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  1. Hi Mr. Silvi, thanks for the detailed explanation. Your worker also said the same. As you rightly said , at this stage in life best to keep your self mentally and physically active as much as possible. Take care and best wishes.
  2. Hi Mr. Wijesinghe , I was at your place today to get some windscreen scratches removed. Unfortunately polishing cannot be done since the scratches are towards the edge of the glass. My previous visit to your place was in 2003 for a similar matter and faintly remember meeting you. I believe you personally attended to it then. Hope your keeping well.
  3. It actually has the OM651 engine. 2.1 litre twin turbo. Any info on this one? I've been told it's one of the most reliable new engines from MB. Still doing my research.l Also any experience with places like Merc stop? I only have used D*MO in the past , but the car I'm looking at is not registered with them
  4. Hi Kavvz, I've been looking at few direct import W212 CDI's (2013 and up) which have Euro 5 compliant engines. Do these engines have any issues with the locally available diesel? Any particular DPF issues etc to be aware of ? Cheers
  5. So , I've been using the new vitara since December 2018. Imported it directly from UK. feel it's quite good value for the money spent. A no frills vehicle , which has all the current day safety features and creature comforts. Tested out the MG before deciding on this one. The build quality of the MG is no match to the vitara which is miles ahead. Fuel economy is around 9.5-10 in city traffic. Out of Colombo 16-17. It has adequate power with the boost coming on at low rpms. Had the swift RST before which was bit quicker and more efficient. Boot space is good, since it has a false bottom which can be taken off to load bigger bags. Ride quality is good and suspension absorbs bumps, uneven surfaces well. Its an overall decent package
  6. If not mistaken , this car was inported by C.S Car sales. Asking was around 10 million at the time
  7. Good opportunity to a loose a bundle of cash! Don't be silly :-)
  8. Good luck with the project. Not to discourage you, but this will be a long & frustrating journey in a SL context.
  9. You have a good one for sale ? 😉
  10. i think he or his company still advertisers on hitad
  11. Thanks Shanjeevanm! Will take it to them, since car is under warranty
  12. took it to A*W...They seem to think its the design of the 'quicker' rack present on the RS. no solution so far.
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