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  1. Don't expect it to be cheap. Honda is a cheap car to maintain compared to a Euro. Believe me personal experience.
  2. I would go for the 2.0L for the extra oomph However majority of them at your price bracket would be hotel taxis with very high mileage Try to find one with private ownership with full service history (may be 1st owner)
  3. if you have a budget to go for a RS sensing why don't you look at a CRV 2012-2018 Utterly reliable Only down side will be kmpl if you can live that
  4. kush

    Octane Booster

    I have newer had issues finding 95 just that you have to plan your trip in advance and top up at correct stations. Liquid Molly is available in SL which should be ok Some vehicles can run on 92 if you find 95 is not available (shorter distance / no hard driving) refer your owners manual.
  5. We have lots of Zombie brands now. Watches, Pianos and cars MG/ Bogward
  6. Everybody keeps predicting the vehicle prices to come down. It might not materialize after all as the previous idiotic tax structure favored high value cars due to taxing based on CC This is how we ended up will many Audis/ BMWs/ Mercs not to mention the exotics. In 2007 Price of a Allion was Rs. 7.2 Mn. prior to issuing permits and messing up the market. Most likely there will be a new duty structure when the restriction is taken out may be with the new budget.
  7. kush

    Daihatsu Copen

    Good for you. I would look at Honda S660 as well
  8. None of them came as far as i know. May be the Evo 10 and the 2.0L Galent Fortis
  9. It is hardly visible. I would keep to as it is. You could get a paint repair kit and do a DIY if it bothers too much. In SL you cant avoid these types of scratches and creases
  10. First point you should insure your vehicle for the current market value. If you bought the vehicle for Rs. 2.3 Mn. and now the current market price of the vehicle is Rs. 3.0 Mn. most likely your vehicle may be worth some where in between. Danger in under insuring is you may get only part of the claim proportioned according to you (sum insured / Market price)
  11. By the way most of the modern turbos have inbuilt protection. They do not shut down if until the engine settle at idling speed for few seconds. I have noticed this in the Macan, some times it runs the engine for about 5-10 seconds. Not noticed in the Toyota though. Any way I do a relax drive for about 200m to let the engine settle prior to switch off.
  12. Get in to the vehicle and start the engine immediately. By the time you get your seat belt done, get in to gear and release the parking brake it will be 10-15 seconds enough time to oil to start working. Any way current multi-grade oils take care of cold starts. I would recommend to keep the revs below 2-3K for the initial 5-6 km or 5-6 minutes roughly the time taken for the engine to come up to optimum temperature. At lower temperatures gaps between the different metal parts could lead to premature ware if stressed too soon. In SL context we hardly go beyond 60-75% of the rev-range in normal driving.
  13. 7 year vehicle which is not road worthy in Japan or UK or worse an insurance write off could be bought for nothing and exported here for a good profit. Not a bad idea. "Bora diye malu banawa" I hardly see buses on the Bus lane. Put good buses that you can sit and travel in comfort that goes on schedule I would be the first to keep the car at home.
  14. I think motoring public has more things to worry about. Parts imports are restricted. Very soon keeping the car on the road will be a challenge. I believe we gave enough vehicles on the road just that we need to manage for may be a year or so until our foreign exchange position improve. Everybody will have to hang on to their vehicles for while longer. Only the first timers will be affected due to absurd prices quoted by this so called vehicle traders. Government at this time has to prioritize imports only to essentials.
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