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    Audio systems and streeet racing

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    Kr41 Dx
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    1500 cc Tuned And fully loaded
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    iridium plugs,high tuning ,PErformance exhausts ,15" rims with low pro tyres
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    Fibex bodykits
  1. west coast customs

    Autolanka Drag Racing Championship 2007 !!!

    kul are there any events for my mosquito 48cc bike or my van or my 32" wood wheel bullock cart ( WCC) or my sisters battery powered no cylinder single battery non turbo rechargeable jeep Then im in dudes
  2. west coast customs

    Happy Bithday West Coast Customs!

    Thnx thnx thnx thnx guyzzz well to tel the truth it was not happa Cos instead of parties i did the arms giving scene wishing tht ill get my self a turbo demon just for me ..anyways ... im 16 does not mean underage .. I still go here and there n do crazzzy stuff . THNXXX GUYS NO PARTIES THIS YEAR I WILL BE BROKE TRYING TO FEED PERICLES FOOD WILL NEED Tons OF FOOD and Beverages just kidding .
  3. west coast customs

    :: Modified Fest 2007 ::

    thnx bro ash lets meet up @ the modified fest N do sum modified work ..hehe ...
  4. west coast customs

    Legacy B4 Rsk A.ka. Shane's Ride

    hey bro congratzz thtzzz a fancy ride u got there l... well see u @the modifed fest
  5. west coast customs

    :: Modified Fest 2007 ::

    Hey anyways cn i participate in this too u know i dnt hav a car ..but a van
  6. west coast customs

    :: Modified Fest 2007 ::

    hey draggy Is it only for cars or can vans participate .. U knw why im asking this Anyways if thereare entry forms At the gate we dont have to fill the PDF one rite u guys can still get me one from the gate .. ANYWAYS ThIS will BE happening for sure .. I cudnt meet The Autolanka team from a long time except Peri (i meet him whereever i go including classes) & i wud like to meet all the new Freinds of Autolanka I was missing for a long time so im like a newbie again ..What to do ..
  7. west coast customs

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    Well i Did 85 kmph at MIT Road vehicle - RM super moped 48cc 155 - townace KR41 petrol 170 - Toyota vios (stock ) alll speeds achieved @ MIT drive malabe
  8. west coast customs

    ::: Autolanka Get-2-gether 2007-photos !!!

    OK i dnt own the yellow car .. BUt i own a broken old townace and a 48cc monser ..so ..its cool.I kow u guys didnt forget me just chking out ok .. ANYWAYS HERES MY NUMBAR 0773261710
  9. west coast customs

    Gonna Buy A Civic Eg8

    An eg8 well u can probably find one if u tried hard u could get a normal one less than 900k but above 820k' and a modified one for about 950k so trey hard ..n if u wnt more details jst mail me [email protected] i could find u sumthing
  10. west coast customs

    ::: Autolanka Get-2-gether 2007-photos !!!

    Yeah ..Tht honda civic hatch came along way ...frm one racer to another .. Anywayzz tht CF hud man i tried to sell it for months but no one showed up and then Shanira Has gone and bought it ...hios old pale yello hood still lies there .Tht CF hud is Cool and looks good on the car but its quite old . HEY dragster ///sound and bass ..I think U forgot ME ..
  11. west coast customs

    ::: Autolanka Get-2-gether 2007-photos !!!

    Shieeet ...Man i missed this ..I herd about the autolanka G2g but i cudnt make it ...anyways therew nothin much to see with me except my 48cc Modified moped
  12. west coast customs

    Venues For Car Meets?~sugeestions?

    Ha ha MIT is idle for ameet or theres one other spot thtzz alcatraz (Opp Parliament groundz) Wat i say MIT is the best option cos its 1\4 Km away from my place hehe ... easy for me ...
  13. west coast customs


    hey theres nothing wrong with the KR41 or kr42 ..those are all lies . the only problem ull have is on petrol consumption other than tht theres no 1.5 or 1.8 japanese van which can beet the townace it has gud pick up gud performance and comforatble .....there are no erros with the computer box ... me ,myh freinds have many kr 41s but there is nothing wrong with the so called computer box .. So pls use tht van as long as you can .IT is good and durable And ferari F50 -- bro thanx for reminding me .Well these days im a bit busy so i couldnt login ..to autolanka ...
  14. west coast customs

    CBR 250RR Repairs

    wow sum bIke fanatics ..basically i dnt have sumthing big I only have an nsr 125 .. and a 49 cc madhuru monster tricked out with A big pipe silencer .. I love my 49 cc than the nsr ..But i favour a cbr ..tht bike is too dangerous for a beginner ike me
  15. west coast customs

    Guess What Car?

    1. Infiniti G35 (nissan skyline 2004 gt 3000 ) 2. honda nsx 3 . no clue luks italian or its an austin 4.nissan skyline - r34 5. ferari f40 6. Saab 93