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    classic cars

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    Rover MINI, 504, 4DR5, Beetle
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    adjusterriders, KYB gas-a-just dampers, 1.5" neg bottom arms, adjustable tie bars, stage 1 kit with maniflow freeflow, 1.75" maniflow side exit, K&N replacement filter. fully poly bushers.
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    13x7 ultralight wheels with sport pack archers, angle eys head lamps, 2 drive & 2 spot lamps.
  • Future Plans
    1.5 rollar rockers, lightend flywheel, untimate engine steady.
  1. k89

    Buying A Peugeot 504

    machan can you give me this guys contact no. ?
  2. k89

    Express-Way Updates

    guys, i have a 4DR5 .... No seat belts and max speed she can go is abt 60 -70km/h. will they allow me in to E1 ?
  3. guys, i need to fix a oil cooler to my 4DR5 Jeep. couse it coming to boiling point due to front grill was blocked by AC condendor. any body know where I can buy these iol coolers.
  4. need great help from all 4dr5 jeepers here...., any body know where i can buy set of wiper arms & back seat (long wheel base) been to all over panchikawaththa and end less no of recondition parts shops but still no luck..
  5. trying to fix a power steering for my 4DR5 JEEP, and there are lot of stories abt it been done incorrectly and the entire suspension system moves while you turn. any body has done this mod safely (plan to fix the isuzu -fargo system)
  6. machan, seems you are having original brackets at "DUNU" are you having any difficulty to turn without rubbing.
  7. well, i already got two of my classic's which i love but i still want to have a vw split bus...
  8. hello.. yep project is completed and the D day is tmro.
  9. can some one tell me what is the law about Black & Silver (Rear) licence plates. my vw bug is 7 sri.
  10. well according to latest news Michael doing testing this weekend with F2007 car, who knows may be he will be back in 2008.
  11. I totally agree with mini ace. me and my other half with our two boys use our mini daily for last three years or so. and she has not given us any trouble. the key thing is you MUST lookafter her more closely. i.e dont wait for some sound to occur to check the if the break pads are ok or not. etc., just maintain her regulaly. thats all. for me mini is not a car, it's more than that which i still stuggle to understand. ! so if you want to buy a mini and use it just like other jap car, then dont do it. what i'm trying to say is if you dont have a feeling for a mini then it will not work out no matter how good it is.
  12. Yea.. i'm glad that i met you on that day. well my bug is at mercy of Lionel for full restoration and i'm pretty sure he will do a great job like Sajiv's. I'm going to change the col also to the original L620, Savanna beige. Machan Sajiv, i'm going to have the gas burner wheels, like the one i showed you earlier. only headache is how to get it down to SL. ...
  13. Thanks MiniAce, yes i already got 13x7, actually i hate the idea of having the arch nuts hidden as it's on Sportpack's. if Fib#x can do G5 or G2wide i will definitly go for that or any other arch that covers the offset of 7" and have external nuts. tks again.
  14. hi mini ace, one of our earlier thread i remember you said that we can get localy made arches for any type... well i need one now as my sportpack rubber copies decide to leave the body. can you kindly adv where i can get them done..
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