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  1. kush

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Euros have complex mechanical and electronics which need specialized tools / diagnostics and knowledge to maintain. Will need premium fuel, oils. If maintained properly technically should be as reliable as a Jap however it is not the case in SL for what ever the reason. May be it has something do do with our climate, heat, dust, humidity.
  2. kush

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Montero 2013 will be fairly basic but will be the better buy if you can find a good one which is not hacked to death
  3. kush

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Considering the high mileage that you would be clocking I would recommend the Swift for overall driving dynamics, equipment for the price. Audi would be better to drive but may have issues when you clock high miles, you will have issues maintaining it in Kandy as even in Colombo there are issues to find proper places. Aussi imports are fairly basic even the A/C is manual. You will have to check on fuel requirements as even Euros in Aussi require premium. Toyota will be the most trouble free and un involving car of the lot, you will gain at time of resale. Since it is going to be a long drive why don't you look at a bigger car
  4. Sell the car and buy a new one in India, they have better cars for cheaper prices.
  5. kush

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    I don't think you can put a live person in the boot. You may have to kill him/ her first which is illegal
  6. kush

    Peugeot 5008 vs Honda Crv Ex

    Sri Lankans will buy anything which is cheap and looks SUV. It started with Vezal, X-Trail, MG ZS, CH-R, 3008/5008 and now CRV recently. Previously it was bucket full of Koreans and Thai built Japs Reliability scores in Europe means nothing in SL VW, Audi is a good example. Majority do not maintain their cars as they should be.
  7. I have imported a GP5 few years back and getting down a Corolla Sport now They is Sri Lankan firm operating in Japan found to be reliable for me and another colleague There is a local guy who will bid on your behalf when you pay the advance. You can select the vehicle from Japanese auction sites which gives pictures and auction certificates from which you can judge the condition of the vehicle Can personal mail details if keen What is the vehicle you're looking at
  8. kush

    Peugeot 5008 vs Honda Crv Ex

    5008 1.2L has only 130 bhp so it will not be any faster than CRV Have a look at both cars interior of the 5008 does not feel premium although the TFT displays look nice. 3rd row of the Pug offers more space i think if it is a concern, and also 3 individual seats in the 2nd row of the Pug offers more utility and variations. Pugs are known to be not so reliable and CRV has good reputation for reliability although things may be different with these vehicles as they are fairly new models 2017 up.
  9. kush

    Peugeot 5008 vs Honda Crv Ex

    CRV may be the safer choice for your concerns. 5008 may be slightly economical (fuel).
  10. kush

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV : 2013-2015

    Current model has been around for over 8 years now. Why not look for something more modern CRV, RAV4 of cause they are not plug in and will not have a electric only range but will be similar to the current Camry shes use to.
  11. kush

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Sell the Premio and get a Civic, engine has few more horses and the gear box is much better. Don't expect the same mpg though By the way getting down a Corolla Sport GZ with all additional accessories landed cost in SL around Rs. 4.5 Mn. for the permit. Approximately Rs 1.5-2.0 less than the Premio
  12. kush

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    I'm not trying to promote KYB but personally have found them to be more reliable than the originals On a lancer CS1 2001, originals gave up at 30k km, genuine mileage, agents quoted Rs. 54k for the two fronts, had to order and get down KYB with a 2 months wait cost only Rs. 17K lasted over 4 years 80k km and was in good nick when i sold the car. Honda GP5 2015 originals gave in at 35K, replaced with KYB not the exact but one from Freed only difference in physical appearance was the bracket that held the brake hose which needed bit of a twist. No noticeable change in ride or handling in day to day use.
  13. kush

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    Did you check the rubber bushes, some times they are replaced with aftermarket inferior ones Also was alignment checked with the original specs, some times I've seen them using specs of other models variants/ older models if the actual specs are not available in their data base. Some times KYB Exel-G has higher damping pressure which tends to stretch the coils a bit than the originals. I've notice that they settle with time. Higher damping should be better for handling if that is your concern.
  14. kush

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    I have changed aftermarket KYB shocks from KYB agent on few vehicles has not experience any discomfort or change in ride height. Initially you will feel that the new shocks are stiff as you're used for the ride in your worn out shocks, not because the new ones are stiff. Does not recommend using used as you will not know the condition, how long they will last and for the simple reason you will not be able the match damping of two shocks.
  15. Civic and Corolla 141 might also fit your requirements. You may be able to get a low mileage than a Allion/ Premio