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  1. I admit it! Covid boredom has set in and here I am checking Autolanka after 4 yrs! LOL
  2. We did sign waivers, but it didn't say we were liable for the cars. I'm sure their insurance covers it.
  3. The performance center delivery is not discounted like European delivery. It's free and they pay for the hotel stay and meals. It's a good marketing exercise that builds brand loyalty. Also the cars that we drive on the track are not our very own cars but a fleet of cars owned by BMW. These cars are properly broken in by the staff by everyday use before they get assigned track duty.
  4. I added the black grill and a few more carbon fiber accessories to go with it.
  5. Huh? Weirdly that topic has been coming up too much recently. But both me and the wife agreed we just don't want to have another baby at this time. Our daughter will be a teenager in another 4 years. Drives amazing, I had the chance to drive one on the BMW test track. BMW did an amazing job on the car except for the exhaust. I will echo what most people have said before, the exhaust sound is disappointing. At low rpms without any load and the exhaust valves closed (throttle on efficient) it sounds like a two stroke mo-ped and I'm not kidding. It does get better under WOT.
  6. Picked up a new toy a few weeks ago. Those of you who follow me on FB may have seen it already.
  7. I'm also curious how the current IT talent market is. I see most of the jobs posted don't have a salary range. Is there a local equivalent of something like payscale.com or glassdoor.com? I wouldn't mind being based in the US for a Sri Lankan company if they pay good.
  8. I've heard of Fisker owners with cars in the garage without any support or parts. Wait till the Porsche Mission E comes out to give some healthy competition to the Tesla S. Have you seen the concept? It's a beauty.
  9. I don't think it's mainstream enough to easily flip. The market demographic for these cars are early adapters with enough disposable income and are very likely to always buy it new. That probably explains why there are quite a few on sale without many takers.
  10. I've test driven the damn thing in ludicrous mode and have to admit it is very cool. But for me it is still evolving technology. Look at how obsolete flip phones are and it's not even been 10 years. If I buy a BMW today it'll still look relevant in 10years but the Tesla might look like the old Motorola brick amongst newer EVs. That said I will buy a Tesla one day!
  11. But it also needs a very good electric infrastructure and support network to work. They are only building that up in the US only now through supercharger stations. I don't know how practical that makes it in SL and I think that was Kavvz's question. I think people bring it to SL more for the novelty factor.
  12. madmax

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    But with a $150k price tag it's competing with the likes of Audi R8, the Mclaren 570s, Porsche GT3 etc etc.
  13. I still logging in occasionally. From the very first 10-20 members I think only Pericles and me are the ones that post although I know others login occasionally to check what's going on.
  14. Getrag is one of the best known transmission manufacturers up there with ZF, Borg Warner and Allison. Did you say the Ralliart comes with a SST? That's a dual clutch. Nice!
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