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  1. Do a compression test and see to make sure your engine is under compression, could be faulty glow plugs Engine may have had a overhaul
  2. kush

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Made in Indonesia for developing markets, cheap and the quality is not up to market even by general Mitsubishi standards
  3. It is made in India for Asia, China for China and Hungary for Europe Since your car is UK import it must be made in Hungary Current model (gen 2) was never manufactured or sold in Japan You should be able to get the country of origin from the full VIN no
  4. kush

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Very few, will be hard to find, interior quality is not the best. Less features CRV would be a better choice
  5. kush

    Car registration

    Check the site it is available for Central Province
  6. kush

    Car registration

    You need to get the emission test done and of cause the insurance You can get the revenue license online at https://www.gov.lk/index.php You will be able to print a temporary receipt, original will be posted to registered address
  7. kush

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Second hand market is low as there are plenty around being sold by permit holders who are importing vehicles on new permits. Prices are likely to go up as you cannot get down diesels or decent petrol SUVs due to ridiculous tax structure.
  8. kush

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    Well my Tissot was a gift from my mother in 2003, 16 years no issues just routine maintenance, battery change every 2 years with the agents they also check the water proofing. I believe it gives the best value, quality is in par with TAG minus brand factor. Omega is in a different league.
  9. kush

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Prado 70 series Hyundai Santa Fe 2007 + Kia Sorento, should be able to get a 2011 if you stretch a bit
  10. kush

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    Have few pieces collected over the years Seiko Diver SKX007 Tissot PRS200 TAG Acquaracer 300M Victorinox Swiss Army Base Camp Omega Sea Master 300M (Bond watch) Have been collecting them over the years mostly bought from overseas on special offers. As you said desirable ones are ridiculously priced, thinking on going per-owned route for the next..
  11. kush

    Premio for permit

    You could one down from a auction there are places that will assist you. In the auction you will have the condition of the vehicle, I've heard of people manipulating the auction sheets post auction using editors but not at the auction sites at Japanese maintain standards. You could be able to save 300-500K Why do you want a Allion it is way past its sell by date (over 12 years) there are rumors that it will be replaced by Corolla sedan in August 2019. In any case you will have to pay Rs. 1.95 Mn. as tax
  12. kush

    BMW 520d

    Expect to pay a premium for company imported and maintained car with proper records usually around 1-1.5 Mn. On the other hand you could get a real bargain on a not so so car taking a risk, but you need to have the knowledge and the resources to recondition which could be done at at fraction of the cost with used/ new/ recon parts imported from UK, USA etc. My advise 1st option
  13. kush

    Second hand buying

    What types of roads will you be traveling, will you be caring passengers/ luggage. Do you like driving, does your car need to look nice.
  14. I know this is something not in your wish list, why not a Kia Sorento There are plenty around 2011-13 with decent mileage and proper records They are fast enough and economical too. Have not heard of horrendous reliability issues either.
  15. kush

    BMW 520d

    It is not a cheap car to run although fuel economy is pretty good. Engine is suppose to be one of the best BMW came up with as told by a guy who knows about BMWs Apparently there are vehicles clocked over 250K km with out trouble. Proper maintenance records must, preferably through agent.
  16. kush

    Vehicle permit - What to do?

    Given your current situation best option would be to sell the permit pay off the loans and use what you have. To get a decent ride for the permit you will have to spend at least Rs. 4.0 Mn. When you pay off your loans your disposable income will go up hope fully allowing you to do bit of saving for the next permit. Don't even think of importing and selling it will not work, you are not a car sales guy and has not resources.
  17. Average speed in Colombo is 10-15 kmph, max you can do is 100 kmph in the highway. Your car will be capable of handling those demands. It is the best option for anyone with a requirement of no nonsense A to B transport requirement.
  18. I would trade in safety model to the 2017/18 as it is the face lift and will be better at 2nd hand. The only reason i could think of when buying a VItz.
  19. kush

    thunderstorms has stopped my vehicle...

    Similar issue happened to my BILs vehicle some years back (Vitz) Similar symptoms everything else worked locks, dash board indicators, radio but the car wouldn't start. Following day battery was dead. Had to carry the car for car to repair and the diagnostics did not work either as the ECU was fried. He had to replace ECU, alternator, a/c pump, power steering and numerous sensors. Fortunately his insurance covered the cost under natural disaster damages.
  20. kush

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    You don't need a cabinet paper, i believe there is provision through import control department. You need to get a import license giving details of the vehicle, they will be able to help you out Duty will be the other issue, will need to touch base with customs for that Lot of red tape and running around
  21. We have one of early 141 2007 which has done 67K, you need to change the spark plugs at 40K if i remember correct. Your owners manual should give frequency for routine/ preventive maintainance If the engine is running smoothly and not loss of power or economy don't bother
  22. kush

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    Yes works on Apple and Android, you can copy directly from the card to PC too Has parking monitoring as well, good camera for a budget So far heat has had no effect, car is parked directly in the sun during the day Will have to see how it manages with time
  23. kush

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    My experience with following vehicles on 90 later 92 against 95 no noticeable effect on economy or performance. Lancer CS1, March K11, Lancer EX (1.5), Toyota Corolla 141, Swift 1.2 L, Honda CRV 2.0, Honda Fit GP5, Kia Picanto, Wagon R FZ Only on the lancer CS1 I have noticed slight engine knock from stand still under full throttle but this was when it was 90 octane
  24. kush

    Vehicle Permit

    Everyone is speculating, no body knows what is happenning I was told they were going to lift the restriction with the budget, 1st April, 1st May, 1st June and now this Most of the speculations by vehicle traders mafia for their advantage
  25. kush

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    I brought this about a month back https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Blueskysea-Car-WIFI-DVR-B1W-mini-Dash-Camera-Rotatable-Lens-NT-GM8135S-high-HD-1080P-Dashcam/32836034734.html Day time recording very good, at night the camera get dazzled from the lights of incoming vehicles, you could see what is happening but reading number plates difficult. For the price i think it is worth 32GB will me more than adequate