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  1. VWvortex

    Crossover - Suzuki Vitara Vs MG

    So , I've been using the new vitara since December 2018. Imported it directly from UK. feel it's quite good value for the money spent. A no frills vehicle , which has all the current day safety features and creature comforts. Tested out the MG before deciding on this one. The build quality of the MG is no match to the vitara which is miles ahead. Fuel economy is around 9.5-10 in city traffic. Out of Colombo 16-17. It has adequate power with the boost coming on at low rpms. Had the swift RST before which was bit quicker and more efficient. Boot space is good, since it has a false bottom which can be taken off to load bigger bags. Ride quality is good and suspension absorbs bumps, uneven surfaces well. Its an overall decent package
  2. VWvortex

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    If not mistaken , this car was inported by C.S Car sales. Asking was around 10 million at the time
  3. VWvortex

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Good opportunity to a loose a bundle of cash! Don't be silly :-)
  4. VWvortex

    Good Garage to restore old Europeon Cars

    Good luck with the project. Not to discourage you, but this will be a long & frustrating journey in a SL context.
  5. VWvortex

    Sedan/hatch back Car

    You have a good one for sale ? 😉
  6. VWvortex

    Where is Sylvi Uncle.....?

    i think he or his company still advertisers on hitad
  7. VWvortex

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

  8. Thanks Shanjeevanm! Will take it to them, since car is under warranty
  9. took it to A*W...They seem to think its the design of the 'quicker' rack present on the RS. no solution so far.
  10. Mine makes a noise from the front right side . Car was bought at zero mileage and noise appeared after 200km. Not a big noise just an irritation over bad roads. Showed it to A*W and they could not detect a fault.
  11. VWvortex

    Mm Organixzation

    G.S.auto spares is recommened for genuine toyota parts
  12. VWvortex

    Good Mechanics/ Technicians/ Workshops

    Rds motor engineers madiwela. Owned and operated by a Mr. Yatawara. Highly recommended for any mechanical work on Japanese vehicles.
  13. Can you share the contact details of this person. And address
  14. VWvortex

    Ek3 - Oil/fuel/air Filter (Vic)

    also check the VIC parts catalog. Laughs service stations had it and has been useful in the past
  15. VWvortex

    Selling Vehicles Without Cr

    Avoid the hassle and just by a legitimate vehicle...Plenty out there for reasonable prices nowadays