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  1. I used to use those air sanitizing spray that is supposed to clean the AC system as well. I got the one sold by wurth and used twice are they effective?
  2. Have driven a friends 2 pretty oftain and you get the same feeling of power of the 6
  3. https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moly-marten-protection-spray-200ml-1515/
  4. Wow you are lucky that those buggers have not eaten anything. I was not so lucky with my rear and front parking sensor wire harnesses. Better to have that rat repellant spray which you need to apply every 14 days.
  5. My Audi says brand new in the book although its is a grey import. You have to pay some additional money and go show the vehicele RMV. I do not know how b'cos a friend did it for me
  6. for 5.5Mn personally I would try to nego. for a 2014-2015 Mazda 06
  7. I don't think the average person will do a tampering every year. Mostly people will do it when they think of selling or when a buy and sell guy (Buyya) purchse the vehicle. so if at lease last three years of emission test data is available in a public database that would be a start and we will be able to get some sort of idea of the mileage. Some idea is better than nothing and we need to start somewhere. I sold two vehicles in 2019 - Honda Vezel , when I sold the mileage was 80K and week later I saw it advertised at 30K. Mazda 06, When I sold mileage was 41K one and half years back. I saw the vehicle advertised at 42K still under warranty six-seven months back.
  8. This problem has a simple solution. Make the mileage of emission tests public through a database (At least the problem will be solved for used cars). It is a mafia. I did talk to a few vehicle valuers who are the who and Who's of the vehicle valuers association. They do not want to implement. I spoke to a Deputy Commissioner of RMV who is a MBA batchmate of mine. Neither are they interested. If you know anyone that can help lobby it would be a great service to the general public who intend to buy second hand registered vehicles
  9. Not related, but there was this famous turnkey construction company who was contracted to build my house. I was not satisfied with some of their work. They did not attend to correction work even with several reminders. I sent a letter of demand but no progress. Finally I kept commenting on their Facebook page. They deleted in the morning but I re-commented in the evening, this went on for about two weeks. Finally I think due to the negative impact they gave me a meeting with the chairman and got the issue solved. Power of social media.
  10. Quiet

    Rover Car

    Thanks guys for the feedback. Thought of not proceeding although the price offered was very tempting.
  11. Quiet

    Rover Car

    well the vehicle can be bought dirt cheap. As per internet references the brand is no longer manufactured but owned by LR
  12. Spotted this in a Vehicle Yard. Do you think it is possible to find parts to restore.
  13. That's 2.14 Km one way per day. Id rather walk and improve my health and keep the cash
  14. 1.Personal guarantor is liable to pay if directed by a court of law. (Jointly and severally liable) 2.CRIB cant do any blocks. CRIB will indicate the last 24 months repayment track record of the facility under indirect liabilities. Also it will indicate last repayment date, status of the facility (Repossessed and sold/Legal/Written off etc.) If it is a indirect liability you may be able to obtain direct facilities as financial institutions including banks are lenient on irregularities on indirect labilities. It all depends on the size of the liability and the capacity of the borrower to repay the indirect liability in an eventuality. Hope this helps
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