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  1. Hi, has anyone here had any experience with the 2011 Audi A4 1.8T. Did some extensive research on it as read a lot about oil consumption issues on these cars in the European and US markets. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  2. Yes. Couldn't keep the bug out for too long. Went for just a weekend runner this time. Its a 318is. Runs a M42. I checked with Deans and NCW. They both quoted between 240k - 260k for the entire interior. I mainly need to get the two front seats done as the rear set just needs a good clean. Managed to source a brand new set custom tailored from the states for around 50k. Will try Doctor auto for the clean up.. thanks
  3. Hi, could any of you recommend a place to get my leather seats restored. I just purchased a BMW e36 and am almost done with the mechanical restoration. I need to a good place to clean and re dye my seats. I don't feel reupholstering is necessary as there are no rips or tears on any of the seats magictouch at jubilee post used to do it. But they seem to have run out of stock when I spoke to them appreciate any input on this matter and a possible cost for such a restoration as an alternative, are there any good places to get the seats reupholstered if need be? thanks in advance
  4. Some of the progress made so far on the body. The first coat was applied after the primer and the sealant. Some cateloy work need to be done before moving forward to cover some of the tinkering and patch work done on the body.
  5. The condition of my bumpers; Im still in the hunt for alternatives. Will keep you posted if I do come across someone with the capability. Would you be able to put me in touch with a fabricator? The last quote I got was an outrageous 90k
  6. Thanks! Thats true. will try that path before considering a fabrication.
  7. Just to add; The engine and the gearbox are currently going through a complete rebuild. Does anyone know of a good place to fabricate bumpers in stainless steel or copper? The steel bumpers of the car are not in the best of conditions
  8. Haven't been able to upload this thread for sometime. The work on the car has been quite slow due to serious amount of tinkering work that had to be done on the chassis and the body. Most of the rust was hidden beneath a mountain of paint work. Anyways, all of the body frame work and side members were refabricated with 16 guage steel. The entire floor board was replaced, the paint was scraped to bare metal and signficant components of the body including, inner valance / deflectors of both sides had to be replaced. Some body re-alignment work also had to be done due to a shody repair job of an accident damage many moons ago. The vehicle is currently being prepped for painting. However, Im planning to complete the final few coats once most of the other restoration work is completed
  9. Owned one for about 8 months now. What is the ATF oil type recommended Since the Axela comes with a CVT gearboxx you need the genuine MAZDA oil. I got it changed from Mazna motors in Pepiliyana. Costed me about 15k. You need to change it every 15-20k KM Does anyone know a good place to get it serviced I buy the genuine filters from Mazna motors and get it serviced Pitstop as their service quality is top notch. Don't use mobil.Use either Castrol or Shell helix Who are the agents of Mazda right now (i know it s dumb question but noob here) Colonial motors and Carmart. Haven't gone to either
  10. Guys I'm in need to find a place that sells plastic primer spray cans (to be used with acrylic paints) for building plastic model kits. I generally use Tamiya plastic primer, since it's specific to the hobby. but given the restrictions in air mailing pressurized cans, it is quite cumbersome to source. Therefore thinking of looking at alternatives available locally. E.g. TOA Appreciate if some feedback on recommended brands and places of availability could be given
  11. My initial plan is to do the following (However, I might end up covering more once the dismantling and investigation starts. The painting and "grooming" will be the last step in the plan) 1. Body - - Scrape the paint to the metal and undertake a complete tinkering (rust repair) job. - Replace entire floor board and fabricate corroded parts of the frame - Replace all rubber beadings (windscreens, windows and door) - Need to speak to L P Gunaratne - The front and rear bumpers need to be replaced (several dents / shoddy repair jobs). If i can't find a good set, I might have to fabricate both in copper (since it will last longer) - All metal / chrome trim to be electroplated 2. Brake - Replace brake master cylinder - Line connecting the reservoir to the master cylinder - Check and replace brake shoes and slave (wheel) cylinders 3. Cooling - Check radiator for leaks / corrosion and do the necessary repairs - Check water pump, thermostat and fan and repair where necessary 4. Electricals - Check / clean / reset / replace the entire electrical system as necessary (circuit breaker, distributor, ignition coil) - Starter motor and dynamo to be serviced - All fuses, wiring and connectors to be checked and replaced 5. Engine - Check for leaks and replace head gaskets and sump gaskets - Replace spark plugs - There is a problem with the idle run of the starter motor (if this is due to the wearing of flywheel teeth, need to turn the wheel up side down 6. Gearbox - In drive mode, when on the third gear, the lever slips to neutral. Need to check the linkages and gearbox in detail to check this 7. Fuel system - Repair fuel pump with repair kit - Clean fuel tank and fuel lines - Replace carburetor (There is a leak from the bottom end. Cant be repaired with the kit) 8. Interior - Replace cushions and re do seat covers - Hood lining and door panels need to be replaced - Switches on the dash to be replaced with genuine knobs
  12. Finally got around to start my project. Attached are some images of the vehicle being unloaded at the workshop and commencing the tinkering process
  13. rangerover

    Lancer Ex

    Limiting kinky stuff to your bedroom should prevent this happening to your lancer
  14. IMHO the newer ZE3 looks gaudy. Too much chrome for my liking. Also the brand new version looks pretty neat compared to the JDM imports
  15. Its a good car. Have been driving a 08 fd1 for over a year and am loving it. The lower displacement of the fd4 is obviously going to give you lesser power than a fd1, at a marginally better fuel efficiency. But it is still a solid car. If you can push the budget a bit more, go for a 1.8. There are a few facelift 1.8 liters in the market.
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