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  1. Quiet

    Some Concerns?

    I know few people who do the oil change etc from the agent so that they can put "Agent maintained" but all other maintenance is done from outside with cheap part and duplicates. I sold my mazda more than one year back with 40K on the clock. Would you believe its now on sale is the fast site with 42.5K reading and agent maintained 🙄 the guy has only run 2500K in 15 months. 166Km per month. Considering the round trip from Kany - Colombo - Kandy for agent service i presume he mustv used the car to purchase bread at Handiye Kade. So in short, agent maintained is no really something to bank upon.
  2. two vehicles selected indicate investment purpose rather than the utility. in current context buying a vehicle as an investment is not advisable, even KDH
  3. Quiet

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    I would think your vehicle real mileage would be more than 80K. Have you changed transmission and clutch oil.
  4. Quiet

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    I would stop at microfiber cloth
  5. Well i now drive a Audi A5. However i regret letting go of my Mazda because of sheer driving pleasure it gave me compared to the Audi. I did not have an issue in selling my 2016 car. Of course i did have to take a hit compared to my purchase price but thats depreciation
  6. Quiet

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Doesn't the Vitz have a oil burning issue after 100K, not sure but saw it somewhere.
  7. keep additional cash in hand, especially for clutch replacement if you decide to buy
  8. Quiet

    Vehicle Permit

    Call Ranjan Ramanayake
  9. Quiet

    360 Bird's eye camera calibration

    🙄 that's why most cars come with reverse sensors and optional revers cam. and not this bird shit
  10. Quiet

    Honda Vezel gear shifting issue

    Wow, normally issue comes after 75K are you sure you changed DCD oil
  11. Quiet

    [Civic 2018] A look at the interior

    Dont know about Honda, but in my Audi - heated mirrors are useless unless you are in Nuwaraeliya i guess.
  12. Quiet

    Rat Trap Cage (Without Killing)

    My two dogs were no help. Last week they have eaten the wires of Air Bag sensors and took one day ant 5K to replace
  13. Bought one in 2015 (2014 manufactured) , sold in 2018 did 84,000/-. No issues at all and only brake pads, battery and tires was changed. (Stafford maintained) Cheap vehicle to maintain and run. Only thing is it very uncomfortable, specially the rear seats. DCD failure is a very high probability, fuel consumption was 13-14 Kmpl on average. Reticently Vezels seem to be loosing value pretty fast. I guess if you have spare cash for a dual clutch unit replacement only you should go for this.
  14. why dont you rent a 121 for the time being. im sure it will be cheaper