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  1. Austin Montego Sorry iRage beat me to it
  2. You are correct, its actually from the 1960's. Called the Isuzu BY30 Light Bus, I would say the predecessor to the Journey. Not much mentioned online about this bus. But as a school kid used to travel on one of these which ran the 119 route. Much nicer than the Journey I must say.
  3. MasterDon, that looks like some nice work your doing. Keep it up sir!
  4. Would have been a nice cheap off roader to have, but then our duty structure sucks. Something different, here I show the full picture of the vehicle knowing fully well that it doesn't have any brand markings. Havent seen many around recently but I can tell you that its very old
  5. I had a similar issue in my old Baleno, a throttle body clean up did the job. As iRage said the ECU could be faulty as the programming would be different from Auto to Manual.
  6. Lada Niva. Do we have any here?
  7. Yes sir, Toyota Fortuner it is
  8. Quite a collection just rotting away. Is that a Humber Hawk on the left? Peugeot 203 and the other I dont know. Ok then try for this.
  9. Hansa? Thought it was a model. Any way Hansa 1100 or Goliath 1100
  10. Talking of Skoda's, they seemed to have some beautiful cars in the older days.
  11. Well other that came to mind were the borgward isabella but the grille is different. Peugeot 403 again it doesn't have that top signal lamp
  12. Looks like Toyota is onto a winner. Just need to make sure they don't overprice it. It's going to fight the likes of Fiesta's and the Renault Twingo's with more power.
  13. Bang on target iRage. @matroska yes there was one which used to do the 155 route till late 90s early 2000s.
  14. Ok then something from my school days. Sorry I couldnt find a better pic
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