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  1. Our main foreign income avenues are badly hit. Vehicle imports will be the least priority. Heck they don't even allow spare part imports. This might continue for sometime.
  2. Or any thing with CVT unless you crawl in the morning and evening or may be the highway runs
  3. Go to SM buy one if they have ex stock that will be the best deal. Unless you want to buy used. SM stocks were brought down prior to luxury tax if i remember correct. They got down 5 seat AWD/4WD. But do not expect Hilux / Ranger abilities. They are on road vehicles with better traction in extremes than FWD
  4. You are absolutely new Corolla is does not drive or ride like a Corolla. It is in par if not any Euro that are common in SL. Typical Corolla fans will have issues with the ride which is focused towards handling. Rear seat space which cannot accommodate 3 adults and two children. And of cause boot space which is not sufficient for the annual trip with 5 adults and two children. It is let down only by the CVT
  5. Agree 100% my car came with a Japanese ceramic coat worth over Rs. 250K. Recently three wheeler toppled in to the front. Not a single scratch as it was the fabric area that came in to contact but extensive damage to bumper, bonnet and a front light (dents no scratches) Insurance claim will be over the cost of the tree wheeler.
  6. Porsche service with the agent has is usually less than Rs. 80K once a year or 15000km Even a major service with spark plugs, filters and gear oil change will be around Rs. 200K
  7. I would also suggest X3 or GLC 200 considering it is not a daily driver. You will get proper 2.0 L turbo with adequate power rather than a 3 port in X2 Both models do not cut corners in quality too
  8. You need to take in to account the risk factor. Some one running in to you head on. Or the moron in the motor cycle / tuk tuk. And also the toll cost.
  9. There is a place in Pannipitiya (Hokandara Road), There is one in Piliyandala I have no personal experience though
  10. Could be a cooling issue, keep an eye on temperature gauge. When engine temperature goes up a/c is automatically shut down to decrease the load on the engine. Why don't you take the vehicle to the agent and get it checked it might be worth rather than going and replacing sensors trying to sort out the issue with out proper identification of the issue.
  11. GLS has has few additional features Better seat material, Multi function leather steering, projector beam head light, wooden/ carbon like finish inserts in the dash and front doors, 6 speakers instead of 4, factory remote key with remote boot release. GLS will be Rs. 100-200K worth over GLX
  12. It is manufactured in Thailand and most likely will not be offered in Japan. Likely hood of 1.2L (CVT) may be remote. Even for the Corolla 1.2L offered in very selected markets outside Japan
  13. From the looks of it seller is not bothered about any of the 6 All that can be managed legally but will take lot of time, effort and money including fines. Budget for everything if you are keen on the vehicle. Most expensive would be luxury tax arrears and if the receipts are missing.
  14. Buy the Vitz, Audi will not meet any of your requirements besides reversing
  15. This is about right for 141
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