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  1. Gummybr

    Japanese Car News

    Damn.. Thanks for the pics iRage. Was planning on going this year, but a career change happened so had to back out since I dont have leave. In another two years time hopefully.
  2. Gummybr

    Japanese Car News

    This should have been the Rush / Terrios
  3. Gummybr


    PM me your details will help you out.
  4. Gummybr


    There is a reason why they are not offered by brand new agents. Speak to UML, TL, A*W, Stafford. Manufacturer doesn't offer to the Sri Lankan market. Only cars coming from other markets will have them. TRC has to give approvals to bring them down legally as they rely on radars.
  5. Gummybr


    I will answer this in general. 1. Servicing is every 10,000kms or 12 months or whichever comes first. Service will cost approx RS. 43,500/-. Other spares won't be very expensive but will be like 1.5times what you pay at TL or UML 2. Upto you to decide, as someone said you will miss out on warranty if bought from outside D*MO. You may register the car with agent but that won't get you the full warranty. 3. As for now luxury tax still not applicable. 4. CLA will have 163hp and it quite nippy for a 1.3l. you won't get the same comfort of a C class on the CLA as it's more of a sports type. Many people who bought the older model CLA's complained of bad ground clearance and bad ride over our pothole infected roads. 5. Mercs hold the best second hand value in terms of the European segment. But CLA won't hold a higher market value like the C Class as it's not a car for everyone. All depends on the market conditions but expect to lose around 2mil in another 4 years. Answering your final question, agents will have expertise and tools to handle the newer models more than the outside parties when it comes to repairs. So in case you decide to buy from outside get the car registered with agents for all software updates, warranty help etc. Cheers.
  6. Gummybr

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Sent a PM with details
  7. Gummybr

    Japanese Car News

    The dash is more Mercedes-Benz in terms of the air vents etc.
  8. Vauxhall Viva Rocks

    Vauxhall Adma Rocks

    What names to have in cars.

    1. asrock


      As RocksĀ :D

  9. Gummybr

    Japanese Car News

    Aqua Premio maybe..... On other news Carlos Ghosen who helped Nissan back on to its feet has resigned as CEO (but will be the Chairman) and then came the news of Shiro Nakamura the chief design (Chief Creative Officer / Senior Vice president) will be retiring on the 31st. He is to be replaced by current Infiniti design boss. http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/nissan-chief-designer-shiro-nakamura-retire
  10. Gummybr

    Japanese Car News

    Talking of Japanese car news, did any of you come across the "new" technology used in their Nissan Note?? Its apparently driven by the same engine as the Leaf but unlike any other electric vehicle it has a 1.2l petrol engine that charges the battery. Ok so the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Volt have a similar system but they are more of range extenders. The Note doesnt come with a charging cable. According to the media the engine only works at the most efficient running speed to charge the battery and it claims a fuel economy figure of more than 30kmpl. The battery is now smaller and doesnt take a lot of space like on the Leaf http://www.autoblog.com/2016/11/02/nissan-note-e-power-ev-series-hybrid/ http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/2017-nissan-note-epower-first-drive-review-20161219-gtdxqk.html
  11. Gummybr

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    They look the same dont they? And the next Delica cargo van will be a Nissan...........
  12. Gummybr

    Primera P11

    Beg to differ on that area, I get 9.5kmpl in Colombo and around 12 outstation (Ratnapura / Anuradhapura), dont think the Sprinter would have done too much better than that. My old Baleno did 11 in Colombo during its final days with me, but then again you cant compare the smooth and comfortable drive that I get from mine. Pls note the fuel figures put are actuals and not bloated, different drivers will get different figures depending on how they drive so dont hold me responsible.
  13. Gummybr

    Manual to Auto Conversion Good or Bad??

    Buy an auto, no hassel. Price maybe a bit high but you will end up paying for labour and parts for a manual which will equate to the same amount.
  14. Gummybr

    Buying a new car for short term use

    Its a good buy at Rs. 3,500,000/= you could also look at a Suzuki Vitara at that price (same period car) but slightly bigger. Not sure of short term insurance for motor vehicles, maybe you can get a thrid party insurance since you wont be using it much. Some will do the transfer for you, transfer will happen within a day if you have the whole set of documents. You can drive off the car out of the showroom after paying the full amount, you can get the transferred documents the next day. @shinninglikeme how much do you think a duty paid Safari will cost?? And most of the Tata range vehicles still are made on a 10+ year old platform (the Indica platform for Bolt / Zest / Indigo).
  15. For the details of vehicles you can get down at your budget I would strongly suggest that you have a look at the weekend papers, they are loaded with adverts for vehicles on the permits. You can import only vehicles which are less than two years old. Not sure about whether you can get a Diesel Fortuner or anything diesel in that price range since the duty is 50% of the applicable duty.