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  1. The website says its happening, but last I heard they didnt want to go ahead with it saying too costly or something or the other. http://www.themorning.lk/light-rail-transit-project-changing-tracks/ This is why the country doesnt go forward, someone implements something good and the person coming in totally does away with it. We need long term plans and not these short term plans to put your name on. I am very hopeful that after all this Corona situation everything would change for the better, right now it doesnt seem so but am still hopeful.
  2. Vehicles were anyhow overpriced, on the interest rates I beg to differ. Current interest rates are lower than what we experienced 2-3 years ago. The reason for the overprice has always been due to taxes that were implemented based on the number of vehicles coming into the country. Previous government didnt ban imports but they were trying to limit the import numbers, but couldnt go through due to permits and the bad popularity they had. Atleast the pandemic has given the chance to this government to put right what was wrong. True vehicle imports contribute to more than 50% of the cash going out of the country. If you look at the previous years statics you will see a stark increase until last year October and a small decline after that. Problem the country faces is that we dont get foreign exchange coming into the country, so they have to limit imports. I am from the industry and I know a lot of people will be thinking about the job security right now, certain agents were planning on launching new models and they have invested heavily on them, but now they dont know what to do once they run out of stock. On the plus side I think it will help the law makers come with long term plans for the industry (@least 5 year plans) instead of the ad hoc policy changes they do. Its a good time to improve the public transport system now that people are getting used to social distancing and less overcrowding, if you take that forward we can have a good public transport system. On motor vehicles they should have a system like in Singapore where you have get a vehicle entitlement certificate, which should limit imports, also we need to come to think of how to take falling apart vehicle off the road and the owners get an incentive towards there new purchase.
  3. Talking of electric conversions, I came across this channel about a month back. he does EV conversions on everyday cars, not Tesla kind of tech but good for city running. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpbGiOxH_05q9Ec5Rj3zOA/videos He gets the electric motor to work with the 5 / 4 speed gearboxes.
  4. Machang do you need the front lockers? Just asking, cos I am under the impression that the front locker is not necessary for normal trail driving, unless you do hardcore rock crawling or extreme mud. My opinion only.
  5. From the little I know, I would like to correct a few things. What does a diff lock do? A center differential lock would lock the transmission in a 50/50 split front and rear, so unlike in a AWD or a permanent 4WD it does not vary the power given to front and back. The old Land Rovers except the Freelanders has this as standard. Freelander used a viscous coupling to give power to front and rear based on traction. A rear diff lock would lock the rear diff giving the same kind of power to both the rear wheels (locks the rear axles 50/50), this way it eliminates the free wheel spin that you would see on a low traction surface or when a wheel is in the air and gives the same power to the other wheel so you can come out. (I remember the Y60 had this along with the center diff lock, so did some of the new Disco 3 & 4 when specified and its standard on the auto terrain response equipped ones) Some vehicles are equipped with the front diff lock (Merc G Class and the Wrangler Rubicons) this would lock the front axle 50/50. Diff locks are useful if you do a lot of hardcore off roading, in my view this LC could have come out without a diff lock, just needed to choose the correct sand program, maybe started on 2nd and let a bit of air out of the tires for more traction. On sand you need to be gentle with the throttle, if you panic and floor it you will bog down further. Most of the off roaders users would not use diff lock at all so some manufacturers dont offer them even as an option. I think the crawl control on the LC doesnt need the rear diff to lock, it will make sure that the vehicle crawls through mud etc using the traction control to give power to whatever wheel has traction. Its basically a computer system working through ABS and traction control to brake the free spinning wheel and give power to the wheel that is not spinning. This is something similar to what you see on the new Jimny I think.
  6. The kicks has got some good power from the 1300cc engine. I feel that price is the issue for Nissan so as you say maybe yes its going to be a cheaper version lets wait and see. I was reading on Autocar on the best selling cars for 2019 and the Swift is just behind the Vitz mainly because its a good seller in India, so Nissan can take a leaf out of that and go all out.
  7. Kix / kicks is already in the Indian market. They say that it was not popular and this will be built specifically for the Indian market.
  8. Nissan is coming up with a SUV for India called the Magnite with a 1.0l engine. Looks like something ideal for our market. https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/nissan-magnite-what-to-expect-417164 Well it is a fresh breath of air for a company looking down the barrel. Might not be a good looker but definitely a seller if the price remains as per the article. This could make the upcoming Z400 / Fairlady a reality after all.
  9. This I found funny going through the classifieds, someone playing a prank I guess. Just read the description.
  10. Am an outdoor kinda person who likes to travel, this curfew was killing me so bad that I have been using the Samurai to go down to the the adjoining land. This helps the vehicle have a bit of running and for me to enjoy. So I thought of doing a video of it going through some obstacles. Sadly couldnt get more videos as I was relying on a cinnamon bush to hold the phone.
  11. First thing I did was asked for the original, which he duly obliged. Supra mentioned leather paint which I might look at once this Corona thing is over. Fender flares will kill that original look unless I paint them.
  12. Thanks. I use only the main lights the others are kept covered. So no issues yet.
  13. Brand new import in 1998. This particular model was the last of the Samurai/Jimny 2nd generation. It lasted only for 2 years from 1996-1998. The 3rd gen Jimny came after that in late 1998 and continued till 2018. Jimny name was given for the 650 and 1000cc models. The 1300 was called the Samurai in Japan, US etc and the Sierra in Australia. Jimny story starts not with Suzuki but with Hope Motor Company. It was the Hopestar ON360 that became the first Jimny after Suzuki bought over the company. The later models were refined with tech from Land Rover when Suzuki had a stake in Santana who used to make Defenders in Spain till 1994.
  14. Jokes aside, do you get these in Japan anymore? I know they were a limited run for 2 years. Haven't seen any popping up on auction sites.
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