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  1. Onboard Video - 1958 MG A 


  2. MasterDon

    The Ford Focus Thread

  3. Jx85o.jpg

    does any one knw a place to get a car like this for a photo shoot ??

  4. MasterDon

    Ceylon Motor Show 2017

    SL I******* Motor Plus Presents - The Ceylon Motor Show 2017! The Only Place You Can Witness the Ultimate in Modern Motoring Alongside the Stunning Classics of Yesteryear... Don't Miss The Official Motor Show of The Year! Gates Open - Fri: 5.30pm to 11.00pm & Sat/Sun: 9.30am to 11.00pm.
  5. MasterDon

    Can I Install 18" On A Prius 2016 ?

    The douche is strong with this one. To troll or not to troll, that is the question.
  6. MasterDon

    British Car Day 2015

  7. MasterDon

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    Yes! Became a fan because I got a DVD set as a present and Komisiripala of all people insisted I watch it.Been a fan ever since.Read the books too.
  8. MasterDon

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    Ex Machina.Great Movie,Story driven SciFi.Big thumbs up!
  9. MasterDon

    Buying a new smartphone

    I use the G3 as a second phone for almost 2 years now.Love it.I checked out the G4 recently but it was not a worthy upgrade IMO. Going back to Blackberry next with the Priv.
  10. MasterDon

    Nissan Presea

    Well that was a fukin waste of time... Future topics to look forward to Cefiro stalking thread I love Cefiro thread I wanna have babies with my Cefiro thread Girls who drive Cefiros Good locations to photograph Cefiro I sold the Cefiro
  11. MasterDon

    Barrel Bbq Build

    Awesome Ripper! I think I will need to asses the quality of the product myself : wink: : wink:
  12. MasterDon

    W123 Restoration

    Try S.A Perera at Kelaniya.They dye leather.2911850
  13. MasterDon

    Entering To The Car Gang

    Yeah something like that. Not really,Both are sort of equal when it comes to reliability and maintenance.The Alto is definitely more easier on the depreciation.The Nano is truly a fun car to drive as both Supra and esdeez will attest.I got a good deal from D*MO so I went with Nano.
  14. MasterDon

    Cone Air Filter - Enhance Fuel Economy

    You're right,I forgot.There is no check out on the site .What I did was email them regarding the Triumph's air filters and someone got back to me from their California Headquarters as I remember.Or might have been a reseller in CA.Not sure.But he was able to get the custom TR2/3/3A filters for me.Here's the post I made - http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/13459-triumph-t-r-restore-project/?p=238152
  15. MasterDon

    Entering To The Car Gang

    I test drove the new Indica(xeta),Nano,Alto,Hyundai Eon and Panda within the last month.The Indica is a good car but the Alto seems the more refined and easily sellable too.Reccomend the Alto or Hyundai for private use. If you're wondering which one I'd choose,I ended up buying two Nanos.