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  1. MrCat

    Parking vehicle with front wheels at an angle

    1. No 2. Under normal operating conditions No. (e.g. you correct the wheels straight after parking). It can cause the system to overheat and go to fail-safe mode under abnormally high usage (e.g. my wife trying to practice parking for an hour for the driving test and coming back home confused saying "the steering stopped working all of a sudden and steering eka galak wage una").
  2. MrCat

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Having a bit of an understanding about the car industry as a whole, for 17mil, it`s a BIG.! FAT.! NO.! from me..
  3. As far as I know manufacturers are coming up with better designs to avoid issues like carbon build-up of Direct Injection engines. Such as: better head designs, improved PCV systems, variable valve timing programming to heat-up intake valves, etc... Perhaps Toyota has made such improvements and decided that a costly dual injection system is not justifiable for a relatively low cost car. Also, manufactures tend to be extremely careful to avoid reputation damage to their bread-and-butter products (i.e. Toyota Corolla) but could be lenient when it comes to not so common niche products (i.e. CH-R)
  4. MrCat

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Ah yes! the Accord Euro is a great package isn't it? Very well built because it`s actually made In Japan unlike the normal Accord and Civic at the time. One of my friends` had one with over 220k kms on the clock, ran like new with minimal maintenance. The WRX is a performance bargain, but a bit towards the 'project car' side of the spectrum for me at this point Something with a new/rebuilt engine/drive-train would be good. If not, the Mrs wont be a happy chappy when that boxer blows a head gasket('s' - there`s two)
  5. MrCat

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Nice Buy.!! was thinking about replacing the "train station" car myself, what other "kind-of-fun" options are there around this price point? similar sized /aged cars? There are SO many cheap/awesome European options from Alfa 159`s to Renault Clio`s , but just dont have the time to spend on upkeep required for Euro`s at the moment. :( The Swift Sport is quite high in my list. Didn't think about the SP20 before, this got me thinking. Too bad Toyota didn't sell a mild-performance oriented Corolla here, the Levin is just a cosmetic exercise. Quick list below, I may have missed some ?? Swift Sport - said to be a brilliant chassis, not too sure how good the auto gearbox is Pulsar SSS - older platform Lancer VRX - prefer the 2.4 liter 4G69. Thirsty and noisy, but has got plenty of torque. CS series auto gearbox is a letdown, dont know whether the CY/X had a better box. Non-VRX hatchbacks are cheap as chips though. Civic Sport - owned an FD series 'sport' before, but in manual form. Mechanically bulletproof, but interior and paint does not age well. Too bad the hatchback (FK) doesnt come with the 2.0 K20Z, though I think the FK series is better made compared to FD Mazda 3 SP23/SP25 - Possibly the best bang-for-buck, but i dont think the interior bits age well on the BK and later series compared to the older series 323
  6. MrCat

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    IF price/tax was NOT a concern, the following three are no match for the rest of the toy cars. In terms of : driving dynamics, proper sports car chassis and pure analog feel/balance. ** Mazda Mx5 - New ** Toyota GT86/ Subaru BRZ ** Mazda Mx5 - old
  7. MrCat

    Iridium spark plugs

    I`ve used and tried all sorts of spark plugs over the years. Honestly, just use any reputable brand with the ‘correct’ specifications as per the manufacturer. Iridium, Platinum, Multi-ground, it doesn’t really make a difference as long as manufacturer specs are met for a specific engine. Obviously with materials like iridium the electrode will last longer, but may not be cost beneficial if a set of plugs is multiple times the price of a normal set. 4500 for a spark plug is just crazy! Also, maybe just run it as it is unless there are issues with fuel consumption, hesitation to accelerate etc..
  8. MrCat

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Hello All, Was browsing though some photos in my E30 project 'folder', so thought of updating this thread. I always wanted to upgrade the stock 14 inch wheels/rims. The factory alloys` specs were: 14 inch by 6inch, +30mm offset, 4x100 pcd, 57.1 centre bore. The tires, at 195/65 R14, were too narrow for my liking and the car was very tail happy in the wet when driven hard. It was difficult to put the power down when the road is slippery, wheel-spin on 3rd gear is fun at times, but not so great on public roads with traffic around. Rear driven cars usually run lower offsets, so perfect fitting wheels are not easy to find for the E30. 4X100 PCD, lower offset with 57.1mm center bore is a rare combination and good quality wheels (specially European styles) are quite rare and expensive in the international market. I did NOT want to modify the hubs or run any sort of wheel adapter. I kept browsing through local classifieds for months, finally found a set of period correct wheels made by Racing Dynamics in Italy (a BMW performance parts supplier). Wheel specs are : 16 inch by 7.5 inch, -25 offset, weight: 8.5kg each. Here are the wheels before they got professionally powder coated: Paint stripped and primer on : During the powder coating process: Paint cured and baked : Final product: On a side note, I also got the engine Valve Cover painted in matte black: Wheels test fitted with new tires: 205/50 R16 - (without center caps on):
  9. Sorry I cant help you with any recommendations. But please update this thread if you get time. With car details, pics, plans etc..
  10. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Dreams are nothing to be mocked about mate.! Dream big and one day you`ll make it. Big BMW fan here, but i`m more into the older (pre 2000) beemers.. Im sure you`ve seen this, when the M5 set the world record for the longest drift : D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtDc_ZRrkcU
  11. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    ha ha.. imagine the wind in ya face as you roll down the road.!
  12. MrCat

    My Little Project - Bmw E30

    Just resurrecting an OLD thread. MkX, you still around? Wondering what happened to the project?
  13. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Now what exactly is that?
  14. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Pretty much a hypothetical ('if-i-win-the-loto' kind of) list mate. The Lotus Elise is probably the only car I wont mind actually owning. One thing you tend to learn as life goes by is that the dream cars are actually not that spectacular when DO get to own/drive/live with Nothing wrong with aiming for one though, if you don't try you'll never know..
  15. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Just too many to list i`ve tried, but the 'one-car-that-does-all' is a very difficult one to get right. Tend to find some issue/drawback with every car I owned/drove/looked at/researched . Just a quick list based on what comes to mind Track - any Supercharged Lotus Elise Daily drive (weekdays) - Tesla Model S Weekender - anything with an Chevy LS3 V8, has to be an LS3 Long distance cruiser - Lexus LS 500h Offroad/camping - Landcruiser 200 series with a Diesel V8 Classic - Any water cooled, non-turbo Porsche 911 Just for show with no real purpose - Range Rover Autobiography