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  1. i know machang i was just J/K about it
  2. hey man what about that new song from BLACK EYED PEAS i think it's called BEBO BEBO or somthin like that ..... they r talkin about HONDA's only we cant understand what they r sayin and yeah act a fool is definetly a nice song
  3. yeah started talkin about drag races and now talking about somethin compleatly different
  4. oh ohhhh it is i remember the guy from the old forum..... NOT a very popular guy those days he he he....
  5. lets not talk about that anymore guy's let's talk about the drags that happened last sat......
  6. but how did the guy get to the car so soon man to get pic's of it
  7. hey dude just wanted to know if the guy was ok didn't even ask about the car...... happy if the dude is ok who was the guy that opened a thread about it last night that is sick postin pic's of cars that have been met with an accident.... hope he'll get well soon
  8. hey guy's good morning sorry about lastnight anyway heard that a certain euro R has met with an accident last night is this true? is he ok guys?
  9. i too don't know any of these guy's my car has a body kit and it's got JB no's if u see me say HI
  10. NO worries machang and when did u become a correspondent of autolanka anyway congrats
  11. Da HULK

    Nissan Rz1

    hey i thought that the mr2 was supercharged in SL. sorry dude don't know anythin about RZ1's
  12. once again SORRY razzali...... and to gihan i own a 1.3 beige collor corolla . it's not fast like any of u guy's car's but it takes me everywhere i wanna go....... i'm not gonna tell u my name if u know please let me know coz i seem to have forgotten my own name thought i came up wit that name hmmmmmmm....
  13. and why did u jumpstart the drag against the MR2 was QUICKSILVER scared of loosin to a 15 - car and why didn't u run him again when he asked u to? to all the SOHC's of pilla i'm sorry shamil got me pissed off there for awhile
  14. hey shamil why did u name your car QUICKSILVER? we know your car is quick but why the name dude?
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