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  1. Thank you HaeylM. Appreciate your valuable opinion :)
  2. My max budget is 40lakh. Prefer to buy Vezal, Grace or other type of used car (may be Toyota one). What you suggest? When giving recommendations please consider YOM, maintain cost, future resell value, fuel economy, present country situation, etc. Thank you in advance!😇
  3. Thank you friend. Ok if I go for Fit Hybrid 2012 or aqua hybrid what will do you recommend? what will be the plus minus points?
  4. Thanks mate...Will the old cars can sale easily these days? What are the your best suggestions for hatchbacks ?
  5. I have a Honda city 2001 car (my 1st car) now over 8 years with me. I need to sell it and go for a new vehicle but I don't have good knowledge about market trends . Main challenge is money. If I sell it for around 1.9millin and I can take another 1.5million as a loan. That's all I have (NO money in hand) everything need to cover within above 3.4 or 3.5millione. Pls give your views, suggestion on next vehicle that I should go for. I may be using new one for more than 6-7years. I more prefer on SUV, Sedan models and I am a Honda fan as well (no matter on others as well, can I import a new one at a low cost?, what will be the tax and other stuff) Need to consider about fuel economy/maintenance cost /resell value/etc. Guys give your valuable suggestions to me please!🧐
  6. Guys, can anyone share City 2001 (vtec) (Manual transmisson) model manuals with me (or a link to download) Thank you
  7. Dear experts, I owned a Honda city 2001 (mileage 091242). I was using this for last 5 years and I always use Mobil 15W-40 and oil change done in between 6 to 9 months period. I am wondering what is the actual mileage I can run after a oil change with Mobil 15W-40? Thank you
  8. Thank you Davy. yes that should be resurfacing. "finishing" word what they mentioned. then I will go for it....
  9. Is it a good idea to finish the disc before replacing new brake pads. My garage guy suggest me that. My discs are worn bit and need to replace caliper repair kits as well. Is it worth of refinish discs? It's a11 yer old car...I don’t want to spend on unnecessary things if it's not really required. Thanks…
  10. CodeMaster

    Touch-Up Painting

    My car had few minor scratch and need to remove some buffer guard rubber lines and do touch-up over these removing rubber lines. It's a metelic silver colour car with orginal paint 9 years old (paint is still in very good condition). If I do touch up according to color code and will it be sucessfull? (hope you guys are having better experence on this). Thanks!!!
  11. My car is a Honda city 2001 model and I went for wheel alignment after tyre replacement. They told me left wheels ball joint has broken and no point of doing a wheel alignment. So now I am so worried, want to know what the danger facts are if ball joint is broken. And is too costly part to replace? Can it done in normal repair place and what do you thing if it refill and repair. Dear experts pls share your thoughts with the prices of ball joints. Thanks\ you in advance.
  12. I am getting a beat sound when start my car and it continue for an about half an hour and becoming bit normal. Is it a bad sign? What can be cause for this and what are the areas that I should look at? It’s a Honda city 2001 V tec 1.5 engine.
  13. Guys, few questions, $ What is the average lifetime of a car battery here in SL? $ What are the best practices to keep car battery healthy in SL? $ What are the good car battery brands (not high cost ones) here in SL? $ What are points we need check when buying a new car battery?
  14. Hey guys, is anyone having service manual (or a link to download) for honda city Vtec 2000-2001 (Malaysian).
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