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  1. kush

    Honda CRV vs Mithubishi Montero

    Rear seats of the Monte, Prado or even the Land Cruiser was never known for being comfortable. And the due to ride height you get thrown all over the place when cornering. CRV, Rav 4, X trail are designed with more comfort in mind for the passengers and handles much better than off roads, but at the expense of marginal off road ability. (in fact useless in Sri Lankan context where we don't get snow) Two different vehicle classes with each there will be pluses and compromises You will need to decide with your requirements.
  2. kush

    Best car for family use

    Believe me cruise control is not much of use, unless in the expressway with light traffic. With idiots doing 80kmph in the center lane you will be in and out of cruise and i find it easier to drive with out. Only advantage i find is that you could keep to the legal speed as it is a pain driving at 100. Unless you are a frequent user of the highway don't bother. Check for other options like climate control, lumbar support on the seat, good quality sound system that will be more useful in your day to day drive.
  3. kush

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    This is case when ever they come up with new gas i remember this was a issue when R134a came, it was crazy expensive compared to R12. But eventually prices will come down. Unfortunate these issues are cropping up early in life. This is why it is always advisable to go with tested technology or at least have the peace of mind with a proper agent warranty which you could fallback on. Just check on whether there were any recalls for this issue, even if your vehicle is not agent imported they may be able to help as they had to with the Vezel transmission issues.
  4. kush

    Toyota Hilux LN 107 - Body Repair place in Colombo

    Why don't you go for a new body
  5. kush

    Best car for family use

    Get a Allion or a Premio should be within your budget if you go for a 2007-8
  6. kush

    Best car for family use

    Suggest you go for the Mazda 3 as FD 4 will be 2007-2008 You should also consider Lancer EX and the Corolla 141, you may be able to find a 2010-2013 within your budget If your lucky a 2013 up Civic 9th Gen FB, there were few brought by companies and on permits which are completing 5 years
  7. There is no fool proof method Best is to buy from the owner who has used the vehicle for a reasonable period rather than from a road side sale There are enough and more vehicles on sale by users advertised on the registered address, when you visit and talk with people you can make a judgement. If in doubt walk away.
  8. Most probably the clutch May be worn out, check on the hydraulic system too
  9. kush

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Check the fuse, relay and wiring
  10. kush

    Honda Civic 2018

    Mmmm wondering what they are going to use for all the brand new CRV turbos they are importing In any case synthetic should be ok for 10-15k up to one year (BMW, Merc, Porsche with turbos use similar intervals)
  11. kush

    Badly need to change my car

    Would suggest a Civic if fuel economy can be tolerated Or may be a Fit Area
  12. kush

    Buying a European car

    You can specify any usable options in SL What they would not offer is safety features which are not configured to SL
  13. kush

    Buying a European car

    For a new Euro buy from agent with extended warranty even if you have to pay extra. Maintain with agent you will recover the extra paid at resale.
  14. Monte Sport has a engine from stone age that is why you need to replace the timing belt and the associated parts Your GP5 also will have its routine replacements in time to come