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  1. lasi

    Dslr Prices

    seem there are no Nissin users in AL
  2. lasi

    Ac Magnetic Clutch Coil Rewinding

    yes. went to AC tech shop. they had already winded coils
  3. lasi

    Dslr Prices

    Unfortunately they don't have Nissin flashes. Are there some photography experts in AL forum? Could you please advise which 3rd party flash units are best for modern Nikon units (CLS i-TTL)
  4. lasi

    Dslr Prices

    The website you mentioned is undergoing a maintenance. Do you guys know some other places?
  5. lasi

    Dslr Prices

    Does anyone know a place in Colombo to buy Nissin flashgun for my Nikon?
  6. lasi

    Ac Magnetic Clutch Coil Rewinding

    Gas is at correct pressure. technician told me brand new ones are not available for Thai makes (vios). don't know whether it is true or not. anyone know where I can find a one?
  7. Hi All, has anyone happened to rewind the compressor coil. can you recommand some places (PM me) which does good repair work. my car AC suddenly stopped working and the technician who inspected told me compressor does not engage because the coil is burnt. did anyone experience the same issue?
  8. lasi

    Front Windshield Tint?

    can you guys recommand a good place to do 3M tint done. except KleenPK tint shop in Darly road. or just PM me.
  9. lasi

    Problems With Vios

    You have not mentioned your issue. why you want to replace engine mounts? regarding your first issue. RPM increase : normally RPM is slightly increase when the cluthe is depressed. make sure you have fully released the accelerator to avoid too much RPM increase. Engine Stop : you will need to replace clutch pate and pressure plate. will cost you around 30k for genuine. actual ODO meter reading may not be 79k becasue most car sale owners turn the ODO meter backword. so I think clutch is worn out. is your clutch hard to press? does clutch engage near the top possition of the clutch? do you feel the car vibrates when try to pickup in stop and go traffic?
  10. lasi

    Vios E Or Vios G

    I don't think you should go after S grade too much. only if you find a well maintained car for a reasonable price. Try to find a well maintained car whether it is S or E. I bought an E grade as I did not want to pay extra only for digital meter. It is all about how good your car not how your speedometer looks like. in addition, Vios digital RPM meter is not as clear as the analog one I think even Axio G grade has an analog meter.
  11. Seems nobody knows what is to be tuned up in EFI engines. so. OK I'll assume as nothing to tune. why the hell agent put extra thousands to engine tune up? this is in addition to labour charge and spare part cost
  12. Hi Guys, Nowadays, most of the cars have EFI engines and we talk about tuning up the engine. Unlike carburator engines EFIs has little to maneuver because most of the engine parameters are controlled by the ECU. including engine RPM. ignition timiing, injector timing etc. my question is, when we handover the car to agents/mechanic for an engine tune up, what do they actually look for and adjust apart from replacing/cleaning fuel system components (eg. change air/fuel filter, TH body clean, replace plugs etc) Agents add value for engine tune up in addition to part replacement. what are actually changed in this tune up? The underside of my car (vios) bonet, there is a manufacture's stiker saying "plugs clearence :this much; valve clearence: this much; no further tune up needed"
  13. Why don't you guys read the back side of the test report? it is clearly mentioned that it can be used only once.
  14. test report has a section to tear off and keep with them.
  15. VIC is no longer issued.