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  1. Emac

    How to disable idling stop in premio?

    Hi Experts, one of my friends has a Toyota Premio, the car's 'idling stop' is not working. the car engine keeps running when it's idil where it should cut off. The 'Auto cut off ' button is on. Car's battery has 65% energy left What might be the cause? any similar experience? please share Thankx
  2. Emac


    Thanks for info. The not so smooth transmission will be an issue. I also came across Ford Fiesta Eco boost 2016. Any thoughts on this specialy the gear box compatibility on our local roads.
  3. Emac


    Seems there are alot of Lancer Ex fans. any Hyundai Elantra users out there? the fairly looks cool. nice interior and all.
  4. Emac


    Gentlemen superb inputs, i'm thinking of cutting off the Korando and replacing with Lancer EX and Ford focus 2015. Any Hundai Elantra users out there? Please share your thoughts.
  5. Emac

    Hyundai Elantra 2012

    Hi, did you buy the Elantra? It's been 6 years down the road. Any openions on fuel / spare parts and maintenance?
  6. Emac


    Hi Experts Need your opinion to choose a family vehicle. I travel around 60 KM daily to work and back mostly on the hi-way and make long distance trips ones a month with family. Preferably a car that's manufactured after 2011. Should be able to stretch the budget a bit more if it's worth it. I'm trying to keep away from the Hybrids at time. The Toyotas seems over priced so I kind of selected the following models: KIA Sportage Ford Ecosport Korando Honda FD4 Hyundai Elantra What I'm looking for Comfortable/ Reliability Maintains and spare parts After sales value after 3 years Fuel above 10 Km/L However, I'm not fixed with any particular model If there are other options which you think I should explore please let me know. Will be great if you'll shed some light.
  7. Emac

    Micro Tivoli

    Hi Dasunh, 3 years passed by since you made the above comment, did you buy the Tevoli, if so which one (diesel or petrol) how were the maintainance and repairs did it meet your expectations? Im considering to buy a second hand tevoli or korando, so your thoughts will help to make a decision.
  8. Emac

    MG ZS 2018

    Hi, tell me more about the Korando, how is the fuel economy, comfort compaired to honda fit, and how much did you loose after 6 years. ?
  9. Hi Kira, I won't be able to answer your question because I have not got any experience with the KIA sportage, but seeking your opinion on the KIA sportage, I'm hoping to buy a 2011 model so your input will be highly valued as a KIA user. Do share the pros and cons please.
  10. Emac

    Car for 4.5M

    Which one would you pick first from the above Shift, Vitz or GP5?
  11. Emac

    Car for 4.5M

    Thankx Flying Fox the informative write up. I heard the Honda GP5, Grace and Vezel have the same clutch issue, In fact a guy who bought a Vezel sold his one after coming across this issue in 2015 and another replaced the gearbox on his Grace last month the mileage was 30k. Stafford had mentioned it's due to the city traffic that these gear box fails. However not heard the same from GP5 how far this can be true? Thanks zeem for your recon on Suzuki xbee but it's not my style. ?
  12. Emac

    Car for 4.5M

    Yes are correct A1 is 55m. It should me KIA Sportage 2011. Today i test drove Boleno the pickup was impressive. The breaks were a bit hard which resulted in more stiff ride compaired to the smoothness on my current honda fit.
  13. Emac

    Car for 4.5M

    Hi Guys, Thinking of selling my Honda fit GP1 -10th Anniversary and looking for recomendations for a family car / suv between 4-4.5M. Few models caught my attention was Kia Rio, SWIFT, BOLENO, AUDI a1, civic 2008, KIA sportage 2011. Not worried about fuel but concerned in safety, power, reliability and handling. Drive 60Km per day on week days to work on hi-way. Ones a month to Kandy. Please share your thoughts. I would sell it off in 3 years.
  14. Emac

    Nissan Leaf

    Thankx tiv. Can you share your experience with Leaf when you traveled to kandy. How was the pulling power at Kadugannawa? a guy told it will not climb hills, is it true?