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  1. Hi everyone, So its been awhile since i last posted here, hope y'all are keeping well :-) So, today when i started the CR-Z it gave a low battery warning for the keyless entry fob. Does anyone know how to change the battery on one of these? Its sealed all around and I'm afraid to pry it open.
  2. Aiya! posting via phone was a bad idea :-P sorry for spammin. Thanks heaps Komi will call Mr Sajaad Sahli, he is closer to me as i'm in Kotte myself. Yup will DM u when i head that way. Thanks again.
  3. Hmmm thanks Komi shall check em out Btw would u happen to know ne 1 who could help check n raise the driverside seat? Or will ne cushion works be able to do this.
  4. Hmm thanks Komi, shall have a look at what Mugen has to offer or better yet I have a soft spot for Spoon so shall look at em also. Btw would u happen to know a place where I can get the seat checked n raised? Or will ne cushion works be able to help?
  5. Hmm thanks Komi shall have a look at Mugens parts list n see what they have. Not keen on a cold air intake just want the dropin. Do you know a place where I can get the seat checked n raised or will ne cushion works be able to help?
  6. Thanks for all the great comments guys. @Hoonigan i'm thinkin a K&N dropin filter in Jan/Feb 2014 and eventually save up for a carbon hood mid 2014. I'm not going to do anything drastic withit as i like it the way it is. It is prefect for our roads and the power is manageable, not intimidating. I had the car serviced last week n the undercarriage was super clean not even a scratch, whoever owned it before me was very careful with it. One thing to workout ASAP is raising the height of the seat. The way its fitted kinda makes that impossible as the nuts are not on flat surfaces. Might need to raise the seat from the rail mount. Anyone know a good place to get this checked and done? @Crazy Life would love to get together for a meetup. DM me info whenever.
  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments. @Kopi the first thing i did was go to the Recaro Japan site and try to find the seats, from a visual stand point the seats match a model called SR-7 ASM Limited IS-11. Now the reason i think this is the model is bcoz of the characteristic red stitching these seats have which match the stitching on my seats. The Recaro warranty card that came does not list the model or its in Jap so cant read. Ne ways the site has them priced at 97,650 yen. that made my jaw drop first time i saw it. @Jaguar mate if ur sig is rite and u have a Cooper S u'll smoke me but would love to meet up n see how long i can keep up with your sweet ride. This is my first fastish car so still gettin into the groove of driving briskly. Thanks for the compliments. @dreamracer first off huge Kapeta fan love ur avatar, thumbs up, yes the difference in the three modes can be felt, eco is very restrained n depowered, normal and sport are not huge ways off but u feel the diff. In sport the rev limiter goes deeper and u need to use the paddles. Throttle response is sharper too. The assistance from the electric motor is awsum the torque it provides is certainly invaluable to the cars performance. And dont worry u will get ur own car soon i hope, just keep working towards that goal mate.
  8. Hi, sorry it took so long to post photos. Here are a few that the person i bought it from took of it after clearing it. So from what i can tell the previous owner in Japan decided to splurge on the car abit in the aesthetic dept. From what i can spot thus far here somethings he added: Alloys, they are Rays Gram Lights (17 inches) Tires: Dunlop low profile Original Mugen Spoiler Recaro Japan Bucket seats, these seats are currently givin me back ache and neck ache. Have to use a booster cushion from time to time. Who knew seats came with a lifetime warranty card :-) A Pioneer Carozzeria AVIC-MRZ series stereo/ navigation unit that is near indecipherable to me even though i watch tonnes of jap shows this unit is indecipherable. The unit comes with a reverse cam, bluetooth phone connectivity and ipod and usb connectivity. I'm thinkin abt replacing it but the camera and other wired i peripherals are makin me hesitant. It isnt wired into the cars functioning though... phew. plus the gps receivers are glued to the windscreen. The car has a custom twin exhaust from sum company in a tokyo suburb. Documentation for the car and the extras is mad detailed i have the warranties, bills and printouts shud i need anything replaced. Hell this car was well loved before it was sold. Driving it is fun as hell, it puts a smile on my face and its nice for a recluse car guy like me to get a little attention no matter how shallow it is. Enjoy the pics. If any meetups are happening would love to come and show it off.
  9. Haha good one Komi, sadly its not a manual.... i found only a white manual during my search and the owner was being unreasonable with the price. The car i found is a CVT but a beaut tho. It has been well looked after by its previous owner and is in black. Btw taking the car to Staffords is fine right? If there is another garage with good servicing would love to hear about it. Live in Kotte FYI Thank you guys. CRZ owners, look forward to joining the frat soon. Will post pics when i collect it.
  10. Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since i was on the forums. I've decided to go for a Honda CRZ which i'll be picking up this Thursday. It'll be my first hybrid and first coupe. I know its not the fastest thing on the planet but it will be enough fun for me :-). Wanted to pick the brains of all you Honda and CRZ boffins on what i should look out for in terms of maintenance and if you had any tips with regards to daily use and where to go for its regular servicing. Thanks in advance.
  11. I used to own a HT51S swift with the M13A Engine (1300cc) it definitely did not have VVT. Now my new ZC21S with the M15A Engine has it, it sez so in the manual, incl the workshop manual i managed to acquire plus its written down the side of the car lol Hope this helps.
  12. Back in late 08 I visited Stafford and asked bout ne FD2 Type Rs and they said they brought one down for a guy working for British Airways, I didnt know BA even had an office here. The RED RR looks gr8 saw it on Vajira Rd once.
  13. Hey everyone, Found this on yahoo news a short while ago, seems the identity of the current Stig has been revealed in a new book. Read the story at this link: Identity of Stig revealed Kinda sad really now they will have to find someone else to take his place just like the first time when the stig with the black overalls had to resign.
  14. Hmmm I'm thinking of fitting a cat back exhaust system and either a dropin a performance filter or cold air intake kit in as well, will this help boost power and mileage? Also where in the kotte, rajagiriya area could i get a cat back fixed if i get one down?
  15. Whoa awesome to see a GTR in SL. I melted like butter when i saw the photos. But um isnt the GPS units on these cars able to limit the speed to a little under 200kmh until it comes in view of a race track? There are no race tracks or maps of SL programmed into it so im guessin it barely reach its potential when switched to R mode. Also it is claimed the computer on this baby is unhackable. Not to mention that no one on the whole island can service and maintain it coz its a technological marvel. props to whoever bought it but can the agents even maintain it? Plus the only nitrogen filling station fer da tires is at the IOC near Greenpath (only one i've seen ne way). Still I wanna steal it n make love to it :-)
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