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  1. KLM

    Colombo Motorshow 2012

    The start and the finish of the 2012 SLARDAR 1000 Rally will also be at the Motor Show, on Friday and Sunday respectively.
  2. KLM

    4Wd Rally Accident

    Really disturbing video. Not sure it should be up here.
  3. KLM

    Foxhill Supercross 2012

    I think it's because SLARDAR declares the car division SuperFox based on the results of SL 'GT' Race 2. Can somebody who knows for sure confirm? The championship era has been a great thing for racing in Sri Lanka and all, but I miss the mixed grids of the 'Fastest 15' event they used to conduct back in the day - the winner of this race would be declared the SuperFox for cars. Its not a huge difference as the GT cars would invariably win, but it was nice to see some other entries mixing it up as well.
  4. KLM

    Formula 1 - 2012

    Smart move taking the gearbox change at this race as the impact won't be that bad. It seems he has been the recipient of ALL the bad luck at Mercedes this year. Having outqualified Rosberg at the opening two races he had gearbox failure and was hit from behind while running in 3rd both times. Then in China his wheel fell off, again while effectively running in 2nd. Now this. Poor bastard. I still think he'll out do Nico by season's end, but Mercedes need to give him a stronger car as well!
  5. KLM

    V8 Supercar Races - Adelaide

    I think the Australian GT Championship or somesuch also runs in support of the GP weekend. Great pix Duncan, such a fantastic racing series. Can't wait for Nissan (and possibly Chrysler) to join Ford and Holden. Glad Nissan is coming back to the ATCC/V8SC after they were unceremoniously dumped for the R32 GTR being TOO strong.
  6. KLM

    Sl Flag Flies @ Le Mans

    Unbelievable race, after 5000 km of racing they were only 13 seconds apart and that is a testament to how endurance racing has now become a 24-hour sprint format. Audi are battle-tested, and literally their third-string team was able to hold off the might of 4 Peugeot crews and for the first time in a closed-cockpit car. Between the LMPs and the GTs, sportscar racing is almost better than F1. Its a shame it doesn't have a more global following though, because the purity of the racing is unmatched. The McNish and Rockenfeller accidents were downright scary - YoutTube them with caution.
  7. KLM

    Sevanagala Rally 2011

    Well done Sanjaya, first win if I am not mistaken. Hopefully the first of many more to come.
  8. KLM

    Road Rage

  9. KLM

    Wrc 2011

    I can't say I agree with a single stage giving so many points, but Chris Patterson driving the car on the final stage was a brilliant moment. He was slowest overall but didn't lose a position in the standings, so well done to him.
  10. KLM

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Limousine

    A limo rental company? Well, props to the proprietors for taking a punt on something very different. LOL @ how AL went off on the supposed owner's tastes, ego etc. Classic.
  11. Forget hybrids, I'd love to see some motorhomes parked in the paddock at Fox Hill.
  12. KLM

    Formula-1 2010

    Teams plan for the finish well in advance. But if you must, feel free to think that RBR intentionally did that to give Vettel a chance at passing Webber.
  13. KLM

    Formula-1 2010

    A. They have yet to ask Webber to concede to Vettel. B. If they didn't ask Webber to change engine settings they risked running low towards the finish. Nobody is denying that RBR will probably lose the title because their drivers took points away from each other, but under trying circumstances, they've stuck to their policy of letting them fight it out for better or for worse. Its not difficult to see that.
  14. KLM

    Formula-1 2010

    Double post...
  15. KLM

    Formula-1 2010

    I think it was established at the time that Vettel had saved one lap worth of fuel so he could run rich in order to attempt a pass while at the same time Webber couldn't do the same because he was marginally short. As much as Webber has whinged this season and Vettel is the definite future of RBR, Christian Horner and Adrian Newey have in all probability been as fair as possible with the two under very challenging circumstances. Even the Silverstone incident - what do you do when you have 1 new-spec wing and 2 drivers? Of course one party will feel aggrieved but that's just human nature.