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  1. Cadillac 620 series maybe. Reminded me of the 620 convertible but the lines are different
  2. Yup, the Citroen spaceship called the XM much more comfortable than the German or Japanese counterparts due to the hydropneumatic ride. And it looked like a spaceship too.
  3. Ok then try this guys, there are two in the country
  4. Since no one came up with a name Ford Cortina MK4
  5. Bloody hell! What engine must be on it?
  6. Nope CMTA are the agents, VIASL comprises of all the other car sales.
  7. ok guys try this, hope you guys figure it out fast as I wont be available till Tuesday.
  8. Ok just to inform you guys the CMTA is the representing body of all the authorised agents in Sri Lanka. With import restrictions hampering the the service and parts all agents are having issues on paying salaries. According to government ruling they cant let go of staff as well unless its voluntary. What the industry is asking for is for the government to give a proper plan on what they are going to do in the future if not the principals will just laugh at us. Some have looked at other avenues to come out of this situation.
  9. I'd go and say Lexus IS250
  10. Dont get me wrong, but the old Baleno was a far better car when compared to the competition those days. It had a cracker engine in the 1.6l and was so good on fuel. Sadly as you say the masses were not ready for it. The build quality although bit plasticy was good and didnt have the dashboard cracking etc found in the later Liana / Aerio etc. It was a good solidly built car that never got the recognition it deserved. The Ciaz if memory serves right had its fair share of issue with the Fiat sourced engine, but deffa a good looker which the Baleno was never was in the sedan iteration.
  11. https://gaadiwaadi.com/maruti-mid-size-suv-toyota-raize-based-likely-launch-in-early-2022/ Whats wrong with Suzuki? A mid size car based on the Raize for the Indian market? Make the bloody Jimny with 5 doors and that will sweep over the country.
  12. Its a sad ending but given the circumstances I think the merger was a good solution for MMC and Nissan. A friend said that the vans will be rebadged as MMC, but Nissan was going to use the MMC platforms for the mid size SUV's. Maybe they dont see a market for the Pajero / Montero along with the Patrol. Could also be based on the US market Pathfinder. Was not a big fan of the new rounded off soccer mom type Patrol, but having seen some videos of the vehicle doing off road driving perceptions have changed.
  13. Yup, correct. Please take the floor.
  14. Close, but wrong model
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