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  1. Quiet

    MG ZS 2018

    Thats what you call doing business. Its up to the customers to make their choice based on risks and rewards
  2. Quiet

    Budget 2019

    if the proposed elections are to be held, definitely a reduction temporarily for small cars.
  3. Quiet

    Carpooling / Ride Sharing

    Disposed the pressea i presume
  4. Quiet

    The Ford Focus Thread

  5. Quiet

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    With apple carplay allowing google maps and android auto navigation providers will no longer be required i guess
  6. Quiet

    MG ZS 2018

    practical 🙄
  7. Quiet

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    again simple logic. If seller does not allow you to scan the vehicle, buy one where allowed or buy a non hybrid. After all its about Rs.0.2-0.3Mn outlay you are talking about. Thats how my wife sold her vehicle. (She is a lawyer) Its slowly becoming a common practice. Several vehicle sales i know also allow scans at the agents before buying.
  8. Quiet

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    simple logic. If you are buying used Hybrid, 1. Do a battery scan 2. Make sure you have provisions for battery repair/replacement as it is an eventuality like changing your secondary battery.
  9. Quiet

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Congrats on your purchase. Any idea when this IOS update will come. My car came with a Europe map SD and not having navigation is a headache. was thinking of buying a small android phone to be kept in the car so that i can use Andoid Auto
  10. Be it Audi or Maruti the Avg jhonny still thinks its a 3W when driving
  11. Quiet

    Vehicle Import Regulation

    They will do the test and send along with the normal documents (LC, Inspection certificate, odeometer certificate. ) You dont need to worry about the documentation.
  12. Quiet

    Touch-up Paints - Bmw

    Hi guyz, Would a touch up suffice for this. Teeth marks of my dog
  13. Quiet

    Honda Vezel Hybrid 2014 Battery