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  1. 21 hours ago, Kavvz said:

    He's quite a well known figuare in SL automotive circles though isn't he? The part about 100% made in SL isn't entirely accurate as the engines and powertrains are imported (a good thing!); but still, it would be pretty cool if it pans out...Question is: Will it?

    (Also is the Vega a reality? I was looking forward to following its debut at the Geneva auto show, so as to see if the performance figuares and the build quality would get verified by outside sources; but sadly ole man Covid19 killed that 3rd-party verification process. So I'm still not sure what to make of the Vega...)

    Well I know for a fact that he is not financially sound and hard to think he would be able to raise capital to support the project. I remember he launched a taxi app and do not know if that operate now.

  2. 9 hours ago, Kavvz said:

    100% made in Sri Lanka cars by next year: Dilantha Malagamuwa : "I do not want to sell my car models in the world market, but to sell in the local market in an affordable price which can be accepted by the middle-class people in the country,” he said.

    “The estimated selling price of the car would be between Rs.1 million and Rs.1.2 million and those cars would be manufactured in manual, auto and fully electric transmission models,” he said.

    “The designing part of the four-seaters 1, 000 cc petrol and electric cars had been completed. The location of building the manufacturing plant is also defined.”

    -First I'm hearing about this...does anyone have any inside info on this? 

    I don't think the guy has real credibility.

  3. On ‎5‎/‎9‎/‎2020 at 11:27 AM, tilvin said:

    Dear Friends,

             My story is long. Anyway I am trying to tell it short...🤪. I am actually a Peugeot ONLY fan previously. We have owned 203, 504 - Both My Grandpas and 306, 307 - Both My Dad had and 206, 406, 407, previously owned by me and now having a Peugeot 308 triptronic. To have a change, I recently bought a Toyota Caldina Diesel. It was a nightmare. I ended up mostly in garage...🤪🤪🤪. From suspensions to gearbox, I have attended almost everything. But still car is not in pristine condition which usually I expect. I am fed up with that. So I am planning to sell that and going to buy BMW X1 petrol. I am interested in 2011 and 2012 models. How much are these models going? Other than Agents and Milroy do we have any good garages where I can do the running repairs professionally and maintain the car in pristine condition? Friends, please help.


    try Auto Bavaria for servicing. I did some financing to the guy who was a former director at the Agent and bought all original equipment. A Friend of mine did some work on his 318i there and had no complaints

  4. 20 hours ago, misnad said:

    So it was the rodents causing the stinky smell. There was rat poop and pee on the cabin filter. Only way out now is to clean the evaporator and that means removing a part of the dashboard. They’re going to add a mesh to prevent future incursions for now. Unfortunately Hybrid Hub don’t have 1234yf gas right now to recharge afterwards so they’ll get back to me as to when it can be done. I hate rats.


    Wow you are lucky that those buggers have not eaten anything.   I was not so lucky with my rear and front parking sensor wire harnesses. Better to have that rat repellant spray which you need to apply every 14 days.

  5. I don't think the average person will do a tampering every year. Mostly people will do it when they think of selling or when a buy and sell guy (Buyya) purchse the vehicle. so if at lease last three years of emission test data is available in a public database that would be a start and we will be able to get some sort of idea of the mileage. Some idea is better than nothing and we need to start somewhere.

    I sold two vehicles in 2019 - Honda Vezel , when I sold the mileage was 80K and week later I saw it advertised at 30K.

                                                       Mazda 06, When I sold mileage was 41K one and half years back. I saw the vehicle advertised at 42K still 

                                                       under warranty :huh: six-seven months back.

  6. This problem has a simple solution. Make the mileage of emission tests public through a database (At least the problem will be solved for used cars).

    It is a mafia. I did talk to a few vehicle valuers who are the who and Who's of the vehicle valuers association. They do not want to implement. I spoke to a Deputy Commissioner of RMV who is a MBA batchmate of mine. Neither are they interested.

    If you know anyone that can help lobby it would be a great service to the general public who intend to buy second hand registered vehicles

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  7. Not related, but there was this famous turnkey construction company who was contracted to build my house. I was not satisfied with some of their work. They did not attend to correction work even with several reminders. I sent a letter of demand but no progress. Finally I kept commenting on their Facebook page.

    They deleted in the morning but I re-commented in the evening, this went on for about two weeks. Finally I think due to the negative impact they gave me a meeting with the chairman and got the issue solved. Power of social media.

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  8. 1.Personal guarantor is liable to pay if directed by a court of law. (Jointly and severally liable)

    2.CRIB cant do any blocks. CRIB will indicate the last 24 months repayment track record of the facility under indirect liabilities. Also it will indicate last repayment date, status of the facility (Repossessed and sold/Legal/Written off etc.)

    If it is a indirect liability you may be able to obtain direct facilities as financial institutions including banks are lenient on irregularities on indirect labilities. It all depends on the size of the liability and the capacity of the borrower to repay the indirect liability in an eventuality.

    Hope this helps

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  9. On ‎1‎/‎5‎/‎2020 at 8:56 AM, tharange said:

    @Klord This car has all the techs to avoid front collision. wonder why it got crashed 😯

    My Car has a specially designed collision detection and avoidance system specifically for 3W and 2W called W.I.F.E

    As soon as it detects a 3W or 2W close by an alarm is sounded "Onna 3W ekak/Onna motorcycle ekak " So far it has worked wonders :rolleyes:

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