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    Axio Hybrid Warning message

    Many Thanks ,really appreciate your help..
  2. HI , I'm having a 2014 axio hybrid and i can see the below error message while stopping the car only. does any body knows what this means highly appreciate your thought.
  3. just hear the Crank sound
  4. recently i did a engine tune up on my Toyota 121 (1500 auto).same day onwords i'm facing this issue.In the morning it is getting started with out any issue.but when the engine get hot first try it is not getting started second try it is getting started.Does any body face this issue previously ? your valuable comments will be highly appriciated
  5. Guys Please help me on this
  6. Would you please let me know your ideas about New Axio Hybrid? Will it hit the market? Good and bad of this new car?
  7. psw

    Vios Back Light

    could you please let me know best place to buy vios Right, back light set. and how much it would be? thank you
  8. psw

    Vios Spoiler

    Guys, thank you very much for your replies .
  9. psw

    Vios Spoiler

    Guys, Could u please let me know a place to buy a spoiler for my vios(E class) 2004) and how much it will cost? and a place to buy a security system and the price Thanks
  10. psw

    Toyota Carina At212 Ti Myroad Fuel Consumption

    hay bro if you have ,could you please send me any contact details of those car owners.([email protected]) thanks
  11. psw


    Thanks for all for your replies
  12. psw


    To buy one.
  13. psw


    hay bros what do u think about Vios?(performance,Fuel,Trubles)
  14. Does any body have any idea about fuel consumption in Carina Ti and Carina Si?