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    by any chance your place wouldn't be big enough to run a race, would it?
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    Richard still own's it and its his karts that will run at the show, it will be run the same way as millenium park, pay for a number of laps and run miniace don't try to convert your kart, cos anyway these types of events are closed event where as u use there equipment. like i said if we get a location we can easily organize a go kart race.... just need to find a location.... if u really want to run your kart get it ready.... i'll get ther perm for battaramulla & u can run it there
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    Colombo Prokarts was the company and name of the prokart place at millenium park,
  4. drake


    according to Colombo Prokarts the plan is to run the karts every saturday & sunday at Battaramulla. still haven't got a confirmed date but the signs look good.
  5. Hey Guys as there are a lot of guys on this forum that want to prokart, i've just heard that the prokarts will be run at the next Motor Show. From the 21st to 23rd. Basically pay and drive Also word is that plan are underway for the karts to be run every Saturday & Sunday evening at Battaramulla
  6. Like is said if we have enough karters to run & a possible location, i'll get MRA to organize the races.... that is getting perm from SLAS, marshalls, tyres to bounce off etc.... But like i said we need to have show that we are committed to this.... so maybe meeting up would be a good idea
  7. Miniace whats the engine you have on your kart? dinesh_gd2003 the track at excel world is way to small to handle go-karts
  8. there have been efforts but different issues have come up..... to long to list here.... also u need the commitment of the karters which sadly went missing a lot of drivers that used karting to start their racing careers abandoned it as they moved on... but like i said if there is commited intrest then anything is possible
  9. ok first step we need to see who is actually interested in running seriously cos like it or not u have to invest some cash in it. Currently i know of about 5 guys with karts who would run after a bit of pushing. Next step find a good location, considering everything.... if these two work out i'll guarantee a Championship of at least 6 races but it will depend a lot on commitment of those interested
  10. problems with taj & isurupaya is the surface is not as good as it used to be & people are not giving permission as freely as they used to... looking into BMICH... AMRC is to small to run go-karts... whats AGH... also u have to look at a somewhat close place as transporting karts is just going to increase the cost also ideal place is without kerbing as the rear axle can be bent and parts in SL is a prob (but thats just an ideal place) and lets not forget safety... i have no issue but it can become an issue... for fun you have to get the prokarts running.... go-karts are race karts and few people would lend them out as they are easily damageable and costly to repair :-)
  11. basicaly we need a possible location to run, and we need karters. If we have these things Karting will live again in SL :rolleyes been trying to find a place but no luck yet, any suggestions would be appreciated! Best bet is to run the Yamaha engines as there are quite a few engines around in SL & its not too expensive to rebuild. Karts range from about Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 150,000/- and the more advanced and newer stuff can be very much more expensive. Running cost is not to bad cos the yamaha is a reliable engine if you use it well (as longs as u don't blow it up) & tyres will easily last a season or more. Other cost are stuff like entry fees, fuel, oil & plugs.
  12. No specific clubs, MRA (a SLAS affiliated club) used to organize races at empire and independence square. But now getting permission to close roads is a problem. Thus due to a lack of a track and few participants karting is dead in Sri Lanka.
  13. Aravinda's still running the Evo, Caltex asked him for car to display at the show, as his Evo is pretty battered and bruised these days he borrowed a friends car stickered it with his sponsors name and displayed it
  14. drake

    Pro Kart

    Well you could speak to Rdez (Prokart owner) & ask him to rent one out or something like that, from the karts he had managed to resurrect a few but after a few events they were gone again. most of those chassis are badly damaged & that the biggest problem cos for the engine you can figure out something. Best bet try locate some old go-kart chassis & try and transplant a scooter engine to it, should work pretty well, was going to try it but never got around to it. If you have cash to burn then locate a old Yamaha go-kart, cos trust me there is nothing like it, driven a few vehicles but still the most fun i've had his in a go-kart. Some prokarts are pretty fast (specially the twin engine ones) but the go-karts are mainly race use & are unbelievably fast. The international kart should easily touch over 160km/h and shifter karts that run on proper race circuits can get to around 240km/h.
  15. drake

    Pro Kart

    The pro karts used here had a 4.5hp Honda 4 stroke engine, the engine is a multipurpose one used by honda, seen them being used as a generator & for small boats. The kart uses a dry clutch that allows you to run the engine while the kart is standing still. There is one Red kart that has a 9hp engine faster than the other but no where near a go-kart. There 2 main go-kart classes in SL, Yamaha & Internationl (Formula 100) both are 100cc engines whilst the Yamaha has something like 15hp engine reving upto about 15,500 rpm and the International has close to 30hp and certain engines reving around 20,000 to 21,000 rpm. Chassis is much lighter, better brakes and the tyres are much softer giving better grip. Also you an make a lot of adjustments to the kart. Top speed is dependent on the sproket you run. Hope this helps...
  16. word of advice to everyone coming, the resort is right in the middle of the rally route, so make sure you guys make your way before the stages are scheduled to as the police will be closing the roads in advance and you won't see much at the finishing points
  17. Further to my earlier post basicaly upto the 2nd Gen the RS was the performance model of the Legacy from the 3rd Gen the performance model was called B4, also in european & aus markets the cars were called the GT & GT-B (can't remember if that was only for the wagons though)
  18. Well as far as i know there is 19-5959 which Sharkster just bought, my car which is 1515, there is another 19- purple RS that was orginaly silver and the 301 car. Outside of that there was Na**** car which was 300- & which i also heard was smashed and there was one other silver RS that was converted to Single Turbo & was then crashed and due to some issue with the lease the car was never repaired
  19. Hey Sharkster! Welcome to an exclusive club of RS owners! cos i think there are only a 4 RS's left in SL Yeah i forgot the early 3rd Gen & later 2 Gen cars are very similar outside of the chassis change. and your right there isn't any of those in SL actually i'm pulling out the engine to get a small Oil leak done and i'm checking every inch of it to see how well it's running. if you need any info on the sequential system give me a shout will be happy to help, also word of advise other than doing a single turbo swap be very careful when playing with the sequential system
  20. actually 5959 is Dinesh's old car. Nishan had the Black Legacy wagon
  21. i'm not to sure about it but what i do know is that originaly AWD meant full time 4wd where you could not switch from 4wd hi or low. but later on the system developed where in the newer subarus the torque split to the front & rear can be varied. Sharkster's car is 2nd gen legacy and if i remember correctly the models just before the 3rd Gen were termed AWD
  22. The RS has a 250bhp TT engine 4wd while the B4 is a 280bhp TT engine with AWD, in the B4 setup the sequential TT change over system was improved thus very little drop in performance as the secondary turbo comes on. In stock standard setup and with everything in good working order the B4 is about 0.6 seconds faster than the RS.
  23. Thanks they are original and as far as i know all the RS's have them as well, only thing is it shows up better against the silver
  24. drake

    New 2008 Impreza

    The New Impreza WRX is supposed to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show starting April 6th http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4663/im...awrx0801qa9.jpg http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/2329/im...awrx0805kt3.jpg http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/3365/im...awrx0804ie6.jpg
  25. Hey Devinda, Well my car is 1515, also the white car with the black hood is a standard car, not sure if a EJ20TT has been droped in but upto about Nov 06 it had a standard engine. I don't think Na****a ever ran his car at 2.0 bar boost cos he was very careful with that car. Also the cranking up the boost that much with the VF13 & 14's does not work very well. Na****a car was in really good shape until he sold it cos after that it had a bad frond end accident and i think it was involved in another accident after that, sad to hear it has been wrecked though!
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