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  1. kush

    Toyota Raize

    Keeping the DCT for outstation drives and early mornings weekends where there is less traffic. For the Colombo traffic Wagon R which is as fast as any super car.
  2. To avoid bottoming out, i need to pre plan all my routes if taking the Corolla it cant even manage hotel car parks with my 3 kids in the back (less than 100kg total)
  3. kush

    Toyota Raize

    In my commutes usually get half of the claimed economy in Japan. This held true for Honda Fit GP5 (12-14kmpl), Wagon R (13-15kmpl) and currently Corolla Sport (8-10kmpl)
  4. kush

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    DCT fails because of crawling traffic conditions and the way we drive trying to go couple of feet every time the car in front moves. This increase the clutch ware, similar thing can happen in manual transmission as well but we hardly see any manual transmission cars these days. DCT failures are not so common in vehicles used in non congested areas. Ideal for the SL conditions in my view is CVT followed by conventional auto which would be Japs (Toyota/ Suzuki)
  5. kush

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    This is bu**s**t extactly what was told to me too when i bought the Picanto. Went through the manual and the recommended was 92 as i remember and the car was happy on that without any hesitance or knocking
  6. kush

    Volkswagen Agent in Sri Lanka

    Better than what Merc or BMW would charge
  7. kush

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    NC province does not even border WP so it cant be a matter of front being parked at NC where the rear is at WP 🙂
  8. kush

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    How about Honda Civic ES is it too old, or may be even a early FD 2007-9 should be starting around Rs. 3.5 Mn. You may need additional cash to fix few issues
  9. It is calculated on a complex algorithm (formula) based on mileage, temperatures, average speed, number of cold starts etc.. System may not be suitable for SL conditions this is why it is not offered in SL for most vehicles (agent imports) You can disable the system and go by the agent/ manufacturer recommendation for the particular vehicle based on mileage and time. Eg: 40,000 km/ 4 years, 60,000 km / 5 years
  10. kush

    Volkswagen Agent in Sri Lanka

    VW very reliable in UK, USA, NZ, even in Australia When it comes to SL it is full of horror stories, may be they get escalated out of proportions as bad news travel fast. But i guess issues are mostly due to ignorant owners / poor maintenance/ crappy agents
  11. kush

    Toyota Raize first video review

    Yes that can be a pain for owners outside Colombo
  12. kush

    Toyota Raize first video review

    I used a Picanto for 2 years, ran 35000 km and have no complains on their service. Had only one issue with the throttle body which was replaced under warranty. They said it can be serviced / repaired but advised to replace with no cost what so ever.
  13. kush

    Toyota Raize first video review

    Kia Stonic @ Rs. 4.95 Mn. starting with agent warranty for 5 years 150K Km. looks pretty decent if you can get away from "Toyota" badge and perceived "Made in Japan" mentality.
  14. kush

    ######## 2020 Loading .... ########

    Wish you all the very best for 2020
  15. kush

    Buying SUV - Honda CRV

    Search under CR-V there are enough and more discussions which will help you. Post specific questions if you have any after