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  1. Hi. Need to replace my tyres on the Sorento 235 x 60 x 18. Appreciate any help on the best option. Thanks
  2. Oh for f's sake. Assuming you can't turn you monitor upside down . . . 1 dual AC, cruise, audio remote in steering wheel etc 2. Rear spoiler, reverse sensor 3. Power driver seat, led tail lamp, door scuff lamp, 4. Super vision cluster, Rheostat, mood light, immobilized 5. Push button start 6. 3.5 inch reverse cam on mirror 7. Downhill brake with ESC 8. Xenon headlamps / headlamp washers 9. Side curtain airbag with speed sensitive door locks 10 Bluetooth.
  3. The 1 to 10 list is Auto transmission tip tonic 6 speed Leather seats Tan leather premium Panorama sun roof 4WD 3rd row 18inch wheels 3rd row AC Duct. There is a longer list if you drop me an email will send it on.
  4. Nope he did not ..... unless they decide to give awards right down to one or two before the last ....
  5. Not exactly like the 504 and Holdens - those were brought in by the government, used for the conference and then sold off. I think this is more like the Law Asia S Classes (18 dash) where they were sold to individuals on the condition that they were used for the Law Asia conference. The cars came in just before the conference so they were brand new at the time of the conference.
  6. Related question - will they allow a roof box on the highway, also what about a bike rack? Any thoughts?
  7. Good and Cheap in the same sentence ...... seriously? Has evolution not taught us anything....
  8. yup 3 years only ... strange that - btw love the "swinging dick" expression...
  9. agree i have a 'Deck and Blacker' that plugs into the lighter. it's pretty crappy...... waste of money. For wet and dry anyway i think you need a regular one...
  10. OK let's look at this another way - As someone who doesn't work overseas and remit lots of greenbacks to SL I could argue that it isn't fair that permits are issued to those who do.... I bust my gut locally to work for a company that exports and therefore earns loads of dollars, why should I not get a permit too ... the same argument applies... oh and by working locally I also pay tax on my meager salary, so actually I contribute more to the economy than some SL citizens working abroad ...... The company I work for also provides employment to other sri lankans thereby enriching the economy .... yet I am deemed relatively unworthy..... yup sour grapes, but a valid argument...
  11. guess this is one of the originals.
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