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  1. pathola 1

    Bmw Owners Clubs In Sri Lanka ?

    Hi, Any meetings/Drives etc planned anytime soon ?
  2. pathola 1

    Small Crack In Windscreen !!

    I had 2 small cracks in mine as well and there's a person in Kollupitiya (Mr Jayasinghe) who fixed it for me. He does all the work for Prestiege also and will be cheaper when approached directly. I can't remember his number but it was in a house on the sea side near NTB
  3. pathola 1


    My sister had been using one for about a year now and got no clue on fuel economy. I have driven it a couple of times and can't complain about the drive. Recently some piping near the fuel tank broke and she spent 80K fixing. Even the agents don't have parts ex-stock so you gotto order and wait. Personally I think its a waste of money as the car has no personality. Good for a chick !
  4. pathola 1

    Where To Get Silica Gel?

    Photo Technica @ LP
  5. pathola 1

    Goods And Bads Of Nissan March Y11

    Had a K11 YOM 2000, 1 Lt Auto from 2003 to 2007 Plus's Comes with all the bloody options Doesn't look that bad Easy to drive Made 150K when i re-sold it ! minus's Hard to catch a good date EPS makes it sound like as if the whole bloody thing is shaking Really bad on fuel Had a KnN air filter, some other greddy filter and platinum plugs so it pulled well in flad land
  6. pathola 1

    Bmw Owners Clubs In Sri Lanka ?

    Hi, Please let me know when this is happening again, Will send some energy drinks in a cool car with some cool chicks !!!
  7. pathola 1

    Need Bmw E36 318I/ 320I/ 325I

    Had a mint 318i some time back and the guy who bought from me died recently. The car is collecting cob webs now in Seeduwa. Was in the best of shapes during my time and I guess it wouldn't have gone so wrong even by now. You can see it here in one of my posts and the buyers area. Its a Boston Green (1992)
  8. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    NO, Guys are fine !
  9. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Only if you are a PVT/Gove uni student, Need 4 as well
  10. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Thats how we approach, its great if we can get girls who can drive but even without its fine,
  11. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Tried many times but doesn't work, not the first time we are looking for people. This had been a constant issue we have had
  12. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Well they are hard core wannabe's and this kind of jobs does not attract them. In this country promoting a product and sampling is considered not so gramorous
  13. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Its pretty hard to find good people for simple cool jobs. Don't wanna work with models !
  14. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    we'll have to live with it ! 5 girls will be hired
  15. pathola 1

    Women Who Can Drive

    Well we got both auto and manual hard core models will not suit this as its full time. School leavers are the best and driving can be learnt