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  1. Hey Guys, Good to be back in AL forum after a long time, and even better great to see AL forums still going strong. Anyway, here's a good news for SL Sci-Fi fans: A Sci-Fi web series created by Sri Lankan talent, using some international talent as well (incl. Joey Ansah of Bourne Ultimatum & Street Fighter etc.) So check it out and share it with your friends if possible to give some encouragement to the Sri Lankan artists who're trying to do something different. Seer: Death Sight place in a future where humans gifted with psychic abilities called 'Indigos' are hated and feared by normal people. Powerful corporations exploit these Indigos by surgically enhancing their natural gifts and making them do their bidding. Series Produced by Grindout Productions Written and Directed by Sandun Seneviratne Music by Patrick Gill (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist) Series Executive Producers: Ray Martenstyn Udana Fonseka
  2. Those cars called CRAZY CARS, officialy. guess why these spoilers actually does what it says SPOILES the car.
  3. does the world want another G35 (infinity) in a nissan GTR badge ?? its a ok design but i think its not great as R34 i think those guys are nuts to destroy a legendary name. lukily they dont use Skyline name anymore. It doesnt have japanese genes in it only euro looks. so sad.
  4. buddhikamh

    Bandwidth Test

    a, in well away from colombo. say 100km !!
  5. buddhikamh

    Bandwidth Test

    hey dilesh , dont take me wrong. but do you tried selecting CDMA ?? if so try dialup or try every thing. dont ask my status, im a poor soul on dialup , out of colombo so no ADSL here.
  6. sorry fuzzo, i didnt saw your post when i posted, because i didnt notice there were three pages, in this topic. anyway my eyes were right, it is a 301- reg. then.
  7. actually as i know the jag auctioned for charity was a old XJ which was on a paper. so there are some S type Rs !! in some conditons they can bash a Modena!! of course they got 400bhp, so is that a S type R in the back of the pic ?? hiden by two people. ( its reg number reads like 300- to me what do u think ??)
  8. I am going to ask again the question that i have asked in the old topic, (i think whole topic was deleted by admin ) is that a real Jaguar S type R in the back of the Benz limo ?? - or isit a ordinary S with mesh shell added ? how many S Type R are in SL ?? ( i' think the car in that ad "AURA Gold" also has a car with similar mesh )
  9. thanks every one for help. so there is no other good option than KYB. ? anyway will get a KYB then.
  10. any help on other good makes / models for ae110 corolla ???
  11. whats that mutual friend ???
  12. no one helps ??? ae110 is a popular model. i thought many will help. anyway please help me !!
  13. SORRY PREVIOUS PRICES WERE WRONG. I've Now edited it. we are using a AE110 corolla L, its shockabsobers should be replaced. we want only standard shocks. ( 4 of them must be replaced) so we went for a recognised place , they said for original (new) KYB, it'll be Rs.7000. per each. (i dont know whether its a speciall Type shockabsober, cause i didnt went to the shop.) 1. Is this price is normal ??, Are there any place we could get it for a lower price ?? 2. is Toyota originally use KYB ? OR can we get any other make shocks for lower price?? -if there are what are the good makes?? please reply with your opinions. Thankyou. EDIT: very sorry i've had wrong info. it was 14 000 for set of 2 (means Rs.7ooo each) , not 14k.
  14. Good products. But i will die if i had faulty product by them(EPSI-local seller) and if had to get to their RMA dept. again. pretty awful (not the environment ) for a company of that scale.
  15. looks lot like the MINES SKYLINE but it had more i thinkstickers
  16. good madz and all guys to get here and discuss. so youre(MADZ) telling that we can recomodate places and products ? so what about things not related to motoring (such as pc , electronics etc,) I think those also should be enabled, because especially we (Srilankans)dont have a good forum to talk about them. if there is kindly let me know Ps. I think by enabling people to express their ideas publically, companies get good things too, its like a free survey u can know how people think, what improvement they should do and all that.
  17. but im not saying about advertising. im telling about peoples views, anyone can have good and bad views on products. only thing is you have the responsibility of telling the truth. And the global brands thing is a joke,. why global brands cant take legal actions?? they also can. I think we should face the reality. local brand could be a global brand on the next buisiness day. If you take these forums as privately owned things, itll make no good for it. ANYWAY NO PERSONAL OFFENCE TO ANYONE, just giving my thoughts, we can discuss it as friends Thanks.
  18. this mail is regarding the Forum rules. Many people here doesnt like to say exact names of Shops, person and brands. Some say its because the forum rules. (I searched for rules but couldn't find) Anyway when you tell about car stuff no one use," Mit**bish* makes the ev*lution ". But waht is the different of using that instead of " mitsubishi makes evolution " ?? anyone can make that out and only thing I can think about is fooling the Administrator of the forum. For other infomation also i think we should use the appropriate names, brands as far as we are sure of what we tell. I think We should not use rules for the sake of having them, but for the goodwill of our community and here, the forum. This may be a public place but we should give correct information to all who are willing to know, without hesitating. Forum is for sharing thoughts and information, so why we narrow that with adding rules * ?? My conclusion is as far as we are sure (and responsible) of what we say we should say it. If one can say "Honda" or "Nissan" without fear, why fear to use "Stafford" or "A*W" or any other company name here ?? " Aththa kiyannai Bima indagannai bayawenna epa! " ( i think you guys have heard that before) PS;----- THIS IS NOT REGARDING ANY USE OF BAD WORDS (SWEARING) OR THAT TYPE OF THING, (<- those things should banned IMO ) Im not going to be the revolutionist, but i think these things must be considered for the goodness of AUTOLANKA. Sorry for any grammar or that kind of mistakes (I am not very good in English ) This is my opinion and like to know others opinions aswell (especially MADZ) Thanks.
  19. well isnt present m3 bashes RS4 ??
  20. i dont know your mail ??? my yah! PM is ww_hapu send me the results. (please say the results i dont have any consideration yet ) and post a message here when u got the mail, because posting mail addr. is inviting $pam
  21. farzan, I think you havent got the results yet, because im sure if you got the result you will post it. so can you please tell us which psu's did you sent for test (models and max power) ?? ( i'm in a hurry to get one, and you said 2/3 have passed, so i have 2/3 chance to get a passed psu no ??? ha ha )
  22. please also say the approximate prices of those psu's in Srilankan market. I really need the prices too. thanks.
  23. Hi Fuzzo how about your psu test result ?? we are waiting for it. Thanks.
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