11. The L boards work to keep everyone safe so if possible you shouldn't drive without them due to the increased risk associated with that. For example when I see someone with an L board, I know to give them extra space and do my level best not to do anything to spook them, as well as to generally be more courteous to them as they are not familiar with driving a vehicle. Even pedestrians will notice and know to be more careful around your vehicle etc. Without an L board you lose those benefits, making things more dangerous for you and the other users of the road. Also: This topic (learner permit regulations and stipulations) has extensively been discussed on this forum and there are lots of threads with a lot of great info, so do a quick search on the site...
  12. True. Bugger is a marketing genius!
  13. Well Musk is putting thrusters on his Roadster apparently so who knows! (I personally belive Elon is more of a showman rather than a substantial source of accurate information; a bit like our own Vega team, so I am looking at the whole compressed air thrusters on the Roadster thing with a bit of skepticism. I mean when even Mercedes-Benz can't get their air suspensions to work for 2 years striaght without maintenance, how on earth is Elon who can't even get paint on his cars properly or the touch screens to stop delaminating get compressed air thrusters to work right...) However a Tesla Roadster (and even the Porsche Taycan) would be faster 0-60 than this or a Veyron I believe, and about 1 mil USD cheaper, so no competition there! SSC is owned by a chap who made a fortune off medical device making and like Christian von Koenigsegg did, he is using funds from that established business to quietly build up a car company. Pretty cool as he is quite the underdog coming in and beating giants like Bugatti (VW) and Koenigsegg at their own game..l wonder what Christian Von Koenigsegg has to say about all this? As SSC seems to be encroaching on his turf a bit while simultaneously poaching his business plan as well?!
  14. Ah! Yes my apologies @AVANTE silly of me to forget, we were just talking about it the other day too! (Sorry getting old...) How is the work on the bike progressing?
  15. I would first start by checking if you have a bad battery / bad battery terminals?
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