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  1. CHR and Vezel sound like more reasonable and safe options. Good second hand value, parts available and reliable. Peugeot have had a terrible reputation for engine issues in the last decade. They used to build stern , reliable cars way back in the day.
  2. TharakaWi

    Axela Or Mazda 3

    As far as I know mazda 3 is the international version (mostly brought bn) n axela is the jdm. Not really sure of the differences, but this model of mazdas are very good cars. Looks good, comfy n durable.
  3. Yep, if u need to go for a corolla, 141 is definitely a good car. Very comfi and well priced compared to crazy prices of 121. Fuel consumption is slightly low compared to other corollas. Comparatively, Axio does better on fuel, but also comes with a higher price tag! But don't u reckon there are better lookin, less boring cars in the likes of lancers n axelas in the same price range?
  4. Machang, the swift jeep model is a decent car. Only complains are slightly stiff suspensions and relatively ugly/cheap interior compared to other japs. Definitely a better car than viva or any Indian boxes. Just to let u know, Our funny SL market differentiates the car by side antenna (before 2004 model) n center antenna (2004 and later) models. The latter used to be around 100k expensive. I suggest, don't worry abt the location of the antenna, just get a car that is in good condition.
  5. Yeah, P11 is the best considering your requirements.
  6. It is highly unlikely you would get a re-clocked odo if you import from japan. But car sales guys might import cars and change the odo once they are here.
  7. Viva and Passo are two different leagues. Price difference of around 7 lacks speaks for it. Between these two the best car is Passo in my opinion. It is very spacious, more comfy than a Viva, slightly bigger and enjoys better re-sale value thanks to the Toyota badge. Viva is relatively less comfy and smaller. But it also is 7 lacks less. In my opinion, if you can afford, Passo definitely worth the extra buck.
  8. Minister's statement : There are 2.1 Million Motorcycles, 539000 Three Wheelers and 410000 Motor cars in this country. “The complaints received by Ceypetco are very insignificant compared to the vehicle population and they were mainly from Motorcycles & Three Wheelers,” so funny!!!
  9. I pumped fuel for two of our cars yesterday and two days before. Pumped Extra Premium (Octane 93). Didn't notice any problems or difference so far though...
  10. Thanks for all the help. I guess most of these 98 odd vehicles have the first gen of auto gear boxes, and they may have few bugs.
  11. Thanks a lot for all ur inputs. I got some additional limitations... Since my mom may actually end-up using this we need this to be auto gear. Also it cannot be big like Santafe or Tucson. So the only options I am left with are auto gear Rav4 (96/97) or Vitara/Proceed. I did a search on Rav4 in the forum. But didn't find any notable issues with auto gear ones. Info on 98/99 Vitara is a little limited too. Are there any known issues with these auto boxes?
  12. Never seen a Proceed machan... Searched on AL and few other car sale websites, still couldn't find. Thanks for the info, I'll keep my eye open for this.
  13. Thanks for the ideas Big_D. But CRV looks a bit out of my league. 99 ones also seek over 2.5 mil. I wonder there are older ones than that in SL (although they had been in production since 95). I'll keep an eye on Tucson. Might be able to find 2004 one close to this price Rav4 2000 for 2.1M??? May be many years back machan.... Now such vehicle owners seek like 2.7 - 2.8 mil!
  14. Thanks jdnet. I'll stay away from the Tribute. Pajero IO is a bit above my budget I guess. Santafe seems to be a good option. Do we have Santafe (2000-2003) owners in the forum? Thanks for the idea. As I mentioned before, HRVs go beyond 2.4 mil these days...
  15. I totally forgot about those 2! Well, I saw a 2000 Tribute for 2.2 million in AL. Looks quite good. Should definitely include that as an option. Thanks mate HRV was my first choice... But they are now priced above 2.4 mil. I remember I saw them for around 2.1 , 2.2 few years back. Not anymore...
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