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  1. agree fully on the SD and Td engines, Datsun 720 - it had a SD23 engine and even when the enginee was under compression it use to run Isuzu 4Jb1 - 240K mileage and good economy and power D21 with TD 27 turbo - when i sold the pickup it had run 375K + and didnt have any issues Y60 Patrol with TD42 ran 500K+ mileage with a little oil Burning, but didnt have any issues with morning Start Y61 Patrol with TD42 260K and still counting with out any issues
  2. i think if you really hunt you should be able to get a Trooper BigHorn irmisher edition i had one in 2010-2011 and was a Super On and Off roader
  3. i have a 2002 Nissan Patrol Y61 with the TD42 engine with 256,000 km's on the Clock and it runs perfect. as someone said Nissan Td 42 can easily clock upto about 450-500K with out a problem, my old Y60 had 500K+ than that with very slight oil burning . dont know about the Other two brands Cheers!!
  4. Hi I have a HL2 which I personally imported with UK service history from the dealer 55,000 miles when imported , my under carriage doesn't have any rust and UNLIKE the one's sold locally which the under carriage is painted. And it drives like brand new no noises etc... The biggest issue is the mileage as most of the ones which are in SL for sale have done more than 100,000 miles + but the meter reads around 30,000- 40,000 miles. No point only looking at the BV certificate as that can be altered in UK inseams , always ask for the service history otherwise you are asking for trouble . UK imported hilux have more options such as dual air bags, Rear Diff lock, headlight adjusters compared to Thai spec. If you are a off road fan the Diff lock comes in very handy . Cheers.
  5. one of my friend Bought a 1999 Premio 1.8 Elegance Auto for 21.75/= this was H plates
  6. i have Run a 1.5L 5A-FE for over 230,000Km's and didnt have any issues of oil burning
  7. AT 211 is the premio 1800cc version and fuel about 9-10Km/ltr in Colombo and about 13-14 outstation and this is Auto transmission .
  8. In the Korando Active AWD uses the rear two wheels only when the front two wheels starts slipping and if you want all four wheels to be locked there is a Diff Lock . so in day to day use it runs like a Front wheel drive car. This is Not a serious Off roader so AWD will come in handy if you fall into a Ditch or a Small drain etc.. this is what i feel. Unless you want to do some Sand Runs .
  9. MRM

    Nissan Pulsar

    had a N15 Pulsar for 5yrs and never had heating issues , my car had the radiator in Front Not like in the serena LOL!!
  10. Machan This is still not confirmed as my vehicle arrived on port on the 29th march and still the discussions are going on about the cars which are in port whether it is old duty new duty or in between Will update once I get any info.
  11. 1st service ( 5000Km) costed me Rs 4800 if im not mistaken this is the TOTAL bill ( labour free ) and they did a Oil change with Filter m alignment etc.. i have the Bill at home tommorow i will give you a breakdown if possible.
  12. it is for the current rates , i ordered a vehicle from Uk and i opened the LC at Rs184 /Per Pound and i collected the documents for the L/C at Rs 207/Per Pound last monday so i had to pay about 250,000 Extra . but the duty rates havent changed SO FAR as it is imposed by the government .
  13. That's good to hear I don't think you will be disappointed . I took it and I'm not disappointed All the best
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