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  1. As usual bernie talking through his ar*e... What do you expect.. http://www.planetf1.com/driver/18227/8602042/Ecclestone-backs-Vettel
  2. Nico rosberg to brawn : "remember this one" Oh dear.... Such an awkward race.. None of them looked too happy on the podium.. Webber on seb:Multi 21!!! Hold station...
  3. Great start to the season. Fantastic race by kimi and Shame ferrari couldn't manage a two stopper but nevertheless good result for nando and ferrari, leading the constructors for once! But come dry weather the bulls are sure to charge back.
  4. Looks like they are sticking with the step nose because it weighs less, for now at least. Did anyone notice Kimi's car says "I'm sexy and I know it" on the side!!
  5. Good battle Darin ..good job holding them back for so long. It looked like you locked up and understeered into the corner. Ashan was already turning into the corner when you were locking up and had already committed to the corner by the looks of it. On this occasion It looked like a racing incident to me. Did see you going sideways in duke street!! Would like to see the other camera angle to see how you corrected.. Either way I'm glad a a scooby won!
  6. Good find master don! This option is available on sky f1 channel, you get to choose which driver you want to follow. With or without commentary. Have you guys seen it through the helmet cam? Makes you wanna throw up!
  7. I think realistically fernando's chances of clinching the drivers championship is quite bleak. The reds in terms of performance are a good 1 second off the pace of red bulls . Although the race pace of the ferraris were much better compared to quali the RBR cars were in a league of their own. The gap seb pulls out in the initial couple of laps into the race is just amazing and when he is at the front he just keeps extending his lead and from that point onwards unless they have any mechanical issues its game over for anyone else. Add to the fact fernando needs to outperform not one but two blisteringly fast RBR's and it is a bloody tall order. Although the ferraris will be bring in more parts in the coming races, so will the bulls ! So don't see this happening unless seb has a DNF.. It was so disappointing how fernando couldn't set the car up as well as filipe did in Korea. if he had that pace of car #6 he would have surely taken mark on, put pressure on seb, who would have driven the socks off that car and just ruined his tires and gone off the track. who knows, if's and but's..The fact of the matter is RBR have a team with great work ethic and the best of best in F1 right now and the pure genius of Mr newey. also their mechanics (according to Skysports) are the last people to leave the garage during the race weekend. When you just look at the team you can see them ooze confidence.. With that pumping music in the background it must be something else working in that garage! On a seperate note its funny how the pole sitter is on the dirtier side of the track and 2nd on the grid has the advantage to the first corner in Korea.
  8. So ferrari were not expecting to qualify so much up the order, best grid position since Germany ! .. It's fair to say they didn't know their true pace till Q3. They were a Little more than a second off the pace to the bulls in all three practice sessions.. But what is known for a fact is they have good long distance pace. I just hope there are no more first corner incidents. And thank god the "finger" didn't get pole! Shame about no-grip button not getting into Q3! On other news an arrest warrant for vijay Malaya ! I guess two drivers up for grabs for cheap... http://www.planetf1.com/driver/3213/8160657/Arrest-warrant-issued-for-Mallya
  9. This website has some cool f1 toons!
  10. What a waste, waking at 5 am to watch a stupid Fin with no regard for any other driver, taking out the title leader! Talk about running out of luck.. It seems fernando's magic dust machine is running out of steam. But on a positive note massa is currently doing a Stella job and everyone is at a level playing field and .... Aw Who are we kidding. They just don't have the car for it. Whereas the bulls have started to show their true colours. The reds need pure pace and not just rely on others misfortune if they wants to shot at the title.
  11. Vettle was reprimanded by the stewards for blocking alonso but still gets to keep pole position. I didn't see this happen either as it wasnt shown on live tv but heard it on the news. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/103148
  12. Most of you probably already know that MS is retiring end of this season. Shame, I kind of wanted to see what he would do with a competitive car like a sauber.
  13. Not really! It may seem like it but there is so much luck one Can have..It's still pretty much still open. Vettel had a similar points deficit in 2010 with 6 races to go and he came back to win the title. Plus mclaren have a killer pace at the moment, not to say RBR doesnt, Still open for the taking. I for one am an alonso fan but unless Ferrari really pick up the pace it's going to be really difficult for him to win the ch'ship just based on race pace as its just not enough. he needs atleast one or two race wins in the next 6. My money is on ham or vet. ...I hope this reverse psychology sh*t works
  14. When i was down in SL i was using the 2012 model for about a month. From what I gathered its wasnt any good for off road use, but on the plus side, delivers a very good driving experience. Fantastic for a daily use and long distance travel. Not much body roll compared to other suv's. Very quick for sure, lot of fun! handles well, if you know how to drive! the build quality is much better than the previous models I would say. I drove the fully loaded model and thought it was very good! so far no issues with reliability according to the current owner. I learnt to Look beyond the badge, Kia has come a long way from what it used to be, I for one was surprised and I'm not easily impressed! If I was in living in SL I would one.
  15. :-) Congrats mate! Fantastic car! Good choice with the grown up car..on a seperate note You seem to love your sedans don't ya? Kids? I see the US version comes with the turning lights of the front bumper! Strange to see..
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