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  1. why would you be a dick? anyways keep this thread on topic Dialog vs. SLT or other SL broadband services.
  2. So your saying dont expect great things from your birth country? thats a bad attitude to have.
  3. How much is the modem? So what was the total cost for setting up ADSL? Right now my connection is 10mbs so I doubt I will be able to tell between 512kbs vs 1mbs? Priya you dont work for Dialog do you? LOL just kidding your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys for your help
  4. Do you have any down time with the weather gets bad? Anyother problems you have had with Dialog?
  5. Hi guys need advice on the best broadband option for SL.. I know SLT is offering ADSL. But I saw Dialog has also added broadband. Has anyone used either of these and how would you rate the service? How often does it go down? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys I'll make sure to check when I get to SL
  7. may be Im wrong about the 3.2ltr hiace but I know its the higher capacity engine cause I see that its longer and has a higher weight capacity than most other Hiace I see. Yeah I imported it from Japan couple of years ago
  8. Thats great news, because I have one in Sri Lanka that Im trying to get rid of and just try to figure out how much I should sell it for. 3200cc diesel and has the long wheel base. and has the 1250kg capacity
  9. Lalithster

    Lh 113 Price?

    was wondering what the price for a hiace LH-113 GK reg diesel with the regular roof is worth? Thanks Lalith
  10. Does Benz not have a pagent in the summer at BMICH? Why dont the Roundel owners have a get together as well? There has to be more of us in SL? Is the new 1 series destin to SL?
  11. Ur wrong and ur coming off like a jealous little bitch... And for your info I was asked by members on this forum to do thoes reviews. The last thing I worry about is impressing little bitches like you. How do you expect to pay for ur condo other than salary? Also Banks give lones based on ur salary.
  12. sound gay ment the names sound a little on the girly side I used a simple ration of condo price to median income. to estimate the annual salaries. Yeah south beach condos are known for their opulence.
  13. well here is my 2 cents first cent Celestial, Crescat and Dawson all sound really gay. second cent. These Prices are over inflated and are not catering to the locals. Especially when you consider, cost of living, salaries, and job opertunities. A Condo in south beach Miami is around Rs.50million and Median salaries for south beach residents Rs. 12million per year. So for a Condo in Colombo to cost Rs 30 million the median salary should be Rs. 7.2 million per year. So is the median saleries in Colombo around Rs. 7.2 million? Am I even close?
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