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  1. Quiet

    Audi Service centers

    Dear All, I intend to buy a Audi. Are there any places specialized in maintaining such vehicles like for mazda, Benz etc. Also does any one know if the agent accepts maintenance of vehicles imported from outside dealers.
  2. Quiet

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    It looks like my kitchen I can see the places where to keep the vegetables. You can definitely grate carrots from the front and hang your spoons and knives on the rear doors.
  3. Quiet

    How to Pay Traffic Fines at Court

    When you are @ courts and when your name and case is called just accept your charge as guilty. Take a friend with you to pay the fine and you will be released. You will not be able to contest as you have not renewed the license. However there will not be any restrictions on you driving license.
  4. Quiet

    Toyota from Wasanatrading

    The place i worked previously (A bank) did not accept any leases from the said seller due to reputation. You better check YOM carefully. They are famous for improving YOM of cars (With help from DMT & Customs)
  5. it is effective for small punctures. However you run the risk if tyre gets cut or if the puncture hole is large
  6. Quiet

    Tyre Prices

    exchange rates are skyrocketing these days. It definitely will have an impact
  7. i think this is something similar to a Dry operating lease where ownership is transferred after the final bulk [payment. The rental is reduced by having a very large residual installment. I do not think it has any benefit to the buyer. You are better off having a wet operating lease insead and forget about the vehicle selling price, maintenance etc etc
  8. Nope just trot along and get the service done (Of course get an appointment first)
  9. Quiet

    The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Do not know about the starter motor, it does have a strain on the battery specially in our city traffic
  10. Quiet

    MG ZS 2018

    i Inspected the vehicle. (unfortunately could not do a test drive.) It has a plastic feeling. For example the rear trunk handle or the electric sun roof seem very brittle and will not last even three months. even door handles seem cheap. Although the sales guy insisted it was the same vehicle that is manufactured to the European market i have a feeling this is specifically manufactured for MIcro with cheap raw material. However it seems they are selling like hot cakes as i saw several people ordering when i was at their office due to SUV/Crossover mentality. Same as buying a BAIC i guess.
  11. Quiet

    Pajero Computer body

  12. Quiet

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    I met an engineer at MICRO, according to him they are also not sure about Panda fuel consumption as it varies from car to car
  13. Quiet


    Guess who is working for M*CR* and win a Bike sorry BAIC