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  1. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Its a design fault. No specific mileage tagged, it may appear anytime when oil pops up into combustion chamber. Once the vehicle is correctly repaired with genuine oil rings & pistons its a permanent fix < refer my previous post>. Nothing wrong with other mechanics / electronics attached to the vehicle. BTW this problem you can't scan and diagnose under normal condition, unless if engine misfiring is detected < if so check engine light may anyway light up>. However you can do a visual test by carefully observing exhaust while engine is running at higher RPM. If observable smoke with some carbon deposits poping out, then it may be a problematic vehicle with early warning signs of oil burning.
  2. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Agree, best is to fix an OBD scanner and read error codes to diagnose exact reason for LIMP mode. In anycase you have to replace pistons & rings if you need a permanent fix since your engine is burning oil. As highlighted in my previous reply, replacing engine is waste of effort & money, unless otherwise you open it and check the code on the pistons... should have RBJ mark (not RBJ-1). But that's not a practical thing to do....!!!
  3. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Yes, part 06131-RBJ-306 is compatible with FIT GP-1. BTW don't go for a recon engine as anyway those are installed with faulty Piston / rings. Recall has mentioned only chassis no, but not engine numbers. Hence end of the day your time, effort and money will be wasted.
  4. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    There is nothing to do with environmental conditions e.g: higher temperatures etc for this specific problem. Its a manufacturer's design fault due to oil control rings getting clogged with carbon deposits over a period of time. Even if you clean them and reinstall (option 1 & 2 ) will only be a temp relief, once it clogged back oil burning issue will reappear. Basically they have corrected this fault in their new piston / piston ring replacement kit. Refer attached, simply Honda advised to trash all 4 existing installed pistons/rings, if they have "RBJ-1" mark on it. Rectified new pistons will come with "RBJ" mark. This leaflet comes along with original Honda Piston repair kit. Meaning its a design fault & hence nothing to do with environmental temp conditions. Having said that I see two major risks. 1)Passenger Safety : If this problem appear in a severe way, specially when you are driving at high speeds (e.g: highway ) , your vehicle will slowdown immediately due to engine misfiring & ECU limp mode triggering. So outcome / risk of sudden speed drops, at high speeds you should be able to imagine !!! 2) Environmental air pollution: In Sri Lanka we are not doing emission tests for hybrids. However hybrid vehicles with above issue will emit higher amount of carbon than specified. Since above issues are very severe both from passenger safety & environment stand point, in other countries Honda has issued recall notice for vehicles with above issue ( applies to Honda FIT both petrol & hybrid models, Insight hybrid ). Most of the developed nations have taken strict legal actions against these. http://www.autonews.com/article/20131022/OEM11/131029975/american-honda-settles-class-action-suit-over-oil-burning-claim Even though above case study is not specifically for FIT/Insight... but for a similar case, this is how developed nations react to these kind of issues. Hence OEM manufactures also take utmost responsibility to serve those nations better considering possible adverse impacts to their brand reputation. Since consumers from developing countries like Sri Lanka are not making any noise, manufacturers/dealers simply ignoring with some unreasonable excuses, without serious consideration at all. On a different note, once Honda gave a free-of-charge replacement in Sri Lanka for "Honda Vezel" on Ignition Coils & Power Supply Noise Filters, which is again due to a recall. http://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/info/141023_3457.html Stafford did FoC replacements for same. Honda Vezel also a parallel import & not a vehicle imported through Stafford, but Honda has advised Stafford to do this rectification FoC considering the RISK factor. Then my question is why not for FIT & Insight ? Why Honda discriminate their recall policy then & there ? Basically we are not requesting recall warranty for a minor thing like headlight discoloration or fabric stain but for more serious issue which impacts passenger safety caused due to a manufacturer's design fault. Considering all above facts, my view is we all should write to Honda Japan and make our noise. We as customers have a right to do so and get a reasonable response from the manufacturer on their final stance.
  5. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Has anyone got positive feedback from Honda Japan ? I've got few mail responses from them.... they just apologize for the inconvenience caused and request me to contact local dealer stating that they have informed them directly about my issue. But feedback from Stafford is still the same, claiming nothing informed about recall for GP1 officially. Those who have had similar FIT or Insight oil burning issues, just raise your voice to Honda Japan < [email protected] >
  6. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Hi Guys, Honda USA has also released a recall notice with 8 year Warranty extension for Honda Insight 2012 - 2013 for same oil burn issue. Further they have released full instructions for Piston Kit replacement. Refer below link for details. https://honda.oemdtc.com/TSB/A16-101.pdf Since Honda FIT also having same IMA engine this should apply for same. Refer carefully piston ring positions ( RC & 2R marks ) and their angles on page 17 < refer image 1 attached>. If your mechanic install these without any prior knowledge on ring positions, sides & spacer clock angles your entire effort & money will be lost. As there are specific groves on each ring to provide correct oil sealing while maintaining required compression. Also need ring compressor tool to position piston rings back into cylinder. < refer Page 18 or image 2 attached> Happy Reading :-) Thanks
  7. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Guys, If you are going ahead with proper repair as recommended in recall notice ( i.e. Option 3 ), these are the parts that you need to replace. Honda has packaged it now under part number "06131-RBJ-306". Refer image attached. Pkg includes 1 Piston +1 Piston Ring +1 Piston Pin. You need 4 sets of above. Thanks.
  8. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    I guess you went with option 2, how much it cost you to get it done from your Kandy garage?
  9. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Price is somewhat correct. But no parts available in-stock. As we checked from spare parts division directly.
  10. Honda Insight & Honda Fit (Ge6)

    As per Nov 2017 budget proposals Customs exercise duty structure for Motor Vehicles is now based on engine capacity. You can calculate using below formula. Exercise Duty = Engine Capacity in CC x LKR per Cm^3 Rate You can check rates from following document. Refer Page 13 on wards. In your case for Hybrid refer table " Petrol hybrid motor cars" on Page 15. https://www.pwc.com/lk/en/assets/document/2018/proposals/PwC_Sri_Lanka_Budget-Proposals-2018.pdf Thanks.
  11. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    No, not for GP1. We checked last Saturday as well from both Maradana & Pepiliyana branches.
  12. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    Hi, I also thought same. But unfortunately Stafford don't have parts ( mainly pistons and Piston rings ) in stock. Only Panchikawatte guys have them. But not too sure whether they have rectified new pistons or not. If those from an old stock entire exercise will be a waste. :-(
  13. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    You can see it briefly in my initial quote itself. Anyway refer below. Original Piston design allows sludge formation on the edge of the piston oil ring, hence it will result in poor sealing of the oil ring. Due to above it may cause engine oil to leak into engine combustion chamber which causes cylinder misfire. Due to this ECU will trigger Check Engine Lights. If you connect an OBD scanner you may be able to see following OBD error codes. 1) P0300 HONDA - Random Cylinder Misfire Detected 2) P0302 HONDA - Cylinder Number 2 Misfire Detected 3) P0303 HONDA - Cylinder Number 3 Misfire Detected As a safety precaution car ECU may put vehicle into a safety mode called "LIMP Mode". In the LIMP mode your engine may not Rev more that 20rpm & hence vehicle may not go more than 10kmph speed. This is b’coz when the vehicle goes into limp mode when the engine misfires, the ECU is shutting down the electronics to the transmission to prevent damage to the catalytic converter as the fuel condition is either too lean or too rich. Repair Solutions. Option 1 : Cleaning spark plugs & Fuel Injectors + change engine oil to higher viscosity grade from 0W-20 to 10W-30. Option 2 : Option 1 + cleaning existing pistons & piston rings Option 3 : Option 1 + replacing pistons & pistons rings. < This is what mentioned in the Honda recall notice. Seems they have re-engineered pistons to not to form sludge with their new design > In my friends case he tried Option 1, with but couldn't last at least 500 kms. That's why i'm evaluating the best option between option 2 & 3 with your reviews / feedback.
  14. Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    hi Vitz, 1. From where you did the repair ? 2. Have you replaced any parts or only cleaned & fixed existing pistons/rings ? 3. How much it cost ?