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  1. gunat


    They do EMS/DHL to other destinations- the english site is rudimental, but seems to have all the necessary information. Finding some good, original JDM accessories...so am wondering....
  2. gunat

    Info Honda Gp4

    Fun car- but don't buy if you're looking for economy or fuel consumption. It's the previous generation Honda Hybrid, which means it doesn't run on battery at low speed...
  3. gunat


    Anyone try buying car stuff from this site? They seem to carry a lot of JDM stuff; especially accessories....
  4. Can't insurance cover it?
  5. gunat

    Honda Fit Gp1 Steering Rack Changing

    I'm told that all new Hondas (Fit, Weasels, Freed, etc) have a Teflon bush in the steering column which shatters due to the poor road surfaces we have. Only the bush needs replacing, not the rack. Check with Stafford before you spend too much money on an entire rack. Good Luck.
  6. gunat

    Alloy Colour

    Nice- is it freely available or only with BMW?
  7. gunat

    Alloy Colour

    On the topic - are there special paints for alloy wheels- perhaps more harder/tougher since they go through more?
  8. gunat

    Honda Fit Hybrid Cvt

    Found the European user manual for the jazz hybrid. Quite useful- inbox me your email address if you'd like it sent over....
  9. Incidently, V*P must be desparate for business. They have started a new program where they 'guarantee' a fully insured, newly registered car for 10 years, bumper to bumper. Already knowing how these vamps operate, i had to find out what this wonderous policy is all about. 1. Guaranteed for 10 years- as long as keep insuring with them (fair enough) 2. Bumper to Bumper meaning everything that happens to the car, including manufacturing defects, recalls, etc (this, i have to say, sounded really good) 3. Parts Repair & Replacement value at 100% So...here's the cincher. There's no printed document on this- they'll happily give you the standard insurance policy flyer and say it's inclusive since you are getting full coverage. But there's no official documentation (I have requested repeatedly, thus far) that states the above- aside from a vague webpage on their site. Go figure. The sales guy did say they'll include it in the policy schedule AFTER it's taken on....(ie. pay). And it ain't cheap...about 10-15% more than the average quote one may get from other companies. They do get brownie points for showing up wherever I wanted and giving me a temporary cover FOC until i decide...but the moment i asked for documentation, i got crickets. Hope no one got suckered into this- i can see them making quite a packet by hoodwinking the unaware/gullible.
  10. Roughly 22k for front windows and windscreen (rear already has factory tints) for the clear film. The car is a Fit RS (previous gen), which has a massive windscreen....unfortunately...
  11. Found out that Kle*n Pa*k no longer sells 3M products, and is pushing a different brand NDFOS (can't remember the spelling, but it's a set of letters)- i googled them on the spot, and found out it's a Korean brand (although the Sales guy said it was an American brand). Hadn't heard of it, and looked around for other brands- found a small outfit on Rosmead Place called Wid*c does Llumar tinting on a small scale, but has similar pricing and guarantees. Anyone used Llumar tinting? Experiences shared would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. gunat

    Gathers Jdm Navi-Stereos

    Clearly i've been off the forum too long. We have a resident translator? I've been using the Google translate App, which as impressive as it is, is quite laborious...Thanks for suggestion! I sure do- let's see if this works: Gathers Thanks for your help!
  13. gunat

    Gathers Jdm Navi-Stereos

    No easy way to find out, it seems. Changing the time on a clock shouldn't be this hard though Not stupid because you're not the first to suggest the same. I tried the factory reset on the stereo, which i thought would have the same effect (although it wasn't midnight)...no luck. Thanks for going to the trouble of typing this all out- unfortunately mine is a complete touch screen model...so the menu options aren't exactly the same. But will try and see if there's something similar...
  14. gunat

    Why Vezel Is Bad?

    When i first started reading this thread, it was a complete hoot- hilarious and entertaining. For all that though, i found it hard to believe such viceral hatred for Vezel owners- it seemed unreal. But, probably because i read the thread, i paid more attention while driving over the weekend. Hilariously, 3 maroon vezels were encountered at one traffic light in the city. 2 of them drove like complete douches (1 cut me off without using his turn signals or bother to slow down for the vehicle in front of him), the other nudged through traffic to get to front of the line at the lights and took off as though he'd robbed a bank (...hey wait...wasn't there one involved in a bank robbery? Anyway....)...the third was, well, just there thankfully. This is proving to be comic relief on my drives now...
  15. gunat

    Gathers Jdm Navi-Stereos

    That explains it- thanks!! Spent my sunday afternoon looking a complete tool, sweating away in the car trying to figure where in the menus the setting was hidden. Wonder if there's a way to hide the damned clock, in which case.