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  1. But do remember that most of this for "show" and this is all in the "extreme" end of things. It`s all good fun, but you could get tired of jumping through deep ruts and denting/bending/breaking things (both man and machine) real quick. Unless you are one of these guys who`d live and breathe extreme 4WDwing of course One could do "most" off-road tracks and explore and get to places in a Prado with a decent lift and good tires. And some basic recovery gear.. And the know-how to drive properly and use the said gear..
  2. Funny how things pan out sometimes. With all the COVID related job losses and economic downturns and all that jazz going on, the big Land Cruiser was the 4th best seller in Australia (out of all models sold) in June, even outselling the RAV-4.!! . Apparently Toyota had a difficult time supplying demand. All this with the age old 200 series platform and the 300 series about to get released (maybe next year). People seem to be going after the thing since this is the last V8 Land Cruiser. With borders being closed and no international travel, second hand 4WD prices are up by quite a margin! I see 1-2 year old Prado`s going for brand-new prices!
  3. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Now here`s that engine in action. Idle and revving in 'M2 - Sport Plus' mode : Up and down through the gears... i wasn't game enough to even try side-ways in a car I`m no familiar with..
  4. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Yeah, planned obsolescence in practice eh.. Some of these (i think this one too) have cylinder bore walls which are sprayed on with molten steel!! you aint` rebuilding that block easily Oh, Scotty is a happy chappy as long as Lexus is around... And Toyota's...
  5. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    That`s exactly right, fun within not so crazy speed limits is key here. Even when compared to an older "M" car, the drama and the raw-ness is just not there in the new ones. Cant blame the manufacturer really, just different times (and gov regulations, and user expectations, and all that jazz )
  6. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    A friend bought a 2020 M2 Competition recently. 331kW and 550Nm of Twin Turbo straight six glory! Revvs all the way to redline with absolutely no signs of lag! A bit too much power and torque for the rear wheels to cope with at times, but lots of fun! Here`s the little beast next to my little nugget.!! Surprisingly, almost the same length. Track and width is a different story I know one cannot compare 400+ HP and 2020 design and chassis dynamics to a 30 year old car, but to be totally honest, the E30 still gives me more smiles per gallon! Maybe it`s just me.
  7. Very neat, original looking car.! Please keep it true to it`s roots.
  8. What a moron! absolutely no chance avoiding if someone/thing cut in front! the way he is holding the steering wheel, will probably break either thumb if he curbed it at speed..! i`m sure one could find nice deserted winding roads in the hill country. People should do POV driving videos there!
  9. Is it a Car or a Crossover you are after? The E90 series is generally a solid platform. The drive-line is quite reliable as far as i know, though the N46 4 cylinder (found in 320i) is arguably one of the crappiest engines BMW ever made. All 6 cylinder (straight 6) engines found in E90 series are absolute gems. I`ve driven cars with over 250k km`s in the clock, still running perfect with a smooth, linear torque curve which is quite unique to BMW (they may have minor issues with plastic bits breaking with time, coil pack issues, etc... , but no major design issues with internals). I dont think there are many 6 cylinder E90`s in SL though. I may have mentioned this elsewhere before, but unlike what many generally believe, 'most' BMW`s up to the E90 series are extremely easy to work on and maintain due to the rear drive platform and engine layout. with the 3 series, anything after the E90 is when the electronics got more complicated. If you are after a cross-over, I think there are plenty of X1`s around. Diesel engines are generally more reliable in the long-run over petrol, I dont find the build quality of both X1 and X3 as good as the 3 series (all generations). Someone with a better understanding of the local market will hopefully comment, good luck.!
  10. Awesome!!! Any reason to specifically go for a Mitsubishi and not a similar vintage Land Cruiser? I`d so LOVE to resto-mod a BJ40, but that`s a distant dream with time/logistical/man-power concerns. 😒 Do you guys prefer a safari over a hard-top or is it because that`s what you found?
  11. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Still remember the days I saw $30k E30 M3`s and thought that price is mental for a little E30..!! 🙄
  12. Where i live, the BRZ does not have a base spec, so was sold as a higher spec with climate control, heated seats etc.. AFAIK, spring rates were slightly different in the BRZ to make it less tail happy. Thats' about it really. From memory, base model Scion's did not have an LSD in the U.S. But where I live, both Toyota and Subaru were spec'd with an LSD.
  13. I was looking to buy something fun about 5 years ago... Drove the WRX, Golf Gti and Mazda 3 SP25... Then a GT86... The nimble feel and the way that the car rotates around the drivers` hip is just phenomenal.. The other`s were just normal cars with go fast bits added, but this, is a properly designed 'sports' car.! No turbo lag, not heat soak (engine pinging under load when hot etc..), mechanically simple, cheap to run.. I just could not find anything else for the price, which is more fun to drive within legal speed limits. Ended up buying a Subaru BRZ.. Still regret selling the damn thing... 😒
  14. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Hmmm... speaking of E30 M3's..... 😮😮 News
  15. Nice.!!! So what are your plans? Collecting, using occasionally or flip after fix?
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