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  1. Few organizations are taking work from home seriously. For eg. j********i Insurance has 200 people working from home and has emptied two floors at head office. Abans is offering work from home solutions to staff then there is Hemas group. Only thing to see is are Sri Lankans disciplined enough to work from home.
  2. Not related. I have an Audi that is maintained at Agents. I asked them on Transmission oil change and what they said was change is not required.
  3. Quiet

    Looking for a LEAF

    go around vehicle yards of finance companies. You will find plenty at dirt cheap prices. Lessee's have given up the vehicles rather than paying lease rentals as it makes economic sense. Even at dirt cheap prices they do not move
  4. DCT normally wear out around 80K mileage. Rarely will last longer if driven carefully.
  5. highly recommended to replace DCT in around 80K mileage
  6. Quiet

    rat damage insuarance

    I claimed for a collision with a dog and then with a monkey both times there were no issues.
  7. Well I know for a fact that he is not financially sound and hard to think he would be able to raise capital to support the project. I remember he launched a taxi app and do not know if that operate now.
  8. I don't think the guy has real credibility.
  9. try Auto Bavaria for servicing. I did some financing to the guy who was a former director at the Agent and bought all original equipment. A Friend of mine did some work on his 318i there and had no complaints
  10. I used to use those air sanitizing spray that is supposed to clean the AC system as well. I got the one sold by wurth and used twice are they effective?
  11. Have driven a friends 2 pretty oftain and you get the same feeling of power of the 6
  12. https://greasemonkey.lk/product/liqui-moly-marten-protection-spray-200ml-1515/
  13. Wow you are lucky that those buggers have not eaten anything. I was not so lucky with my rear and front parking sensor wire harnesses. Better to have that rat repellant spray which you need to apply every 14 days.
  14. My Audi says brand new in the book although its is a grey import. You have to pay some additional money and go show the vehicele RMV. I do not know how b'cos a friend did it for me
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