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  1. Hi devinda, the national kart championship was last run in 2005, the main reason it died was there was no place to run the karts, we last used independence square, the classes that were last run were the yamaha and the international class. The possibility of running a championship again is being looked at but once again location is the problem... if a championship is run the chances are it will be a yamaha class (cos that is the most common engine available in SL and the cheapest available one here). We did run a yamaha go-kart (fitted with a clutch) at the speedrome but it is way too powerful and there is no way u can use even 70% of the power, but it was a fun drift session :-D
  2. agents are Unit*d Mot*rs, one of Mivec Turbos sponsors, the es100 is a brilliant tyre only thing its a bit expensive and they wear out fast
  3. drake

    B4 Tt

    Glad to help, hope some of your questions did get answered and the info helps make your decision easier...
  4. drake

    Speeds Fiesta 2007

    yep there 4 stroke karts, Honda 5.5hp engines to be exact, driven by a dry clutch from the crank to the rear axel by a chain
  5. drake

    B4 Tt

    Yep i think we are both refering to the same car though i can't remember the number of hand, it's in great condition had a small drive in it before it was sold and the car was running extremly well!
  6. drake

    B4 Tt

    yeah it's a blue car, sold about two weeks back when u say ash is it the legacy silver or different?
  7. drake

    B4 Tt

    doubt it cos my car mainly runs on the weekend... machan if u r calling me call after 6.45, thanks
  8. drake

    B4 Tt

    Hey u can mail me at [email protected] or u can give me a call on 0777602618, will be glad to help u out
  9. drake

    B4 Tt

    Hi Nuwan, is it that the car you bought converted to single turbo, cos the car i am refering to is still a twin turbo... by the way what colour is your car?
  10. drake

    B4 Tt

    ahh cool... who?
  11. drake

    B4 Tt

    Yeah the B4 market seems to be a bit risky these days but as i've mentioned earlier if you do find one of those mint condition cars then it's worth it cos it's such a great car... By the way have i met u before?
  12. drake

    B4 Tt

    actually was using the car a couple of weeks back, true once u drive these types of cars it's hard to go back to n/a, strangely though i'd have to say i prefer driving the subaru around town
  13. drake

    B4 Tt

    unfortunately the guy who was going to buy my car pulled out at the 11th hour, well the good news is at least that car is back on the road, but it still isn't mine... who knows if it's meant to be i'll get if not at least i'll have the RS.... so can't complain to much
  14. drake

    B4 Tt

    Yep thats my car a certain car that was once well known, but disappeared from the road for the last few years, although it's back on the road now... want to make it my next project
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