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  1. Not totally agree, we have quite a few Allions/ Premios used by our staff (personal vehicles) imported new maintained with lot of TLC. Most of transfer hands though personally without even advertising.
  2. Japan on picky on their funded projects mostly because of corruption. Generally their funding is with softer terms without ulterior motives compared to China. Most of the Japan funded projects in SL got scrapped because there were no room for corruption to the extent our politicians wanted.
  3. And this gets worse, biggest scam I've heard and the extent one goes to cheat. Buy a car give it on rent clock 50-60k per year Half way through change tires and keep originals Prior to emission check clock the car back to 6-7k, do a service at the agent. Do this for 2-3 years, do a nice valet, refit original tires and sell the car. A car with with perfect history low mileage 20-30K with agent maintained records and emission history, actual mileage 150-160K Oh by the way they generally replace the steering and the gear knob Hope this scam can be checked with ECU data
  4. Get agent maintained. If not inspection by the agent. 1.8T had engine sludge issues as far as i know. If you have a higher budget go for a Mazda 6, more comfortable and roomy, plus bullet proof built quality.
  5. You can't if you want navigation use your phone it is much better
  6. Got back in the game with Samsung M30s enough juice in the battery on long waits till kids finish sports/ classes and of cause now WFH Having my dream collection with all the Porsche, BMW Ms, GTRs
  7. Most likely would have traveled to the moon and back These cars were used as cabs/ rented cars and by people who did long distances.
  8. Have not seen a single petrol X1 (2012-2013) majority are much older Diesel and were brought on permits.
  9. Plenty around if you really look around. Average car would have done 60-100K if you are looking at 2012-2013 I knew of few imported on permits in 2013 which were grabbed on personal sales and few hours after advertising. Combination of economy/ comfort/ reliability and resale has never been matched by any other car.
  10. Have a Canon G1010 with ink tanks Printer cost was around Rs, 17K Ink Bottles Rs. 2000-2500 each and can take quite a lot of prints
  11. As far as Octane is concern you should be ok You will need to decide factoring economy whether it is worth extra Rs. 30+ as you will not gain on kmpl. There will be higher harmful emissions and engine wear and tare due to high sulfur content in 92. Besides it gives maximum allowable as standard and not actual. Me I always go with 92 unless specifically recommended by manufacturer. Newer had any issues with any of my cars.
  12. I used one for 2 years one of the better cars i have used, please search the forums I have given many updates on performance, handling, economy in them. I sold mine for Rs. 2.95 Mn. with 2 years 40K km. It was the highest grade with ABS and Air Bags. Expect to pay similar price for a good one.
  13. I would be careful, it may be for the ejector seat.
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