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  1. Kavvz

    Automotive Clips / Videos

    Holy Crap. When people said the Nissan GTR was a Porsche Killer, despite appreciating the Nissan GTR for what it was; I personally thought that was a bit of an overstatement. But then this happened! Wow, seriously who knew that the GTR powertrain was such a beast?
  2. Kavvz

    Ceylon Motor Show 2017

    lol !! Can this notorious moderator also upload a picture of a recently restored Triumph TR2 painted in a very specific shade of Ferrari white as well please? Its been a while since we've seen her and I'd like to know if she ended up with some shoes to compliment the new dress. If she's still sitting on Honda del Sol wheels then....well nothing really, what am I gonna do about it!! But it'd be nice to see a picture if you have one!
  3. Kavvz

    2-year brake fluid change

    Very cool read- Thanks for sharing!
  4. Kavvz

    2-year brake fluid change

    Yeap, I've heard that as well; but according to google that's an old wive's tale and they are compatible to mix (DOT 4 and 3 that is, the TDi forum swears that 5 and 4 should not be mixed). Also as our pal Davy says, during a flush almost all the old brake fluid gets pumped out and then bleed out so very little of the old stuff remains. As you're at the 2 year limit you'll have to do a flush (pump the old stuff out and bleed the brakes) and once you do that, if you go with DOT 4 you should sitting pretty. However, if shit goes down, and all hell breaks loose (pun intended) I take absolutely NO responsibility as all this was presumed mostly on what I read off google....I kid, I kid! I've mixed DOT 3 and 4 when I had the Mazda, as I was too cheap to do a proper flush. I just drained out the the old brake fluid and refilled it up with DOT 4, and it was fine. (In my defense: I'm not sure what happens at the agents but this is what most smaller, under the mango tree places do anyway.) With a proper flush you should have nothing to worry about.
  5. Kavvz

    2-year brake fluid change

    Google says: "Dot 3, 4, and 5.1 are glycol ether based. They are compatible, but like motor oils, you should use the recommended or higher grade fluid. Dot 4 and 5.1 also have borate ester to handle higher temperatures. DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 fluids are found in mostbrake and clutch systems." So to answer your question thanks to the google Gods I would confidently say like I knew all along: It doesn't matter flush, and go with DOT 4 (Oh and this I do know the answer to: Brake Fluids and motor oil break down and lose their composition over time so you should change the brake fluid regardless of the amount of KM you've run)
  6. Kavvz

    Automotive Clips / Videos

    Nissan GT-R LM NISMO - Jay Leno's Garage : Fascinating discussion about the Front engine, front wheel drive layout of Nissan's new Le Mans car. It blows my mind to think that this layout is a competitive advantage- watch it, if you haven't already, its quite interesting.
  7. Kavvz

    Preferred place of Wash for cars

    Exactly what I was thinking! I was like wtf? Why is everyone being such dicks about this? The bugger just wants to know where he can go get a car wash, and not have them leave swirl marks etc all over his nice black car. Oh, and the answer to where to wash your car is: Wherever Supra_Natural goes to wash his Mazda 2! That thing looks pretty darn clean for a daily driver! I can see it has been carefully washed and waxed. Hopefully it stays beautiful and swirl free Supra! I have a black car too and sheesh! Every imperfection, every scratch is magnified x10. I had a silver car before and that colour was awesome for hiding dirt and scratches. Needless to say the next car will be silver!
  8. Kavvz

    Throttle Prob !

    Is so hard...the trick is to lube it...some times its a DIY job... but sometimes its not etc. Its all a bit too much for my filthy mind to handle: Quick! Someone lock this thread before I troll the crap out of it !!
  9. Kavvz

    KDH Petrol vs Diesel

    I don't have a KDH but I've had diesel cars and the above is not true. The fuel consumption on a diesel engine will roughly about 30% less than that of a similar petrol version. Meaning that the diesel KDH should travel 30% further on a litre of fuel than its petrol equivalent. So if you plan on driving a lot the diesel KDH is the better option. Again, I don't have a KDH, and the above is based on my experience from owning a diesel car. So you should check with other KDH owners for confirmation on the above facts. All the best on your purchase.
  10. Kavvz

    Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    Lucky bugger! This must be in the Kandy area then? And ditto on the lucky to be born in SL part. The only issue I have with Sri Lanka are the damn politicians. If only the whole 225 of them could be thrown on a boat and set adrift towards Australia or something, we'd be all set!
  11. Yeah, it makes sense: I love the fuel economy of my Nissan's CVT, but the lag and the whine it makes under throttle is just so blah! I'd take a DSG over a CVT any day! But I am surprised that they haven't kept CVT as standard and offered the DSG as an upgrade as I'm sure some of their customers would rather have good fuel economy over the performance of the DSG. Especially since the maintenance costs on dual clutch systems are eye watering!
  12. They did? Why? Where they having problems with their CVT? Audi was one of the first car makers to switch to CVT and one of the few luxury brands that had them, so its strange that they would drop their CVT's from the A4, when all the other manufacturers are making the push towards CVT's .... can anyone shed any light on this?
  13. Never buy used (or anything else other than original or OEM parts in original packaging from a dependable source) when it comes to bulbs and lighting components on you car. Why? 1. Bulbs start to deteriorate as soon as they are used, so used bulbs are never as good as they were when they were new. The longer they are used, the less light output they produce. 2. You can never tell how much the second hand bulbs were used. They may gave out 90% of their output (and have 90% of their lifespan intact )or they may have only 50% of their lifespan intact and give out only 60%-70% of their intended light output due to being used heavily. 3. How can you tell if one is buying OEM parts if they are taken out of the packing and are grimy with use? You can't (At least I can't). Its hard enough, even when the parts are new, sealed, and inside the original packing (which is why you have to buy from a reputable source); it will be near impossible when the parts are used. OEM ones cost a fortune and yes they are much better, but those are the ones you want. Don't believe me? Buy a cheap Chinese pair or fake OEM bulbs off the internet and see what happens. The trishaws driving next to you will most likely produce more light output! Trust me, one of the things you don't want to cheap out on; are light bulbs for your car. Another would be condoms, but that's a whole different story....
  14. Kavvz

    Where to buy alloywheels

    It sounds like the preliminary set up for a scam! Hopefully not, but still: Don't be too trusting with random people who call you up and try to befriend you. Be careful trusting this guy especially if HE comes up with the seller / location of the seller etc. Also be careful when you are carrying around cash to purchase the wheels if this person who called and befriended you is going to be accompanying you.
  15. Kavvz

    Please help me.....

    I did some more googling after this thread brought it up, and found to my interest that the posters on Jalopnik are pretty divided on the second gen Hyundai Genesis 3.8 sedan (and the 5.0 for that matter). The reviewers seem to like them, but the general public / average Joe doesn't seem too impressed. ( I'm talking about the second gen here, the first gen doesn't fair as well in reviews.) I'm not sure why everyone hates it. IMO most of the comments aren't based on fact, but on individual preference and prejudice, but its weird that the majority, on what is considered to be the foremost automotive forum, don't like it; despite what the automotive reviewers have to say! But then again, those same buggers elected Trump as president, so...