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    Baltimore/Gaithersburg, MD ... USA
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    Chicks without Dicks and cars without bras ... lol

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    Chevrolet (1994)
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    Camaro Z28
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    6.0ltr Iron Block LS1 (LQ9)
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    Forged crank, forged rods, forged fly cut pistons, Custom ported heads with enlarged valves (by Hoops performance), Radical cam, T-56 6-speed Manual trans conversion with McLoed Clutch, 3" y-pipe to 3.5" collector (dual cats.) and 3.5" Flowmaster Muffler with single exit on Driver side.
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    I'm gonna keep it looking stock on the outside, except wheels. Street use - 18"x9.5" (F) and 18"x10.5" (R) Chrome Z06 Replica wheels. Track use - Weld Racing ProStars. 15"x3.5 (F) and 15"x10" (R). 165R15 radials in front and 275/50-15 BFG E/T Drag Radials in the back.
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    Have not made any more future plans. My future plans from an year ago have been realised (although only partially) and has left a big dent in my wallet ... *sad* ... but still happy!
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    ummm ... SL rocks!!! And I represent SL wherever I go. Everyone I know, if they don't know me by my name, knows me by "that Sri Lankan dude" who works on cars ... lol ... and I'm not much in a hurry to leave my SL accent and slurry my speach like people over here do (much to the annoyence of my wife). All I say is "if it changes, it will, if it doesn't OH FREAKING WELL!!!"

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  1. Mean Green z28

    Engine Oil Smells Petrol

    with all the above signs; gas smell in oil, overheating and bubbling in radiator (you can do a hydrocarbon test on the coolant to confirm), hard starts, you may def. have a bad head gasket. Running rich could also cause the wiped cylinders as mentioned. If gone too long, you may have bearing failures due to excessive gas in your oil.
  2. Mean Green z28

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2Ss ... My New Ride!!!

    technostalgia lights installed:
  3. Mean Green z28

    Reupholstering Interior Panels

    you could also use Krylon Fusion paints designed for plastics. they absorb into the plastic and are flexible. ive used it on a dashboard and it worked perfect. j
  4. Mean Green z28

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2Ss ... My New Ride!!!

    you could also just use a timed relay like this ... http://www.amazon.com/PowerArt-Switch-Adjustable-Module-Electrical/dp/B00CRYUSR2/ref=pd_sim_e_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1YK5Q1FYANBGEF7KHQYW#productDetails That was what I was gonna use on my outer lights before I found these
  5. Mean Green z28

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2Ss ... My New Ride!!!

    update! Bought a set of LED taillights for the car. Got them locally from a guy but they came missing a harness. Ordered it from the manufacturer and waiting. They'll look like this once installed... All in, I'd have spent $126 total instead of $399+shipping ... lol, Iove good deals
  6. Mean Green z28

    How To Persuade A Guy To Sell His Dad's Old Car?

    lol, you're right One of my friends wanted to find a Camaro that he sold years ago when he fell on hard financial times. He searched long and hard and finally was able to locate the car and spoke to the current owner who said he wasn't willing to sell it ... however, he called back some time later and asked for some crazy amount; thinking a sentimental buyer may fork out more, my friend said "thanks, I'm not THAT sentimental and laughed it off" and bought another car. If you really want to have that car, let him know your intentions and give him your contact information and an honest cash offer ... having a cash offer in front of him, he'll think about it harder. Also, be willing to spend a bit more than he can just sell to someone else.
  7. Mean Green z28

    Katukurunda Drags '14

    No, I don't think it's the super snake. It's def. a GT500 but missing the key features like the actual badges/writing on the sides, front splitter and a few other small things to make it a real Super Snake. It could be in standard GT500 disguise though, lol hope not, lol ... that's exactly what I asked him too
  8. Mean Green z28

    ::: My Cars :::

    Madmax, you hit the nail right in the head on land of possibility! Recently, around the world, the anti-American sentiment has been growing ... however, if if you want to be able to achieve as much success as you want to put in, it's still the place to be! You're right about Florida too, on being able to live life a little better with your earnings, it's freaking expensive here! haha, on my recent trip to FL, I was amazed at the housing prices down there ... I could get our same house as here for a little over half the price and have plenty left over for toys! Most of my money nowadays goes to settling my student loans and debt that we accumulated when my wife quit her job and decided to go back to school for her second degree ... hopefully soon I'll be able to get back in the game of "personalizing" my car .. still lucky to even have a muscle car, lol
  9. Mean Green z28

    ::: My Cars :::

    Have been driving my Camaro this winter and we've had a LOT of snow this time around (Maryland, USA). Swapped out the summer tires to some slimmer all weather tires and its handled the snow well. Ofcourse I took the Subaru out when the wife didnt have to work lol. My stability/traction control is my right foot haha, I feel the stability control kick on every now and then but that's mostly when im getting stupid and trying to kill myself, haha Although I love the Launch control on the Camaro; its called "competition driving mode" and allows you to stab the throttle and have the car rev up and maintain about 4500rpms and then just let go of the clutch and hold on... the newer cars also have no lift shift, which holds the engine from overrevving when you shift with the throttle pegged to the floor ... gimmicks that allow almost anyone to drive like a seasoned driver! Haha
  10. Mean Green z28

    Digital Camera Photography

    http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/lens-vignetting Maybe that'll help?
  11. Mean Green z28

    Getting More Power From Alternator

    I'd upgrade the alternator before I think of re-winding it. There's electronics in there that keep the unit from overcharging your system/etc. and you may mess with that if you only re-wind.
  12. Mean Green z28

    Project Carina Gt

    pretty cool restoration!
  13. Mean Green z28

    Digital Camera Photography

    oooh, I'll play!
  14. Mean Green z28

    Understanding Suspesion Test Report

    I'm guessing its the reduction in the amount of rebound your suspension sees (damping). On a perfectly damped system, you should see your suspension oscillate maybe 1 times (2 max) before coming to a complete stop in movement; if you think of it as a graph vs. time ... if you put weight on the rear and release, it should bounce back up (above the regular height), then come back below just a bit and then settle down at the final height. Does yours oscillate for a more than that before coming to rest? Typically, you want your damping to be like the green line (not really comfortable for ride though), but in reality it's like a mix of the RED for the first rebound and then settle like the GREEN line. The above graph was to show you the difference in oscillations. The below graph is what you're looking for in a balanced system. EDIT: Found the perfect graph for you! Look at the number they want you to be above. Less than 0.3 and you see a lot of oscillations and greater movement before coming to a rest .. the higher you go, the quicker you settle. Once again, the green line is perfect but harder to achieve with ever changing loads/etc and the preferred numbers should be between 0.3 and 0.7
  15. Mean Green z28

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2Ss ... My New Ride!!!

    Lol Yeah its the same cone filter from top and bottom. There's quite a bit of space in the fenderwell behind the headlight. Previous gen had a lotmore though.. As for the inlet tubing, its 4" tubing and is good enough for a naturally aspirated car without much internal/head work done.