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  1. MrCat

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Been travelling in the US for a couple of weeks, I think it`s the other way around over here, the Prado is not offered I presume. I`ve seen few a Lexus badged (i.e. GX 470) Prado 120 series`s though. So many 4Runners around, plus a big utilitarian V8, "Sequoia", based on the Tundra platform.
  2. MrCat

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Yeah, plenty of SUV`s/Crossovers use the same layout. front/rear split is via transfer-case. Both gearbox and transfer case hangs off the side of the engine. Main issue with this layout is that it`s not symmetrical (i.e. drive shafts are usually not equal length). Subaru`s AWD system on the other hand, is proper symmetrical.
  3. MrCat

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Not sure whether this particular AWD system is front wheel biased. But there are plenty of transverse layouts with a proper transfer-case to drive the rear. E.g. Mitsubishi Evo all wheel drive system, especially the older versions without AYC an all that electronic trickery.
  4. MrCat

    New Defender Design??

    Interesting discussion, and I agree. I believe there`s a massive social aspect to this as well, not just technical. It`s like the shift from manual transmissions to automatics. People just don’t know or care about fixing things any longer. They mostly don’t care about how things work either, as long as it just works! Anyone who drove 4WD`s few decades ago knew exactly what the transfer-case (Hi – Lo gearing) and hub locks did. They may not have known how they worked internally, but they knew how it worked and when to use it. This is not relevant anymore, especially in the developed world where people are not exposed to older stuff/technology much. No one (I am talking about the common ‘person’ here, not all) is really willing to learn or go through the trouble of understanding how things work, yet alone fixing things when they break! So when people are not willing to ‘fix’ things, manufactures opt to design and build things to ‘replace’ when broken. i.e. why spend 10 hours pulling apart a gearbox for a broken 1st gear when the whole unit can be built cheaper and replaced? But there are so many variables here in place for each concept to be viable: complete module cost against parts cost, operational life, labour cost, self-diagnostic capabilities, etc…. Imagine young (i.e. 20-30 year old?) farmers in outback Australia these days. I am willing to bet that a larger percentage of them would NOT want to muck around in a noisy, bouncy 70 series, crunching gears in 40 degree heat IF given the choice of a newer/automated car. They most probably would not want to pull apart a broken differential either, rather pay a dealer to diagnose issues or have Roadside Assistance for breakdowns. And they certainly wont care much about operating a transfer case manually, may as well just select the 'terrain' and let the car do the work. Just the way 'most' modern people wants to do things now. I really think that modern electro-mechanical machines would become better If/When: 1.) Self-diagnostic capabilities improve. Still quite basic and not good enough in most modern cars IMHO. 2.) Parts cost, especially complete unit/component costs come down due to: better component/module sharing among different models of cars, efficient manufacturing, etc... 3.) Component life increase due to : better design/manufacturing, better materials, etc...
  5. MrCat

    New Defender Design??

    Yes, there is a market, but that market is NOT big or profitable enough for manufactures to warrant designing and building a product that they CANT sell for the rest of the world (i.e. won’t meet customer needs, market trends or safety/emissions standards). Yes, people use old-school cars and may continue to do so, but manufactures won’t be "developing" any NEW models with old technology, because they can’t sell enough. I don’t know about the Africa (that is NOT a viable market for new cars anyway, they get dumped with used rubbish from rest of the world so they get plenty of old school cars/4WD`s). But I live in Australia and not even mining companies are buying 70 series`s these days. The best sold car in Australia (out of everything, not just 4WD`s) is the Hilux and that`s got most of the modern technology. The Jimny is mostly a halo car for them, and Suzuki probably would do OK in recouping the R&D costs because they just slapped a new body on the old chassis (almost) without spending much on drive-train + chassis development. I agree it`ll do well in small European/Japanese cities or even Scandinavia where bigger/more polluting cars are heavily taxed. It is cheap to run and good fun off-road. But an absolute joke in everything else (serious off-roading where ground clearance and power is required, safely, highway driving, practicality etc..) . I`ve owned the previous generation Jimny and did plenty off-roading with it.
  6. MrCat

    New Defender Design??

    The Prado comparison was just for numbers, since it is a popular well known choice in SL. The reality is that the market for simple and rugged is almost dead, the 70 series sales are dropping even in Australia where ‘simple and rugged’ is/was still sell-able and emissions/safety standards are quite lenient compared to Europe etc.. Emissions/safety standards and customer expectations are causing manufactures to slap technology in. No one in their right mind would spend $50k+ on a new 4WD, rugged or not, without things like: a couple of LCD screens, autonomous braking, lane assist, trailer assist, etc.. these days. Enthusiasts would like em` simple, but no one actually buys them. Just like the current sports car market. Every enthusiast would like a simple RWD sports car, but not many buys them after a manufacturer has spent a billion to design, build and market. I don’t think LR is really catering the ‘simple and rugged’ market here, though the old Defender was in that class. It`s just a small niche they won’t be able to cater without military contracts, fleet sales etc… They are trying to cash in on the SUV craze with a practical all-rounder product placed more towards the ‘rugged’ end, with luxury mixed in. Agree about the Payload figures. I still think 900KG is a pretty good number for something this size, without a truck chassis (i.e. ladder frame) and solid axles (and associated handling + ride issues on road).
  7. MrCat

    New Defender Design??

    Looks are subjective, but I LOVE it.!! Interior design is freaking awesome from what I’ve seen on videos, great blend of ruggedness/simplicity/practicality with technology mixed in. Definitely on the ‘G Wagon’ side of the rugged 4WD spectrum as opposed to the Jeep Wrangler. And some of the numbers are just mental as well, see below compared to the Toyota Prado.!! Towing – 3500KG (Prado – 3000KG?) Payload – 900 Kg, that`s carrying almost a ton at the back! 😯 (Prado 665KG) Roof rack – 300KG Wading depth – 90CM – that`s driving though water almost a meter deep without affecting the car or factory warranty.! Pretty crazy for a stock car! (Prado 70cm) Monocoque chassis with almost 3 times the structural rigidity of a ladder chassis as claimed by LR! All independent suspension. Looks like LR has spent the time/effort/money on the design and gone all out with this one, but as with most LR products, long term reliability could be iffy. 😕
  8. I would also get the coil-packs checked while you are at it.. Again, very easily accessible from the top.
  9. Check crank angle sensor (attached to the engine block at the bottom) and cam angle sensor (attached to the engine head at the top) if possible. Quite easy to swap from another car to test (if you have access to a car with a similar engine).
  10. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    අම්මට හුඩු .!! I just found my long lost twin! 😀😀 Haven’t met many people who had the same feeling towards cars (not only BMW`s but in general as well). I drive car made in 2018 daily, the thing can brake by itself, tries to keep within the lane, supremely quiet and comfortable, accelerates like anything, etc…... I have also driven a few BMW models: E36`s, E46`s, E90`s, few modern ones (440i, 120i, 320i etc…). Also other stuff from Golf Gti`s to WRX`s to Audi A4`s.. But my GOD the E30 is so much more engaging and fun at legal speed limits! I`ve driven a 320HP BMW 440i to its limits, honestly felt a bit ‘meh’ in comparison (power, safety and comfort is a completely different story here but..). The airiness of the cabin, knowing exactly what the 4 wheels are doing, feeling the steering linkage doing its thing, hearing the brake booster hissing when the pedal is pressed, the engine being lethargic as soon as its started then coming to life slowly. Any of this can hardly be experienced in a newer car. !
  11. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Ha ha nothing like a good BMW lineup eh..? Have a great day..!!
  12. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Found a couple of pics of my little YEEE 30 taken at the car park at a BMW Agent. Look at the generation gap and the size difference. Light blue - E46 M3 Dark Blue – F20 1 series, most probably a 120i White – Current model 5 series Light blue in the far end – Most probably an E92 coupe (325i). -------------------- --------------------
  13. MrCat

    Parking vehicle with front wheels at an angle

    1. No 2. Under normal operating conditions No. (e.g. you correct the wheels straight after parking). It can cause the system to overheat and go to fail-safe mode under abnormally high usage (e.g. my wife trying to practice parking for an hour for the driving test and coming back home confused saying "the steering stopped working all of a sudden and steering eka galak wage una").
  14. MrCat

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Having a bit of an understanding about the car industry as a whole, for 17mil, it`s a BIG.! FAT.! NO.! from me..
  15. As far as I know manufacturers are coming up with better designs to avoid issues like carbon build-up of Direct Injection engines. Such as: better head designs, improved PCV systems, variable valve timing programming to heat-up intake valves, etc... Perhaps Toyota has made such improvements and decided that a costly dual injection system is not justifiable for a relatively low cost car. Also, manufactures tend to be extremely careful to avoid reputation damage to their bread-and-butter products (i.e. Toyota Corolla) but could be lenient when it comes to not so common niche products (i.e. CH-R)