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  1. Hi! Rameez! Greetings from India!  I am looking for a Morris Minor engine and gear box : I have a 1952 Morris without an engine and gear box. It will be good if I can have details if I can cube a good engine which can be shipped from Sri Lanka or I can go there for a visit to check out possibilities.



    [email protected] gmail.com

    1. Pubudu priyadarshana

      Pubudu priyadarshana

      Do you sell the car


  2. rameez

    Nissan March K10

    is the proton wira a common car....i think it is even rare than the K10. the other thing i have noted is that even 300- marutis go for about 7.5k
  3. rameez

    Nissan March K10

    there are some good ones around Kandy and if i am not wrong it is known as the nisaasn micra in other countries. My frined had one and looks apart it was a silent ride with AC,but do not pay anything more than 6k. parts are easy to find as per my friend. he has a 15sri one which original hood railings. at 8k u can even look for nisssan HB12 ( trad sunny) or even mitsubishi mirage( wijeweera model) or lancer C12 which are also good options
  4. rameez

    Nissan March K10

    there are some excellent ones .....stilll running....my opinion is that it is still a better car
  5. can anyone tell me a place to tune a carb of an indian scooter, electronically. with all the probes. i am tired of useless fellows who just tune it manuallly by merely adjusting the screws by listening to the engine beat.
  6. rameez

    Can I Afford A Car?

    Well this is a good thread...but my situation is a bit wierd. I was employed permanently till 2013 Jan but work as freelancer and do earn from a range of 85k to 160k . banks a reluctant to offer me loans, even in the bank that i have my savings and showing in black and white the money i put and the existing balance. Is this the fate of self employed people....damn i thouhgt that making money was the hardest
  7. rameez

    Contact Lenses

    no....think of a pizza cut into eight triangles and that one trainge is torn on one border were it shakes in the eye. it is a defect....i am sure of that
  8. rameez

    Contact Lenses

    Komi I know....but even these fellows are good that is what i came to know. As u say must never wear it so that the cornea gets damaged.( damn) What do you know about laser treatment can it be done for anyone....like OP has said.
  9. rameez

    Contact Lenses

    Friends, I have a question for all the people who have been using contact lenses for some time now. Well after nearly almost 25 years of wearing spectacles I finally decided to shift into contacts, inspired by my sister using it for like 4 years now. I went to a popular place in ward place which starts with the word Techno........ this happened on 29/5 may and I got myself a pair of brown soft permanent contact lenses. learnt to use it right there under the advise of the optometrist and came home a happy man. i used the lenses as prescribed washing my hands, and keeping it in fluid and changing the fluid as told. to be frank since i am on the initial stages i would only wear them for about 3 days a week . However last Tuesday after wearing them on i noticed that my right lense has cracked. the lense itself is liked a polythene and has cracked and does not stay like it should in the eyes. Why did this happen? Has this happened to anyone before( no one including my sister can explain because this has not happened to any one we know so far) to be frank I am a bit baffled since i used it quite carefully, is it because of low quality work? Need to know the scenario before i go to speak to them I guess i should have sticked to my good old pair of spectacles instead of wasting 15k on this Thanks Rameez
  10. rameez

    My A72 Build

    dingy as per davy did you try the lancer box brake conversion. some other mechanic told me that as well.
  11. rameez

    Car Paint - Mr.sylvi

    hey virtue .....by the way what was the cost of the paint job. I have spoken to him and i recall him telling about a painter at his place. Yes he is a nice gentlemen and once helped me as well by sending a bass he had known for sometime to my house. tends to have a great history though and we should get used to it :D
  12. rameez

    Fatal Accident On Katunayake Expressway

    the girl was a final year student who got 8A for OL and 3 A for A/L. may she rest in peace. They were in fact coming home from another funeral in the night. I guess this is life!
  13. crosswind....nedimala where? can you please be a bit more specific.Is he good with oldies?
  14. rameez

    Congratulations Watchman!!

    ammata udu i thought watchman was married all these time
  15. rameez

    Restoration Of A 1955 Peugeot 203