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  1. Reviving old thread. Looking for an FD1. Guys what are the options comes in FD1? I saw somebody has mentioned different trim levels but haven't mentioned about options they include. Some options that I know : Paddle shift Sun roof Climate control fog lights rear head rests and cup holders. Below options, I'm not sure whether they have in FD1 or not. Cruise control Rear viper HID 6 speaker sound system 6 air bags USB input for audio playback using phone Also I have seen some people commenting FD series doesn't come from Japan? Is that so? EDIT: And facelift. Does it have a facelift version?
  2. Snakes on a Plane 2 - Snakes on a Disco. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Dr Dre.
  3. Sira, there were some recent "sira" topics discussed on the same matter. Try to use some search keywords like 'philps' and 'osram' and you will get a couple of good threads. Also there were people here who would hit you with large bats if you run your car with HID installed in non-projection housings. (The light will scatter, and will blind the oncoming traffic. Plus now its against the law)
  4. Cannot remember the name, but its in the left side when going from Bamba junction to Vajira road on the duplication road. (100m from bamba junction on the duplication road to Wellawatte side)
  5. Hi guys, Sorry for my delayed response to the thread. There is a newly opened alignment center next to my office and one day I went there and discussed this with them. Unlike the previous time, this time I knew that facts (Thanks to this thread and my research) and I could totally understand what they are saying and the terminology. Also they got to know that I know the subject a bit, which was good. I told them that the initial alignment didn't fix my problem so they agreed to do a recheck. After the inspection, they said that the front is bit off and the rear alignment should also be fixed (Last time, they didn't touch rear mentioning it cannot be changed in this model). After the alignment, I told them that I will come back if the problem is there anymore. (And that I need to do the wheel balance as well if so). Their charge was 850/=. I did some runs on E01 after that (140, 150kmph) and now the problem seems to be gone. (Previously, the vibration started right after 110kmph) Thanks everyone for the replies! And for the others reading this, go to a reputed place always. its worth. I learned my lesson.
  6. Hayyo, how come a rectangular box get stable in top speeds? Seriously dude 170km/h is pretty much dangerous for a KDH. And I still see people doing over 140+ in KDHs even in rain on E01. Update from me. Top Speed :- 150km/h Machine :- Honda CIvic ES8 Mods :- none Road :- E01 What prevented you from going further :- Woke up late and had to go to the office soon. This speed was enough.
  7. Yeah, I do hope that PLUS will last longer. But there aren't any proofs yet. Hopefully you can comment here, and I sincerely hope it should be couple of years later:) The other reason did not select Nightbreakers was I got four lamps (2 HB3 & 2 HB4), so the cost will be high. Planning to buy Philips Crystal Vision Ultra 4500K for the other two since I prefer a little blue tint HID look. In any case, one should not question about the light output of osram nightbreakers plus and philips xtreme vision. They are at the top of their rankings. It's just that you might have to compensate the lifespan a little bit for more light.
  8. An update from me. After reading many reviews, I came to a conclusion that 80+ 90+ efficient lights do not last longer, and the difference between 30+, 50+, >50+ is not that significant. So I have fallen back to Philips Blue Vision 30+ (4000K) HB3 for my headlamp considering the lifetime and the cost. Cost was 3000/= per pair. (HB series is expensive than H) (Osram nightbreakers were somewhere like 7000/= per pair)
  9. When did you last replace your headlight bulbs? Halogen lights does not last forever and when they ages, their light output gets reduced instead of blowing themselves up. In that case, you need to buy a good set of lights. I recommend Philips and Osrams.
  10. Perhaps a PIN? We already saw guys going here and there without being able to contact an agent for a specific tyre brand... (including me;))
  11. I so loled at this one :D 'Blackpiston' There are facelift and pre-facelift manuals and what you lack is the patience. Buying a used car is not something like buying an apple from a grocery, you have to keep on looking an looking at AL Hit*ad everyday/ week. Civics are good cars which are bought only by enthusiasts, so they don't come into classifieds so often. (I don't have any mind to sell mine for another couple of years or so) I spent nearly 3 month looking for a Black/ Beige/ Manual ES8 and luckily I got a one for a decent price. Be patient, keep on actively looking, avoid the car sales if you can. Nowadays with high loan interest rates, cars won't get selled so often so if you have the cash in hand, you can be THAT man! Good luck!
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