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  1. Ok, have you already sourced the parts? What car is it for? The cheapest way is to find someone flying from london to colombo and then asking them to take the parts with them, but the air filter box is going to be a little cumbersome to take. Trico is good, but they can take upto a month to be arrive in SL and will need to be cleared from customs.
  2. Yes oil sludging is a major problem, the main culprit is mineral oil. Try to go for a good semi synth or fully synth and make sure you change your oil filters every time you change your oil, don't skip for the next oil change.
  3. Sorry i don't quite follow what the engineers said. But fully synthetic oils can give u longer service intervals, but it depends on the driving style, climate and type of engine. Best thing is check what the manufacturer recommends instead of what the sales guy says, he only wants to sell his products. Get the best oil you can afford and change it regularly.
  4. Yes, I'm currently playing Forza 2, have been for the last 3 months! In my opinion its one of the most realistic Xbox 360 driving sims out. Games like NFS just don't offer the same sort of realism.
  5. RIP very very sad, my thoughts are with the family. Any type of racing down green path is very very dangerous and should be limited to a track. Bikers especially, there is no protection if you come off.
  6. If the car is going to be left for that long, I would recommend disconnecting the battery, and if the garage is level to park with the handbrake released. Just chock the wheels with something. It also good to wash the car and pump the tyres with air before parking and check all the fluids. Its also best to just have a 1/4 tank of petrol in the car as petrol goes stale after a while, then fill it up once he is back. Once he comes back after 6 months, before starting he should do some checks, see if there are any leaks under the car, check the oil and all the belts and most importantly check the coolant all over again.
  7. My personal preference if i'm waiting less than 30 secs is to leave the gearbox in drive and hold the brake. Anything longer than that, I use neutral with the handbrake or park. With most modern auto boxes there aren't any adverse effects for keeping it in drive for a short period of time, Fuel consumption will be slightly more when left in D as the engine is under load. If you do alot of stop start journeys then its recommended to change your ATF more regularly than scheduled. Brakes on an auto naturally wear faster when compared to a manual, as there isn't much if any engine braking. HTH
  8. Yeah, its a very strong possibility it is a leaky injector, white smoke is unburnt diesel, and shaking is the misfire from the flooded cylinder. I would pull out the injectors and either get them reconditioned or buy new ones. For reassurance I would also do a engine compression test to check if compression is within limits. Hope that helps
  9. Hi mate, I have seen something similar to this, it could be a leaky injector. This normally happens when you shut off the engine and pressure from the fuel lines pushes fuel through the open injector causing it to leak down the cylinder into the sump. Do you get a puff of white smoke when you first start in the morning?
  10. Hi there, This engine is non vtec, its designed to be economical and reliable, to increase power you will have to spend lots of money on either changing the engine to a vtec or upgrading the internals. You might aswell just maintain the engine regularly by giving it a service regularly, otherwise consider upgrading your car to a VIRS. Main items to change regularly is oil and filter, go for the best brand you can afford, then spark plugs air filters etc... hope that helps.
  11. The car is an EK3 Civic, i want to do a full vacuum and refill with oil etc..
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick question, whats the usual price for a A/C refill in Colombo? Are there any places with automatic A/C regass machines that you can recommend? Thanks
  13. Well.....not really! Methane anyone??
  14. I'm suprised to see the new H3 isnt a monocoque chasis! It isn't even a true off roader! But its good to see big name manufacturers investing in other countries! Maybe a manufacturer could invest in Sri lanka? Are there any vehicles being produced in Sri lanka for big name manufacturers?
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