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  1. ucscsades

    Chevy Camaro In Sl

    The new Camaro definitely is a lot better than the old ones supposedly...and it's a good looking car FROM THE OUTSIDE. Even from those FB pics..the interior looks so, so cheap! They have tried to make it better with the suspension upgrades etc, but bottom line it is a very, very heavy car..so it's not going to compete very well with the Euros on the twisties. Decently fast in a straight line, sounds good, looks good, (but honestly a bit too flashy for my liking..especially in this yellow), and cheap. That's about it (you can take away the last point for SL..and probably the first too as there really aren't that many safe, straight roads out there). LKR26 Million is waayyy too much for something like that though, you'd seriously have to be on something or have too much money for your own good to buy one! But wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone actually does pay that much for it. Having said that..there is quite a lot of hype about the new Mustang with the 5.0 V8 coming back these days though. More of the same?
  2. Rarely get on here anymore, but just got myself a Honda again...so here she is! It's an '03 S2000, have had it for about a month now and absolutely loving it!
  3. is the driving position in the middle of the car, or is that a RHD with the gear lever to the right of the driver??
  4. Yup..think price is expected to be around the $20k range..which if it is, should be just right. There really isn't anything else as promising at that price point at least in the US market. The Hyundai Genesis coupe is quite a bit more expensive and quite a bit heavier I believe. Unfortunately it'll be a few fold that price by the time it hits SL roads, won't it? I'm sure there'll be a few coming down onto the hands of a few luckier folk nevertheless. Whatever happened to the rest of the 100 Best list btw?
  5. Haha, thanks to all you gents for your input. GTAm, yeah it's tricky enough especially in wet weather to control the RWD E30....plus with very little weight in front of you (as most of us are used to) it would be a completely differnt game taming a MR2. As for the Z...it's a gorgeous beauty with a great mean look and an amazing sound. BUT I think I'm going to have to pass on both these..mainly because lately I've got into kayaking and need to be able to have enough of a roof to fit a rack with the kayaks (that totally blew away my hopes of getting an s2000 too!). Right now I'm considering an '04 WRX Wagon...I like the mean look, pretty well powered, and very practical. Only thing is the shoddy build quality, especially in the interior. They really don't have much on the Europeans! I'm still amazed by the build quality of my 20 y/o bimmer! As for the GTV....those things are just pure class! I really fell in love with it a few years ago when I was driving around San Francisco and saw a beautiful metallic silver one with an almost burgundy interior screaming down the hills in the financial district. Most people here don't even know what a GTV is..and probably wouldn't pay much attention to it. But people who know them, know them. And that guy driving it knew I knew..although infrequent I think that'd be a great feeling. Of course in addition to the daily pleasure of driving one! Maybe someday as a second car, but at this point I don't want to molest one with my daily needs. Speaking of drivers cars...I'm sure plenty of people on here are excited about the Toyota FT-86 concept info that came out recently? Sounds very promising..hope they don't mess it up with too much weight/making it too tame to please the masses/do a crappy job marketing it with a ridiculous price tag. All possible, but hope they pull it off!
  6. Was just thinking the same! Not that much of a looker either... Been quite inactive lately..but saw this thread while bored at work and it excited me. Especially because I found a 86 MR2 that is beyond clean (very low miles, immaculate condition..wish it were a supercharged version though) and have also been looking at a Corrado VR6 and am quite tempted with the MR2. But the whole reason I started looking at cars was because the 20 year old E30 doesn't make the best daily driver... so I guess going for an even older (yet amazing) MR2 wouldn't make much sense! To make matters worse, then I see this beautiful white 1971 240z (with a 260z engine and 5sp tranny) and a 74 Alfa GTV (http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/1391836920.html if it hasn't been sold yet) for sale. So hard to talk sense into myself when these older classics are so much more fun (and affordable) than any modern day cars! I'm also a huge fan of seeing real world examples of legendary cars. Here's another favourite of mine that's on this 100 Best list (Lancia Delta Integrale) for sale in my area if anybody is interested in taking a peek- http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/1400833791.html
  7. I'm assuming it was the dark blue one that was advertised on AL? It really did look like a beauty!
  8. I'm absolutely clueless as to where this should really go, but it is kind of entertaining and funny so figured here would be a decent place. Really cool, and I wish I had that much free time!..I doubt that I'd spend it the same way as this fellow though. eh, I couldn't get the embedded video to work, so here..it's worth it!
  9. Something random I found coming from China yet again...the URL title itself says it all. http://jalopnik.com/5249505/new-chinese-be...ad-and-melamine
  10. According to a comment on a different picture on the same flickr album, it is some sort of kit car?- http://www.madabout-kitcars.com/kitcar/kit...details.php?158
  11. Honestly I don't think it's right for any of us to be telling others how they should vote on this topic. I'm going to take it a step further by saying that I don't see much wrong with voting "Yes" on this pole. It is a very vague question..and honestly there are quite a few issues going on with the conflict that I wouldn't mind some international intervention on. Do I want them to force the SL government to stop the war against the LTTE? - NO. But at the same time I also wouldn't mind freedom of the press so we could all have more sources to get our news from instead of hearing all this propaganda from one side or the other. I would also like for the true situations at these camps to be visible for all and any allegations to be settled in an open manner. If it takes international intervention to do this, so be it. If the government has nothing to hide, stopping all this secrecy will go a long way in defeating all the propaganda being spread by the LTTE and its supporters.
  12. Hardly, I think. It is up to the people to hold politicians accountable for actions they claim to make on their behalf. Turning a blind eye doesn't make the problem go away.
  13. Disgraceful! In a way I am glad reports such as these are coming out..the only way to improve the situation within our government is to expose such incompetencies and hopefully pressure them into going about things in a more open and respectable manner.
  14. On the other hand, idiots like these really piss me off- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8043588.stm Support from Tamil Nadu has made this war get dragged on far longer than it should have. Elected politicians who make public statements saying stuff like they want "to send troops to create a separate homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka called Eelam" should be yanked out of office. What the hell are they thinking?
  15. Here's another one for that list - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8042170.stm Yes, it does seem the parasites are very close to being exterminated, which I hope happens soon for everybody's sake. But the government really isn't handling this situation very well. Deporting reporters really doesn't do much for their credibility. Also, if the government truly believes that everyone will be able to live happily ever after once the LTTE is defeated militarily they're being extremely naive. People need to wake up to the fact that there truly is an deeper ethnic divide that needs to be resolved here....and all these allegations (true or not) about the military harming innocent civilians and the state of these camps really isn't helping.
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