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  1. Quiet

    Rover Car

    Spotted this in a Vehicle Yard. Do you think it is possible to find parts to restore.
  2. Quiet

    Rover Car

    well the vehicle can be bought dirt cheap. As per internet references the brand is no longer manufactured but owned by LR
  3. Quiet

    Servicing bmw x1

    Auto Bavaria
  4. Quiet

    Axio vs Vios

    That's 2.14 Km one way per day. Id rather walk and improve my health and keep the cash
  5. 1.Personal guarantor is liable to pay if directed by a court of law. (Jointly and severally liable) 2.CRIB cant do any blocks. CRIB will indicate the last 24 months repayment track record of the facility under indirect liabilities. Also it will indicate last repayment date, status of the facility (Repossessed and sold/Legal/Written off etc.) If it is a indirect liability you may be able to obtain direct facilities as financial institutions including banks are lenient on irregularities on indirect labilities. It all depends on the size of the liability and the capacity of the borrower to repay the indirect liability in an eventuality. Hope this helps
  6. Wow, id like to know the company. Its an interesting development in the industry
  7. Quiet

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    My Car has a specially designed collision detection and avoidance system specifically for 3W and 2W called W.I.F.E As soon as it detects a 3W or 2W close by an alarm is sounded "Onna 3W ekak/Onna motorcycle ekak " So far it has worked wonders
  8. Quiet

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Mazda agents did a perfect job when my car was rear ended with a hefty bill of 355K. there were no issues when selling as well. I even disclosed the accident to the buyer.
  9. Quiet

    Advice on First Car for 6M Budget

    Why not a 2014 Mazda 06 - Most are maintained at Agents and owned by ppl who love their cars. Now going around 5.5-6Mn. Absolute pleasure to drive unlike the options mentioned above.
  10. No major issue. Tell carmart to obtain an amended invoice with the correct name and the local bank will amend the LC which is a simple process.
  11. Quiet

    Servicing Audi A!

    Yep they did allow me to be near the vehicle
  12. Quiet

    Servicing Audi A!

    yep new workshop is being put up at Wattala facing Negombo road
  13. Quiet

    Servicing Audi A!

    Just an update. Did my service at Drive one. Staff was very helpful and they did allow me to stay close to my vehicle while service is done. Cost 70K (I think they charge a registration fee for gray imports.) Overall it was far better than my experiences at Bosch and Vishwa Motors. I told them I had few rat attacks in the past and they gave me a rat repellant spray free of charge. Apparently its a common occurrence in new Audi's.
  14. Quiet

    What is Vezel differences ?

    1. Difference is the double taped gold colour logo itself fitted by the car sale guy. 2. There is no Vezel G model
  15. Quiet

    Honda Vezel 2015 Clutch oil drain

    maybe some makabass has tried to change the oil and ruined it. Agent would be the safer bet
  16. Quiet

    Honda Vezel 2015 Clutch oil drain

    The agent di do a clutch oil change every 15000Km on the vezel due to the DCD issue So better take to the agents
  17. There are some KIA and Hyundai models going around here of similar kind. Apparently Hyundai has sold nearly 40 units since launching last month in SL after take over by Abans. Vehicles are not very attractive aesthetically
  18. I do not know why you need to give the car to your GF when you are there. I never give my car to my wife, unless she has to go without me
  19. B'cos the steering was being turned may be the system assumed that there will not be a crash so the auto brake did not get activated. That's how my car behaves
  20. Quiet

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    As per photos Your bonnet and front buffer fit is imperfect. You may have issues when selling the car some day as it clearly indicate an accident.
  21. Quiet

    Advice on importing a damaged vehicle

    on second thought if it comes as a gift I don't think you even have to open an LC. You can TT the cash and tell you relative to ship the vehicle and courier the documents for clearing. Talk to a bank trade guy, I may be wrong.
  22. Quiet

    Advice on importing a damaged vehicle

    importers normally undervalue for many other reasons. If the bank accepts you will have no issue in opening a personal LC for any value you want.
  23. Quiet

    What car to buy with the budget of 2.2mil

    stay away from Panda, Demio for me is the best outta the selection but doubt if it achieve 10Kmpl in city traffic.
  24. lodge a police entry with reason for loosing the first one, If you have the removed one with you attaching it with RMV doc's will help greatly.