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  1. You will be wasting your permit on the Civic as it is only 1.0L, and the duty will be Rs. 2.0 Mn. Get the Mazda or the 1.5L Civic you will have to pay another Rs. 2.0 Mn. over your permit as tax, as much as you pay on a Merc C, BMW X1/X2 or CRV Sweet spot is the Corolla Sport with 1.2L where you pay only Rs. 265K I went through the same dilemma and decided on Corolla Sport Good luck finding one as there are hardly any good ones in auctions, what is mostly available are 1.8L Hybrids Don't expect huge resale as it is hatchback, people here prefer Salons and SUVs, plus rear leg room is marginal If you are looking at resale also CHR will be the better bet as it will be only marginally expensive than the Corolla
  2. kush

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    Absolutely although I'm not sure whether the FWD was ever badge as FWD, i believe it came without a badge. All three models are ok and more or less the same car with different specs and trims.
  3. kush

    Why Honda?

    Toyota are for people who loves Pathola Honda/ Mitsu for people with better taste and bit more adventures in food People with Toyota have no time to spend sharing information in forums and they do not have much to share either. But there are few exceptional Toyotas that are as fun as any Honda or Mitsu
  4. kush

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    Agent imported CRV will have 4WD badge and is 2.0L 5 speed torque converter auto JDM 2.4 L with 5 speed torque converter auto came with AWD badge, identical system JDM 2.0L with CVT if FWD as far as i know there is not much difference in the economy if driven in city FWD 2.0L CVT is bit more economical in outstation and highway I had a 2.0L brand new for 5 years ran for 60K km with only routine fluid / filter changes with the agents. They will run for 100-200k Km without any major issues if looked after. Brand new ones had electric leather seats with lumbar support and are extremely comfortable. I have driven over 3-400km in a day without any fatigue. They have already taken the initial depreciation so your chance of loosing money will be less compared to a new CHR which will take the initial hit when you sell in 2-3 years.
  5. If you have only Rs. 5-6 Mn. for a car and want to but brand new. Raize may be a good option. Suggest you wait till they get one down and then go and have a look and feel whether you like it. Only car we purchased without getting in and having a look was my mothers Toyota Corolla 141 that was also after seen few good reviews.
  6. kush

    Premio 2017 or BMW 2013 520d ???

    If you're going to use it for office commute in traffic better stick you your Allion 5 series is meant to be driven over long distances in comfort
  7. kush

    How does permit work?

    If you buy a permit for Rs. 2.2 Mn. and buy a car which has only Rs. 2.0 Mn. what does that make you
  8. kush

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    If you take the Amarok out it becomes a fair comparison as they are all SUVs with good off road credentials available to purchase in the UK Sadly it does not change much for the "Prado"
  9. kush

    Best car to buy?

    City of very heavy traffic 8-10kmpl, urban relaxed drive 14-16kmpl Fuel economy is not a forte of this car
  10. kush

    Vehicle under 9 million

    If you do not do much running or city running a petrol Montero would be ideal as comfort is in a different league to the Prado Other options would be either a Euro (Audi Q5/7, BMW X3/5) or a cab based SUV (Montero Sport/ Toyota Fortuner)
  11. kush

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    They were comparing the diesels so any petrol driven would have been out of place. Off road things would have been reversed but sadly in UK "Prado" is mostly used by soccer moms for the school run most off roading they do is go over curb or get in to the ground.
  12. kush

    Vehicle under 9 million

    You will not be able to find the 2013 Monte for less than Rs. 9.0 Mn, may be a petrol if you're lucky
  13. kush

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    Actually it is the most powerful diesel "Prado" available 1GD-FTV with 175 bhp, 450Nm better than the 1KD-FTV 170 bhp, 330 Nm you get here. Race is about performance not reliability, and cars on similar price range. But I too agree better comparison would have been 2.0 L Amarok Lexus GX 460 is a pointless car there are better options for anyone with that kind of money
  14. My wagon R has more leg room, head room, than the Corolla Sport. I would even say more than the CRV. It is the design, box maximizes space, seats are thin, no central console, doors does not have much storage or enough space for high quality speakers. Smaller tires/ wheel arches does not intrude to cabin. All of which compromises the comfort and feel of the car.