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  1. I don't know why this deserves a separate thread. Especially one with my name on the title. Post whoring would have sufficed. I really don't have anything else to say on this matter.
  2. 2017 I was involved in organizing the Motor Show, but the placards were done by @esdeezand @Supra_Natural . No offence taken at all. Mods-sorry for OT. Please move to post whoring if necessary.
  3. Writing is not really my profession, Just a very,very fulfilling side hustle. Owner of the Batmobile is a good friend. We are both second generation car collectors as our dads were among the first to start collecting cars as a hobby in SL back in the day. So that,and the fact I also have a collection myself, with experience in ownership and restoration helps other owners be at ease when handing me the keys I guess. Just to be clear I didn't "thrash" the car. Just drove it fairly hard,at a decent pace that I was certain to not have any adverse effect on the mechanicals. I know how to show respect to the machine and have fun at the same time, especially when in a classic. I think that's what separates me from most other auto journos. Trust me, I was well aware that it was a super rare and worth 400,000$. Edit - Found a pic . Mods pls remove if it violates forum rules regarding other publications.
  4. I got to drive this thing hard for a good 50KMs on twisty mountain roads. A peach of a car. Handles like a gem. Engine and Gearbox were just sublime. Cannot give enough praise.
  5. Fun Fact : These placards at the Ceylon Motor Show is prepared by yours truly.
  6. Good to hear from you Sylvi. I always appreciated your advice regarding windscreens on my classic cars. Here's to your good health and long life!
  7. Its currently under repair/paint. I'll post some photos when its done.
  8. That would be my Citroen 2CV.
  9. Ammo no. I ain't no architect. It was my old man. Correct Sylvi sir! I think you have met him also.
  10. Thank you. The house is mine, the car is not. But the two do go well together no.
  11. I'm babysitting (or is it Car-sitting?) member @milindu's baby this week. Some pics...
  12. @Pericles Periiii!!! Looks like the old gang is back together...almost. How how?
  13. Even if a certain colour develops a tinge, a good cut/polish will restore original hue. No paintjob job drastically changes colour unless due to sub-par prep work, incorrect mixing or the clear coat gone bad. Mr/Doctor Siripala, If only there was someone who tried to warn you about the sh*tty paintjob you were getting...Oh wait!
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