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  1. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    thanks autobot, all in all in was a good night out. we will be back in 2013 stronger and leaner
  2. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    talking about galadari check out the video 1st lap entry into galadari , i almost went in there myself went over the sand bags and boards and had my heart in my mouth.
  3. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    machan the push button start on the new car is a big pain, once the engine dies it takes about 30 seconds to start. but i m really happy with the cars performance, katu we got pole, night race we got pole by half a second and its running flawlessly. thanks all for ur support
  4. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    He didnt let me pass and i had to wait till the no overtaking zone was over to pass him. he turned onto the main straight got on the power too early and spun on his own
  5. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    Master don, as mentioned i locked up but once i got the car to turn it i had to go but my wheel was clipped from behind and getting my car to stall. Look at the 1st lap corner entry to duke street i was the leader and on my line. look at the way my car was hit and thrown sideways. i never come on forums and blame other people. but frankly i m sick of this. and i had majority of the slgt drivers and slh drivers wanting me to protest in a wriiten paper but i dont write protests and win races.
  6. darinwrxsti

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    i braked late and the car lockerd up but finally when i did turn it in i got hit from behind so hard the engine stalled. And lap 1 going into duke street i got hit so hard u can see the car going sideways i dont know how i held it together. anyway enough of this hitting bs, and i ve been controlling my actions alot recently and trying to be the educated individual i am. one more time someone hits my car intentionally i ll settle it then and there even if it means getting banned and ending my racing carreer. frankly everyone close around me thinks i m stupid to race with people who dont act like proffesionals. And handling pressure is all part of the racing game and i couldve driven 100 laps like that as its not sebbastian vettel following me, that would be pressure. Last year the same individual overtook me on the yellow flag at the same corner and said he didnt see. And wanted me to protest, i dont protest and win races. janaka dias drove really well and i enjoyed him chasing me for 7 laps, sometimes i braked so early to slow him down but he always avoided contact. he deserved the win. thanks to all the al members for there support and encouragement
  7. darinwrxsti

    Cmsc Katukurunda Drag 2012

    yeah no famous evos
  8. darinwrxsti

    Cmsc Katukurunda Drag 2012

    hats off to cmsc for organising this event. everyone who wants a day of motorsport without not having to rob a bank can have fun. it will be great to see the drag monsters who have been in hiding all this time
  9. darinwrxsti

    Happy Birthday Ripper!

    happy birthday bro, hope you have a fab day
  10. darinwrxsti

    Subaru Brz Ra In Sl

    for sale
  11. darinwrxsti

    Subaru Brz Ra In Sl

    from what i heard the majority of parts are interchangeble, however u cant go to trd to buy parts for the brz etc, no its not personal use machang, someone lucky is going to get it. it aparently amazing to drive.
  12. darinwrxsti

    Subaru Brz Ra In Sl

    white with 19in alloys, sti aero kit etc. i ll try to upload the pics when the car comes on friday
  13. darinwrxsti

    Subaru Brz Ra In Sl

    hi all, The 1st Subaru BRZ just landed in SL, just keeping everyone posted
  14. darinwrxsti

    1St Mini Country Man John Cooper Works Edition In Sl

    white and orange machang