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  1. He he yes..fell from the sky back to the forum. Hope all is well with u guys.
  2. I'm running with an expired revenue licence with 100% tint on rear and 50% in front..now am starting to worry..if they stop me for the tint they will find out about the licence..ouch!
  3. Thanks Madz, pls give mine to Pericles I can collect it from him than making a trip to Bamba as am working off Colombo now..
  4. Hey Madz, Any chance of me getting a sticker??????????????? would like to have one in my new ride..
  5. Jap 1.5L and Indian 1.3L, and also more airbags in Jap model..
  6. Its no joke I also heard it on news in the morning, I opened the LC in Jan and they told me it will take minimum 4 months to get the vehicle coz they said there is a long pending que. Personnaly I dont agree to issuing permits at this stage at all, it will do a great deal of damage to the BOP of the country with so much of US$ going out of the country..Gvt only do these things having the votes in mind they no care a damn about the economy..
  7. Errr logged in after ages..Happy belated B'day!!!!!"
  8. nadskit

    Wagon R

    Hi, Anybody here using a WagonR or has any experience with it? If so pls share your views on the it..
  9. Happy belated wishes and all the very best in everything MADZ..
  10. Hi, Best wishes for a wonderful new year for all!!! Well as an ex employee of S*** L****, I was a bit involved in doing the ground work to bring down the Terios and the Charade about 2 years back, a unique feature about the Terios was the fuel economy, being a SUV it was expected to do 12km city and above 15 outstation, but that was an estimate based on Japanese road conditions..so its up 2 you 2 decide a suitable figure for SL roads U** W***** used to be the shittest in service but after the take over they have come up remarkebly, but still there are loop holes, which I personaly experienced when I took my car for service few months ago and I decided I will never step in to that plc again. Daihatsu is a fully owned subcediary of Toyota, Crush n Terios are the same, u have to pay a premium for the name only..Terios is a good buy is you are looking for a brand new fuel ecomony vehicle, good for a small family..it was 3.8Mn initially I dont know how much it is now, but for 5Mn you can also go for a better second hand vehicle..
  11. Hey people...logged in after ages... In general how often should one service a vehicle? is it strictly based on the milage or does it depend on the usage of the vehicle..?
  12. Many Happy R'tns of the day...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I saw u at the entrance when I was trying 2 find parking space...but the next minute u were gone..missed sharkey too...
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