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    1800 CC
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    Standard Engine / XXX Spark Plugs
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    Standard Body/ AC Schnitzer 17" Alloys on Brigstone Potenza 235-45-17
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    M3 BodyKit / Audio-Video System / Suspension Upgrade / Engine & ECU Upgrade / Interior Styling...!!!
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    Be Cool Be You...!!!
  1. mishiran

    Colombo Drag Night Official

    What would be the Classes???
  2. mishiran

    Recommended Place For Efi Tune Up

    dude i can't believe it... there are no records of you that you have done a tuneup there, maybe you are confused... i spoke to bruce and he asked you to come in for a free tuneup if you can prove that you have done it there...
  3. mishiran

    Efi Engine Tune Up

    Call Bruce 0772256655 @ Bruce MotorSports...!!!
  4. mishiran

    Euro Auto Transmission Repair Place

    Yeah... One & Only Bruce Nigel...!!! He's currently on 2 Job's in your Category... Contact Bruce: 0772256655
  5. mishiran

    Best Place For Engine Tune?

  6. mishiran

    AutoLanka Get-Together 2012

    Hey MADZ... I am in too...!!!
  7. mishiran

    Subaru Gc1 1997 Model.

    Call Bruce on 077 22 5 66 55... You will get the answer....
  8. mishiran

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    Top Speed:160 Kmp/h & a little more (Speedo Meter was upto only 160) Machine: 2006 Suzuki Maruti Zen (998CC) Mods:None Road: Colombo Puttlum Road (The Last half of it) What prevented you from going further: The car maxed out...!!!
  9. mishiran

    Colombo Drag Night Official

    Overheard the sponsors...
  10. mishiran

    Colombo Drag Night Official

    Drag Race will be postponed due to bad weather...!!!
  11. mishiran

    Calling All Bmw Race Cars

    SLAS will consider if there are sufficient competitors in the event...!!! We just need to know who's available...!!!
  12. mishiran

    Calling All Bmw Race Cars

    True, I am not meaning of putting a day to day Bimmer to the race.... But I have seen plenty of modified bimmers on the road Eg E30 / E32 / E34 / E36 etc...
  13. mishiran

    Calling All Bmw Race Cars

    Well All Can Race Under BMW event... Maybe SL-H up to 2.5L First we need to know who is interested to get the event organized
  14. mishiran

    Calling All Bmw Race Cars

    Dear All BMW Racing Fan's. Let's build a event at the Colombo Road Race happening on December. Everyone who's interested in building a one make BMW event, Please reply on this tread. Let's make a Great event by BMW.
  15. mishiran

    Obd Scan Tool

    Well you're WRONG mate.. He had been selected as the local agent by several professional scan tool companies & he already have stock's to sell & he does chip tuning now too... Give him a visit.....