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  1. i dont think this supports obtaining the very first one.
  2. Quiet


    Here we go again
  3. Quiet


    Own Mazda 6 and Audi A5 Sline sport back (19 inch wheels). Audi suspension is bit stiff on dynamic mode and you feel it when hitting relatively large cracks/holes. However i do not feel uncomfortable when going through unevenness as mentioned by you. Of course if you set to normal mode it gets more comfy. Mazda 6 Vs Audi - definitely the Audi
  4. Quiet

    Honda Civic 2018 vs Honda Vezel RS

    98 Octane - is it available?
  5. Quiet

    Honda Vezel RU4

    are you sure that agents are expensive for small work, I used to do all my work on the Vezel at agents and the prices were very reasonable
  6. Quiet

    Wagon R Depreciation

    with so many vehicle bought for pick me and uber hiring i think there will be much abused vehicles coming in to the market in another one to two years and i think there will be a drastic dip in second hand value if its some thing you are concerned with.
  7. Quiet

    Vehicle permit

    these days doc permit price is over 2.5Mn. used to be around 2.3Mn
  8. Quiet

    Japanese Car News

    Really? where? 😨
  9. Quiet

    Honda Fit GP5 or Toyota Aqua

    Didn't the agent do some software upgrade for recalled vehicles. I can remember when i bought my Vezel in early 2015 they did a scan and said my vehicle software version does not have the issue. According to the agent, Honda Vezels of 2014 only a very few serviced by them run without clutch issues after a mileage of 80K. However i do not have the facts to back their claim
  10. Quiet

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    i really hope OP is still here 🙄
  11. yeah if you are going for Mazda go for 6. Its an absolute pleasure to dirve
  12. Quiet

    Honda Grace - Questions

  13. On average fuel consumption was 8-11Km/L. Mind you i am normally hard on the gas pedal. I dont think the Civic 1L turbo will do more than 10-12Km/L in the city where Mazda will do around 9Km/L. I think 6Mn is a good price. If you can find a vehicle sold by an owner im sure you can negotiate for around 6Mn
  14. Quiet

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    Both my Mazda 6 2L and Audi A5 1.4L does 8-9Km/L. (Both with engine start stop feature) So i guess there is not huge difference with most of the vehicles