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  1. kush

    Oil viscosity 10w30 to 5w30 switch

    5w30 will be bit thinner than 10w30 at cold start, until engine gets warmed up to ideal temperature gaps between bore and pistons, valves will be bit more and it is possible to engine to burn little oil at a cold start. Keep an eye on oil level if it is not reducing I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  2. kush

    NSZT - W62G toyota 08545 - 00v51

    Is it for you to fix it to another car, or to replace the set with a aftermarket. Try searching Toyota wiring diagrams it comes with standard connector for audio Following might help to identify the connections
  3. kush

    Japanese Car News

    Hope it will be good to drive as the Corolla Sport
  4. kush

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    Time in the head unit is from GPS cannot change, it will show Japan time
  5. From little i know about the law To get details about the owner from RMV thy will need a court order Then RMV will give details, if Tenaga lawyers has little bit of brains they should ask for details of owners who had the possession at the time of violation. If they go to that stage then you can always deny charges and proving their claim will be with Tenaga lawyers, they will need evidence. As Crosswind says i don't think they stand a chance. Unless the defendant accept the charge.
  6. kush

    Engine sound after 2800rpm

    Check the air filter, filter housing and hoses, clips connecting the housing to the intake manifold. Check the breather pipe, vacuum pipe connecting to the brake servo (technically you should feel decrease in brake assist if anything wrong) These are the issues i could think of
  7. kush

    Toyota Carina AA60

    Considering the vintage of the vehicle you might not get this at Delkanda. If you cant find it you might have luck in Kurunegala area. I don't think anyone will be able to give a specific shop, you will have to walk around and see. Take a printout
  8. They can't take the car to courts, so it has to be the previous owner. Risk is to the previous owner until the car get transferred.
  9. kush

    Toyota 141 Inspection Report

    All these need to be fixed, can be done outside the agent for fraction of the price. Steering problem is common, you should be able to get a brand new one from guys importing parts from Thailand, so is the radiator, recommend replacing both of them for safety of you and the engine. These are common issues on a car over 10 years old don't worry too much since the other areas seems to be in good nick.
  10. kush

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    I think it is a good option, has a very good following in UK In SL context since it is a "Nissan" it will be looked down upon by so so ""Toyota/ Honda"" clan. In fact I was considering this for my self then i decided on the Corolla Sport we did not want two SUVs in the family. New face lifted comes with 1.3L engine, plus you will get the warranty and technical support of the agent. And will be within your budget
  11. kush

    Issue with Honda CR-V 2018 JDM

    You cant match the original unit unless you have a very deep budget I was fortunate to get the SD card (importer shipped it separately with the extra key) Once you get used to the menu with little bit of juggling and google translate frustration goes off I have Toyota NSZT-Y66T which has only Japanese menu (no option to change the language) 9" of HD display, FM up to 95, CD/DVD, SD, Bluetooth of cause TV and Navi which does not work here Initially I was not happy with the sound quality then i discovered it was in default, toggling around the menus I found settings that has so many customization options that i have never seen in any of the aftermarkets even at higher end. My only issue us that the unit does not play FLAC, not bothered about Navi as I have got used to the phone Best is to use the unit for couple of months to see whether you really want a change.
  12. kush

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    Sweet spot for the permit is 1200cc petrol or 1500cc hybrid hence the 3008/5008/CH-R/ Corolla Sport or Aqua/ Axio/ Fit/ Grace/ Vezel/ or New Insight (expensive though) 1300-1500 you get a good choice from the likes of Civic/ CRV/ Audi../ BMW.. / Mercs although personally you will not benifit much unless you're using your own permit
  13. kush

    Vehicle for Doctors permit

    There is nothing in that price range for the permit You can get a 1.0L T Audi A3/Q2 or a VW, tax will be less than the cost of the permit
  14. Mazda 3/ CIvic/ CRV
  15. kush

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    CH-R/ Corolla Sport you pay only for the car on the permit Only issue rear seat space which will not be a priority for you