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  1. oh yeah.. sorry.... my bad.. i think it was someone else that said nothing will be done..
  2. i remember there were two idiots in here saying this shit will not happen.. i think one's handle starts with C.....ends with nikan.. i just wanted to wait and see.. since they seem to know it all...
  3. man how much server space does cali's shit take... with all these pics and shit...but u gotta hand it to cali.. i wouldnt work this hard if i am not getting anything in return...i am still curious as to what CALI does for a living... please dont say hybrid salesman or something similar....
  4. Cali what do u don exactly.. and where do u have the time to read all this shit and argue on a sri lankan forum... man wish i had ur life.. of course i wouldnt waste it on reading about hybrids and getting my groove on...
  5. my biggest question is what does he gain from all this.. keeping up this argument... and on a sri lankan forum...
  6. ahhh now now.. dont say that.. if another big tax cut comes our way for hybrids.. then it probably will... u never know CALI... ur day to be king of the hybrids is not far away SON....
  7. ahhh CALI... always nice to see you typing away.. again no one cares about US in SL... is thats the case we would have been in a better place now in terms of growth and economic well being... anyhoo... autolanka standards is kinda not ur business isnt it, unless of course u have gone and bought shares of it...
  8. bro forget it.. every time someone disses a hybrid something happens to his genitals... the poor MF....feel sorry for the idiot..
  9. but some people in SL, and another in US thinks everything is rosy... so this is probably nothing.. since they know everything.. !
  10. welcome welcome.... hopefully she knows u are a DIY guy...
  11. no its a private thing.. there is not gonna be 50 it seems.. mt nikan and his friend has confirmed this alreayd.
  12. yep i think thats correct... the oil breaks down even if you haven't run the KM"s.. a cardinal mistake ur typical corolla user would make. best thing to do before buying is to inspect it to the best you can.. ask for oil change records, and if not.. make some best offers or walk away... and if u get it at a bargain.. dont be a chepo. get an engine flush done to remove the sludge and off you go...
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