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  1. yap i know .. is this the honda meetup 2006 u a talking about or else the meetup had on parliment grounds???
  2. hey bro this will be coool as i guess... make it happening .... better send the word around or something machan den all can come c the event... anyway wil be cool..
  3. thanks alot mate.. cheers out of da house -sida- thanks alot for the info mate.. out of da house -sida-
  4. hey dude, hope u a the driver of the yellow car// the bass is owsum dude... its cool if all the buggers have had plugg in their stereos.. and would ve been cool then... would ve has some kinda display.. u know some cool stuff// like dragster was keeping his angle eyes on all day long... hey dragster.. hope u ve located where ya amp was in ya ride which u ware talking about that day.. he he he cheers.. out of da house.. -sida-
  5. machan, could any1 tel me wats the Vtec crossover range in a honda eg8 stock ecu and the rev limit of the stock ecu as well? thanks out of da house -sida-
  6. u guys a lucky wit the LR den, hope id ve join ya crew..... he he he.. i gt cought to the cops fr no f**kin reason.. insted they said ma dam licence plates were wrong.. dam wat has happen to this country... out of da house - sida-
  7. hey bro really sorry for not telling that i took the codes and things from a site, i really took this long time back as i bought my EG8 to find out a sensor error. and it was in a word doc which i had saved. so i really couldnt remember the site. just thought it mit be useful for the guys out there coz i know that some doesnt know how to check the error codes and i was reffering to them. also many thanks for letting me know that the ecu has a chip base. then can proceed wit the further investigation on the research.. he he he looks like a dam cop movie words nee.. he he he anywayz..... c ya ve some pics uploaded on the autolanka meetup mit wanna check it out. http://www.flickr.com/photos/unzip2000/ thanks out of da house -sida- thanks for the info bro... coolz to meet u guys ... out of da house -sida-
  8. yo, nice meetin u too bro.. ya i remember u.. out of da house sida...
  9. hey i think the meetup went well than last time... hope it wil improve more when it comes to next events. oh by the way machan happy bday seen eka nam coolz.. he he he i ve some pics uploaded to the web on the event think u mit wanna it http://www.flickr.com/photos/unzip2000/ check it out coolzzz out of da house..........-sida-
  10. hey guys its me sida here..(new to the club) jst wondering weather our civic eg8 ecu's comes wit a removable chip base. coz i saw some ecu's on web which they have a removable ecu base where we can have sevaral programmed chips and can plug it in when ever we want easily than gettin it to programmer and gettin the shit out of it. and also i found out that there a pre-programmed chips to get and plugg-it in (if ve a base).. hey i ve some ecu codes as well for 92-95 civic eg8 VTEC.. mit be useful for any1 there... Here is the information you need to read error codes on 92-95 Civic and Del Sol (CRX). Those cars are OBD-I, so the same info should be usable for any other OBD-I Honda. I have not had interest in other Honda cars, so i don't know what year Accords and Preludes are OBD-I. Anyway, off to instructions. There is a 2-pin (most likely green in color) connector by the ECU or somewhere under the passenger's side dash. It's a Data Link Connector. Connect it's two pins with a piece of wire. Watch out not to get jolted while you're connecting the pins. You will read error codes on the gauge cluster, on the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Turn the key to position "II" and watch the lamp blink. Error codes are reported by a number of blinks. There are short and long blinks. Long blinks mean 10, and short blinks mean 1. For example, if you get "long-long-short-short-short", it means error code 23. There is a short pause between each flash (long or short) and a long pause between 2 error codes. There will always be long flashes before short flashes. So you cannot expect number 23 to be reported as "short-long-short-long-short". Take note of all error codes reported by ECM (Electronic Control Module). Find a list online that explains "OBD-I error codes honda" and you will find out what your problems are. Do not forget to remove the wire from the 2-pin connector once you are done. Here are the trouble codes: 0 Bad ecu (if cel is on and no code or light stays on) 1 O2A - Oxygen sensor #1 2 O2B - Oxygen sensor #2 3 MAP - manifold absolute pressure sensor 4 CKP - crank position sensor 5 MAP - manifold absolute pressure sensor 6 ECT - water temperature sensor 7 TPS - throttle position sensor 8 TDC - top dead centre sensor 9 CYP - cylinder sensor 10 IAT - intake air temperature sensor 12 EGR - exhaust gas recirculation lift valve 13 BARO - atmospheric pressure sensor 14 IAC (EACV) - idle air control valve 15 Ignition output signal 16 Fuel injectors 17 VSS - speed sensor 19 Automatic transmission lockup control valve 20 Electrical load detector 21 VTEC spool solenoid valve 22 VTEC pressure valve 23 Knock sensor 30 Automatic transmission A signal 31 Automatic transmission B signal 36 traction control found on JDM ecu's 41 Primary oxygen sensor heater 43 Fuel supply system 45 Fuel system too rich or lean 48 LAF - lean air fuel sensor 54 CKF - crank fluctuation sensor 58 TDC sensor #2 61 Primary oxygen sensor 63 Secondary oxygen sensor 65 Secondary oxygen sensor heater 71 random misfire cylinder 1 72 random misfire cylinder 2 73 random misfire cylinder 3 74 random misfire cylinder 4 80 Exhaust Gas Recirculation insufficient flow detected 86 ECT Sensor (Engine Coolant Temperature) circuit range / performance problem 90 Evaporative Emission Control System leak detected in the fuel tank area 91 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor low input 92 Evaporative Emission Control System insufficient purge flow TC bye
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