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  1. 12 hours ago, Cyberpro258 said:

    Garmin is lot more easier than Android Auto dude.

    Ah ok never used garmin so cant comment, im using Google maps through Carplay, so far no issues with live traffic updates etc. I also tried using Waze, which supposedly will give updates on cops etc etc. but since community in Sri Lanka is not active shifted to google maps. 

  2. You will find plenty of Indian ALTO's still under warranty and with very low mileage and well maintained. If you see one need to act fast as these move like hot cakes as it one of the vehicles that is affordable to masses.

    I was looking for one few months back but could not even look at one as all good specimens were sold within few hours of advertising 

  3. You are allowed to drive the vehicle from port to sale or home provided you have proof documents of clearing as well as insurance. Normally car sales guys also drive the vehicles but under CC plates which have comprehensive insurance cover. If you have a friend with CC plates you can borrow that would be the best option.

  4. Some sort of strong chemical was used to clean the mirror resulting in the liquid dripping to the bottom and degrading the rubber/compound sealing. During subsequent cleaning the liquid has diluted the reflective layer behind the mirror. I don't think it will spread

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  5. The free services at the place you mentioned is a farce. They charge you for labour one way or another. For my Wagon R I went only once for the so called free service. After that routine stuff are done at near by garage under my Father in law's watch.

    So you will be better off at Agents. Genuine people will be interested in buying your vehicle if its agent maintained.

  6. 15 hours ago, iRage said:


    Also, when you own a car...you need to look at the total cost of ownership. That includes, depreciation and cost of preemptive and running maintenance work etc....just because a Prado is 13mil and a DFSK is 6mil..it does not mean that your car is cheaper to own than the Prado. 


    Very good point, Specially how quickly you will need replacements, Depreciation loss after 12 months (For this vehicle I would think its more than 20% of vehicle cost) and it will be very very difficult to find a buyer second hand, Also it will be very difficult to find leasing companies/banks to finance this unless you have a very good credit rating.

    All these will increase cost of ownership beyond the initial cash outlay.

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  7. It is just a registration fee inclusive price. I think when maintaining at agents there will be a premium attached. They said subsequent services will cost less. (Around 35K)

    Some times Vishwa motors are not professional in their work. I did some wire harness replacement two months back due to rat damage. They forgot to remove the OBD eleven device from the port and I saw it after a month when I noticed the red light.

    Im also hoping to do a service this month and lets see how it goes. I have done maintenance of my vehicles at Toyota/Colonial/Bosch/Stafford so lets see how Audi agents go comparatively.

    I agree on replacement part prices. It cost me 58K to replace brake pads and sensor just after 25K mileage.

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  8. 28 minutes ago, Roshan321 said:

    @Quiet I didn't do advance payment  and waiting to sell my Honda Civic FD1, second hand market in Sri Lanka is not good these days. But looking at pros and Cons, the Price and the features Im planning to buy this Vehicle once I sold out my Civic. No one provide me professional argument not to buy this one. all bullshit without even seen this vehicle, no point , all harassments for the people who put comment in favor to this vehicle. No one justify why this is not to buy arguing against the built quality , 7 seater option, other latest features, Price, Company 3 year warranty. As I mentioned so many times no point of comparing this with Japanese SUV since its price is double or tribble. If anyone has 10-15 MIL then who going to buy this instead buying Japanese SUV.

    Excellent Go for it. :suicide2:

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  9. 1 hour ago, matroska said:

    exactly - i really don't get the massive price difference between the two. This is not just limited to Toyota.....some folk pay more for the gold badge on Vezels.

    And its not gold. Otherwise the Kuddas wouldv had a field day. :dance3:

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