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  1. Onboard Video - 1958 MG A 


  2. Quick hide your dogs everybody,MD has gone Korean!

  3. 1A,6B,5A,2B,3A,4B,6A,1B,2A,5B,4A,3B

    1. Schiffer


      toyota engines or something? O.o

    2. MasterDon


      haha no man it's the firing order of the xjs,i have it memorized and repeating in my head like a mantra...

  4. The AL awards are around the corner.Shit how time flies eh.Any ideas for award categories?I'm sure the worst moderator award will go to The Don.

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    2. Crosswind


      Epic fail of the year? Pwnage of the year?

    3. The Don

      The Don

      When it comes to moderators, it will be a podium finish for all three of us :) But who are the nominees for newbie of the year?

    4. MasterDon


      lol...I usually do a search for the people who've joined in the last year with more than 200 posts in the 'advanced search feature'...this year i may have to lower the post count minimum cos there aren't many newbies active...

  5. I got to meet Sylvi sir today.A nice gentleman with a vast knowledge on automobiles.

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    2. terrabytetango
    3. Pericles


      The alien body snatchers certainly picked a helluva body to snatch! :P

    4. Magnum
  6. Anyone else's SLT broadband slow since yesterday?...Or have they FUPed me?

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    2. Magnum


      for some reason my uTorrent seems to work fine :D

    3. Magnum


      for some reason my uTorrent seems to work fine :D

    4. terrabytetango


      Latest update on this, a friend of mine called them yesterday and said that the cap on unlimited connections is placed at 16gb. The guy he spoke to was not a regular helpdesk person and refused divulge his name. I believe we can take legal action if this continues since we were never notified of a cap. They're trying to force users to adopt the 8mbps/25GB package.

  7. A Senna driving for Williams again.Lets hope things go a bit better this time around..

    1. terrabytetango


      Not likely. But I do think it's about time Barrichello quit, before he comes the Jayasuriya of the F1 world. And on the other end of things, watch out for Schumacher this season. I have a feeling he has an ace up his sleeve.

    2. MasterDon


      I was reffering to what happened when a senna and a williams car got together dude...yup ol' barry is probably the nicest guy on the paddock,but his time is up...as for schumi,yes i do hope he gets atleast a win before his contract is up wit mgp this year.he's still the best ever IMO.

  8. Wow another year is almost over...and its time for the annual autoanka awards hosted by yours truly ;D...post up your suggestions for the awards here and I will consider them.

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    2. miniace
    3. Gyiman
    4. The Stig

      The Stig

      + nominating "californican" for the most controversial member award.

  9. RIP Marco Simoncelli...A great talent lost forever.

    1. CyRaX


      The way he was lying with his helmet off :( :( ...

      R.I.P Marco Simoncelli, the world just lost a talented young rider. You will always remain in our hearts :( :( :(

    1. jdnet


      I'm going to click on it. It better be porn.

    2. nexus


      LOL....this is hilarious smug clouds btw what is the smuggest city in SL.

    3. Ripper


      it wasn't JD :( but then again, might be for the best :)

  10. anybody else getting them phone calls with pre recorded promotions?...its getting to be a real nuisence.

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    2. Pericles


      Yeah, they tried selling me insurance while I was having breakfast. Interrupting my morning meal with hogwash is NOT how to make a sale!

    3. MasterDon


      I'm getting atleast two per day.at first I thought it was cos I put my phone number in the sunday newspaper classiefieds.but seems thats not the case.

      anusha.yes looks as if it's worse for mobitel which i'm using.

    4. Ripper


      yeah...mobitel really should re-look at their prmo mechanics. pissing people off with these irritating calls is not a good way to go... and yeah...i hang up the second i hear the promo coming..

  11. witnessed a nice shiny land rover being towed by a battered land cruiser...tsk tsk...oh the humiliation!!! :P

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    2. Devinda_Z
    3. Supra_Natural


      lol'd. Thats why anyone actually wanting to go on a proper expedition always picks a Toyota...

    4. isam


      Its tough to beat Japanese reliability.

  12. Busted the starter motor and the clutch on the same day! ...aaarrghh!! ...rotten luck :(

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    2. MasterDon


      lol. :D

      tried start the ol' girl up in the morning,heard the cogs whirr in the starter motor...and then nothing...tried to thallu start but the gears wouldnt engage...double blow! lol

    3. shanX


      damnn, wt a morning :( loll

    4. Sumiya


      Oops. those morning are called as Very Good Mornings...

  13. woooot!...1st & 3rd!....awesome!

  14. wow...Al is like FB now...with notifications and all...awesome!!!

  15. what happened to pissu-goo? :P

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