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  1. IMHO it's very hard to lock it down to a particular set. As you grow in capability and skill, more and more tools will be required and it is a never ending process
  2. since the location is relatively easy to reach, i would just weld a piece and get it out. just took one out of the truck last weekend. home made t bar welded on to the head of the bolt and voila. the heat from the weld also helped loosen the bolt further.
  3. Ripper

    Trolley Jack

    best imho is to get a japanese "branded" unit from one of those used parts, equipment shops. prices greatly vary depending on condition. the generic chinese ones can be bought from 7-10 range and up. shops in panchi area have plenty so you can walk about and see what fits best. don't buy from the first shop you go into if you take this option. I bought a bench drill for 36 after looking around and the same model and brand was 45 in all other shops except for this one shop i bought from. branded jacks have better seals and machining inside is a lot better so they hold up longer and seals too hold up better. The 3tonne generic chinese jack i have is using plastic piston seal, that tend to warp and leak fluid relatively quickly. and sourcing the seals locally is pretty tough in my experience.
  4. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    thanks machang. the full build is on my fb... took fair bit of work. especially things like the air intake etc yeah importing wood chips seems rather stupid considering process and cost. it doesn't take a lot of chips plus i wont be smoking lots
  5. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    thanks machang need to try ribs next time. thanks for the tip. will try it and see. i've heard having oil in the wood might not be the best for smoking as it can be left behind on the meat. but will give it a go as it's easier to source than importing chips Nope. I'm an ardent supporter of charcoal grilling. both these units i've made run on charcoal
  6. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    i bet you could but it's quite a gamble as this is a long process. over 6 hrs at least so if you do get it wrong... it's quite a loss.
  7. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    Thanks buddy. Was fair bit of work this time around... learned pyrography too. gearing up for the next project. a cyclekart with junior. just gotta get my mig welder going and source a waterpump engine No apple trees in wattala area. just lotsa pork and booze joints
  8. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    thank you all MD, Peri... we can do a meetup at MD's place an i can bring the rig My place has little space plus two large dogs As for the wood... i've gotten down hickory, oak, mesquite for the moment And no you don't get them in SL... at least i couldn't find a place. I've got a stock shipped down from the UK.
  9. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    not from ebay. i forget the site but i got it off a bbq store in the US. its a maverick ET 733.
  10. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    low oxygen, soaked wood chips or chunks of choice. I used apple wood chips for this.
  11. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    Remote thermometer And we have smoke Boston Butt smoked and ready to go
  12. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    Side table left side table right Top cover cover detail
  13. Ripper

    Barrel Bbq Build

    Second barrel BBQ project. A smoker this time. Built on the UDS, aka Ugly Drum Smoker design I have customized it to suit my needs. Phone camera pics so they aint the best The floor stand resting on rubber blocks. Bronze finish. Hexagonal Coal basket. Made out of SS rods. Lift legs keep it off the ground by about 2 inches Stacking up. "Savan" plate sits at the bottom to collect ash, oil drips and spills...on top the coal basket... then the grill top. Cross bars to hang food using SS hooks SS hooks. hand bent of course Hooks on the cross bars Intake
  14. 1+ here too i almost always tap the horn when overtaking tuk tuks and bikers as most of them tend to swerve without any prior warning. And a knock will almost always be more harsher on them.
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