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  1. excelent set of wheels you got there mate! Wow!
  2. no bro, that was the original SiR mirrors which he had. See this http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2426742
  3. Both front and back that is
  4. By the way this is the mugen lips isnt it? We got ready made lips (said to be imported) now costing 30,000
  5. The JDM fogs fixed The grill seems to have lost the "H" New lips - but we saw this in an earlier post
  6. hi, im a hiace user from 1995. Are you sure the front wheel is not adjustable for 4WD?
  7. Hola

    Wwf Wrestler

    This was one of my fav wrestler. Sad scene
  8. Hi Sharkir, Memphis actualy tried that on mine too and it worked. He just poured the contents to a cloth and gently kept wiping the clear plastic. Need to have lot of patience. And left it for a while and wiped it out. I used some warm water. My issue was the same where i accidently sprayed dash board wax to it and the clear plastic became faded. It works Shakir, try it! Good Luck, Hola
  9. Hola

    Its Done!!!!!

    Good work Supra!
  10. Hola

    Pajero Io

    It is a good jeep machang. Make sure you pump ONLY 95 as possible
  11. Good initiative. Looking forward
  12. I know its surprising but Hola voted for BMW
  13. They will be in office for another few more decades. Once you got the power you can manipulate the law for the way they want and its a care free ride for few more years!!
  14. Its a pity that our country once which was taken as an example by Singapore for our rapid growth is been spoilt by cheap politics. The jumbo cabinet, endless curuption is making all worse. I hope a leader will come to lift the country from the current situation soon
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