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  1. thanks for the reply guys
  2. Dear All I tried to search the forum but most of them are about Honda CVT gear Boxes Infact the issue is with Borther's Car , corolla Axio 2007 model , X grade It has started some roarding sound and a avibration and when they visited a garage where they do the running repairs they ahve mentioned that the issue was in the gear box and has started reparing the gear box I am not sure whther they are capable of repairing CVT gear Box later they have mentioned that it is a bearing in the gear box that has caused the problems and has looked for bearings from reconditioned and also from agents. No luck and they have tried to repair the bearing. still no luck and the car is at the garage for about 2 weeks now Do any one of you have any comments ? Do you know any place to look for a second hand ( reconditioned) CVT gear BOX or a good place to do a repair thanks a alot Mike
  3. HI Guys I also did an engine flush at a different place. since they told me that lot of sludge is formed after that I too expereinced a vibration but yesterday and today the driving was smooth will post u updated thx mike
  4. HI Guys My brother is looking to bring down a vehicle from japan ( with new tax consessions) he has got a site xxx.b(dash)specs.com it is about a online car auction in japan has any one tried with it ? or is there any known sale or palce where u can get a car from japan ( other than the agents) thanks
  5. maikk99

    Ac Fan

    I have heard lot of A/C guys are telling that if you do not use your AC frequently that you are likely to dust in the A/C system which will eventually lead to A/C Gas leakages and shorten Cooler life- Dont know how much is true though Also With all Due respect to HarshaSenadhir let me add the following line The bottom line is that for all the electronics to work there should be electrical current which is nothing other than the movement of electrons. For the electrons to be in motion they should be in the so called " valance band" and to jump to the valance band you need some form of energy. As per Newtonian physics ( which is applicable to our general world since we dont engage in activities close to the speed of light) energy cannot be destroyed or created but it can be transferred to another form. In your car case when an electronic device is powered it get the electrical energy from the Alternator ( or Dianamo) and alternator get it electricity generated from the energy of motion by the attached pully which in most cases is delivered to the pully by the transmission Belt and the source of that is the motion of the engine. Engine get the energy from burning the fuel ( which leads you to consume more fuel) and ultimately petroleum ( fuel) get the energy from the our SUN by the process of transferring to the raw ,petroleum for thousand of years. In other terms you are using the energy of the Sun to on your electronic device Also note that in the transformation phase ( i.e from sun energy to the petroleum to engine etc..) there is a much wastage and efficiencies are not that good P:S : I did not mention the above to show off myself and humbly put the above to show ( or probably ) remind the fundamentals . Im sure every one inluding Harsha knows this stuff ( may be better than me) and just put so that any one can analyze these wonders of the nature cheers Mike
  6. maikk99

    Volkswagen Passat

    HI All Hope we have some Volkswagen users in the forum my brother is planning on a Volkswagen Passat and he has around 2.5 Mil budget He has checked some and they fit in the price range ( I guess those are 2003-2004 models) Appreciate your honest and valuable comments on the Volkswagen Passart int terms of spare parts , known vulnerabilities, garages etc.. thanks Mike
  7. Hi All Appreciate if you can help me out Today my vehicle was hit by a drunken motorist from the back side .This is a Toyota Corolla 121 Rear lights , Bumper and the trunks are badly damaged what is the best palce to get them repaired ( at least much close to the "original" condition are the agents good for this thanks Mike
  8. Hi Ripper Thank you I think issue is not in the RPM meter. infact I dont know the issue may be it is the injector pump ( car is a diesel) so in that case is there any good mechanic who can look in to it ? thaks \ PS: Due to some error on my side ( i hope) the post has been triplicated in the forum)
  9. maikk99

    Rpm Meter Repair

    HI Guys Do u know any place where I can fix a non working RPM meter ( dont know the reason for not working) of a Toyota Carina thanks Mike
  10. HI Guys Do you know any place to get a RPM meter repaired ( it is not working) of old Toyota Carina ? thanks Mike
  11. HI Guys Do you know any place to get a RPM meter repaired ( it is not working) of old Toyota Carina ? thanks Mike
  12. HI Guys I am sure there are should be many threads on the Jeeps in AL forum. I did some searches but could not get what I am looking for I am planning to consider a jeep. My budget is under 1 Mili ( may be not possible to go for a jeep) I have look for options and I found may types including the Mitsu**shi 4DR5 , Wil*S, Daihat*su etc.. One of my friend told me that Mitsu**shi 4DR5 is a hardy one and it is the jeep with the lowest maintenance when compared to others? Can any one comment on that ? Also what is your view on the other models Pls help me out since I have no clue on this subject thanks a lot
  13. You meant Cisco Systems ?? No wonder you get all your calculations wrong try installing a Juniper
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