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  1. Bought one in 2015 (2014 manufactured) , sold in 2018 did 84,000/-. No issues at all and only brake pads, battery and tires was changed. (Stafford maintained) Cheap vehicle to maintain and run. Only thing is it very uncomfortable, specially the rear seats. DCD failure is a very high probability, fuel consumption was 13-14 Kmpl on average. Reticently Vezels seem to be loosing value pretty fast. I guess if you have spare cash for a dual clutch unit replacement only you should go for this.
  2. why dont you rent a 121 for the time being. im sure it will be cheaper
  3. Quiet

    How rational the Carbon Taxes are ?

    heck all those hi end brands with turbo engines will be charged less. A5 will have less tax than a Jap 1.5L car
  4. Quiet

    ABS unit malfunction in Panda Cross

    Doesn't your car have a warranty?
  5. Im not sure but there were circulars to banks on LC
  6. I dont think it is permitted to open LC's for vehicles below above standards. This was implemented few months back including euro 4 standards.
  7. If your facility is not yet disbursed you can withdraw the facility. If disbursed settlement will be subject to a penalty.
  8. I think they log you in through you Google account
  9. Quiet

    Honda Civic 2018

    Shoddy job in hiding your licence plate number dude 🙄
  10. Quiet

    Japanese Car News

    Wow the hatch back looks really great.
  11. Those service guys using high pressure washers on door edges after opening doors and trunk is also not good. They did it to my car two months back and the door sensors stopped working. They started working only after the car was parked for a day under the sun.
  12. Quiet

    Honda Civic 2018

    minor body repairs are done at Stafford Maradana. I did some painting jobs there and a buffer replacement. Service was good
  13. Quiet

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    Dude you should concentrate on driving and not fuel figures when on road.
  14. Quiet

    Minimum speed for expressway?

    You shouldn't be having an issue going happily at 50. Its us ppl who go past you will be having issues
  15. Quiet

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    i dont think grace does 28Kmpl unless you go down hill. 18Kmpl is realistic figure on long runs