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  1. kush

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    You don't need a cabinet paper, i believe there is provision through import control department. You need to get a import license giving details of the vehicle, they will be able to help you out Duty will be the other issue, will need to touch base with customs for that Lot of red tape and running around
  2. We have one of early 141 2007 which has done 67K, you need to change the spark plugs at 40K if i remember correct. Your owners manual should give frequency for routine/ preventive maintainance If the engine is running smoothly and not loss of power or economy don't bother
  3. kush

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    Yes works on Apple and Android, you can copy directly from the card to PC too Has parking monitoring as well, good camera for a budget So far heat has had no effect, car is parked directly in the sun during the day Will have to see how it manages with time
  4. kush

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    My experience with following vehicles on 90 later 92 against 95 no noticeable effect on economy or performance. Lancer CS1, March K11, Lancer EX (1.5), Toyota Corolla 141, Swift 1.2 L, Honda CRV 2.0, Honda Fit GP5, Kia Picanto, Wagon R FZ Only on the lancer CS1 I have noticed slight engine knock from stand still under full throttle but this was when it was 90 octane
  5. kush

    Vehicle Permit

    Everyone is speculating, no body knows what is happenning I was told they were going to lift the restriction with the budget, 1st April, 1st May, 1st June and now this Most of the speculations by vehicle traders mafia for their advantage
  6. kush

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    I brought this about a month back https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Blueskysea-Car-WIFI-DVR-B1W-mini-Dash-Camera-Rotatable-Lens-NT-GM8135S-high-HD-1080P-Dashcam/32836034734.html Day time recording very good, at night the camera get dazzled from the lights of incoming vehicles, you could see what is happening but reading number plates difficult. For the price i think it is worth 32GB will me more than adequate
  7. kush

    Vehicle Permit

    Oh goody all of them could get down wagon R
  8. kush

    Car inner door step protection

    Got some through Ali Express yet to apply, had good reviews on the product
  9. kush

    Volkswagen Bora 2.0 Burning Oil

    Since you already have a better engine which could give you trouble free motoring for years why don't you swap it
  10. kush

    Which car to buy

    Maintenance at the agent is not so bad filters cost less than Jap counterparts at their agents Body part could be a problem as there are not many used supplies
  11. kush

    To buy my 1st car

    Good old tested technology nothing fancy, should last for ages if taken care They give 5 year, 100k km warranty here and 7 years in some counties
  12. kush

    Suzuki Wagon R

    Just did the 15 k service with no oil change, however they request you to do a service every 5k no choice as I'm on warranty Mercedes, Porsche change every 10k and 15k or one year Kia 5k 6 months although book says 10k 1yr
  13. kush

    Suzuki Wagon R

    Our Wagon R brought from A*W with their warranty, they change oil every 10,000 km. I believe they use synthetic 5W30
  14. kush

    Engine Braking

    Designed for all that and the looks
  15. kush

    Kia Picanto 2017 fuel consumption?

    Company, has 5 years warranty so no need to worry on spares, get a good insurance that cover company rates that should sort out body parts