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  1. Bishu

    Some Pics Of My Car

    Awesome !!!!! Thts all I can say bro ,,,,,,
  2. Oh Thanks for the pics bro,,,, great work
  3. Oh really bro,,, thanks for the info,,,
  4. Hey guys ,,,The new Hummer Showroom is still Under construction inside the Kirimandala Mw, Nawala …. Saw it yesterday & I got some Vid clips….. Thr was another Truck,,, didn’t looked at tht much cuz f the yellow Hummer… Enjoy !!!!
  5. Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year to all >>>> :-)
  6. Wish u a Very Happy Birthday bro,
  7. Bishu

    My New Toy

    WoW Bro!!!! Thts a Beauty car…..
  8. Wow !!! Thts a Cool car bro....
  9. Bishu

    Cadillac Escalade

    Captured it today, near Liberty Plaza. Awesome Vehicle….I think it’s the 2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade Version…. This is the Model...
  10. No worry’s Bro….Will be not racing again in Main Roads like this,, Never k… ya ya Gihan Bro,im 18,anyway we have got our license too.. Cheers !!!! & Cool …
  11. Ya Dilesh Bro,, I really agree with you….anyway that day we did it for our fun( Cuz it was our First )& now we know the risk,, and will be not Racing again in main roads….Thank you very much for your great Info… Cool & Cheers !!!
  12. Ya Ya bro,,, anyway this was our first experience abt DRAGS ne……..Now we know how to RACE…
  13. Hey Bro, Give me some respect too ok …Cuz, Im the one who Video it….. Anyway it was a Awesome Ride… We went at abt 120 Kmph & We done our best …93 Honda Accord Vs 2007 Nissan Skyline…sharp at 10.32 PM…
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